Watching BBC iPlayer with a VPN

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Online streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Video have taken over the streaming industry, although contrary to belief those aren’t the only services which available. Aside from these two, one of the most popular streaming services is BBC iPlayer; a service which allows you to catch up with any shows which you missed on the BBC network.

The biggest difference between Netflix and BBC iPlayer is that the iPlayer service is completely free. The only thing is that BBC iPlayer is only available to those who live inside of the UK.

On top of this, as of recently, in order for users to watch content on BBC iPlayer, they must have a UK TV license. In the past, this was a requirement for those watching live content, although this has now changed.

Because only those in the UK are able to watch iPlayer, a VPN must be used if you don’t reside within the UK but are looking to use this service.

Watching BBC iPlayer with a VPN

Watching BBC iPlayer from Outside of the UK

If you’re a fan of shows such as Sherlock or Doctor Who (which let’s face it, who isn’t?), but you don’t currently live within the UK, then to watch them using BBC iPlayer you must look into a VPN.

It’s important that if you’re purchasing a VPN for only BBC iPlayer, you purchase the right VPN. Not all of them work for bypassing this region restriction, so doing research at this stage is very important.

Now, below we are going to be recommending a few different VPN services which we have found get the job done, but service such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer are constantly updating things from a technical perspective so that these loopholes can’t be used and so that their region restrictions are as strict as possible.

Using ExpressVPN

This service costs slightly more than one might expect when they’re purchasing a VPN, but it’s definitely worth the price tag. Looking to stream high-quality movies? This service includes servers which will maintain your high broadband speeds so that you can continue to enjoy your content without having to downgrade the quality of it. To make this service even better, if you find that it can’t help you in the way that you hoped, there as a 30-day guarantee ensuring that your money will be returned.

Using NordVPN

With NordVPN, you are provided with a wide range of servers which are all across the globe. From Australia to the UK, NordVPN provides a lot of features which make it worth it. Your data is encrypted twice, there are several coupon codes which can be used to get you a discount, and no logs are kept of your browsing activity.

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