Top Best Automatic Chicken Door Review

The obvious purpose of using an automatic chicken door is to let your chicken out at a predetermined time every day. Modern days, these automatic coop doors come with advanced features to increase the user-friendliness and the efficiency. You would notice that modern automatic coop doors are even equipped with smart light sensors to open and close according to the behavior of the light. So, if you are interested in minimizing the hassle of opening and closing the doors to let the chicken in and out manually, you can consider purchasing a chicken coop door reviewed by us. Having such chicken coop door is a great relief for you in terms of protecting your chickens from uninvited guests (predators).

Best Automatic Chicken Door Review – Top Six Brands

Here are the best chicken coop automatic doors we have reviewed. Each of these products has unique features. They also come with different price tags. You may go through the information we have shared and see if you can find the right kind of auto chicken door for your coop.

01.Add-A-Motor Chicken Coop Automatic Motor

This is a handy motor that can convert your ordinary chicken coop door into an auto chicken door easily. It comes with smart technology; you can precisely program this device to open and close the doors according to a certain schedule. No matter if your coop door is made of aluminum, plastic or wood, this automatic chicken door opener can be attached to it easily and perfectly. It can tolerate up to 10 pounds openings up to 20 inches. Because of the very handy door safety connectors come with this chicken door opener, it can eliminate the potential damages that might occur due to a jamming or freezing. Once plugged into the AC Lamp timer, the motor of this chicken door opener will function without human interference. As soon as the door opened or closed according to the settings you programmed, the motor of this automatic chicken door opener will stop automatically. It is capable of saving a considerable amount of time for you while protecting your valuable hens and eggs in the coop. it comes as a package that has lift cable, all the mounting accessories, AC-DC adapter, motor etc. It also comes with easy-to-read instructions.


  • Perfectly programmable motor to let you schedule the ‘in’ and ‘out’ timing
  • Can tolerate even a 20” door
  • Easy to install
  • Can be fixed in aluminum, wood or plastic doors
  • Saves a lot of time for you and protects your chicken and eggs


  • No light sensor

02.Brinsea Products Chick Safe Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener and Door Kit

This is a complete set that comes with both the auto chicken door opener and the door. This automatic chicken door opener can be controlled using the timer or light sensor as per the requirement. No wiring is required as the auto chicken door opener is operated with batteries. It also features a manual door control too. The door attached to this automatic chicken door opener is made of quality aluminum to protect your chicken.


  • No wiring
  • Comes with a complete set
  • Combination of light sensor, timer, and manual control
  • Aluminum door


  • Replacement of batteries can cost you some money

03.Cheeper Keeper Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener

If you prefer battery operated chicken coop automatic doors, this might be a product you should consider seriously; it is operated with 4 AA batteries. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of wiring or finding a separate electrical outlet to install this automatic chicken door; just install it to the door as per the guidelines given by the manufacturer and that’s it. This automatic coop door is made to be sensitive to light; at the dawn, it will automatically open and at the dusk, it will close. Since this is a highly customizable item, you can change the sensitivity of this automatic chicken coop door to close and open the door either a little earlier or later (depending on the behavior of your poultry). It is made in a factory based in Germany to assure the quality of the product. The whole unit of this automatic chicken coop door is manufactured to tolerate harsh weather conditions; the housing is made with rugged material to prevent the motor from UV rays and moisture. This automatic coop door has an auto-stop feature to allow the chicken to pass in case of an obstruction. The motor is made with steel geared motor for durability. It also has a very silent operation.


  • No need to worry about electrical outlet or wiring; it is operated by 4 AA batteries
  • Sensitive to light. It automatically opens and closes at dawn and dust respectively
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Protection from harsh weather
  • One year warranty


  • You will have to replace the batteries once they are dead

04.ChickenGuard Premium Automatic Chicken Coop Pop Door Opener & Door Kit Combo

If you are looking for a combination of an auto coop door and a door opening unit, this can be a good option to consider. Purchasing chicken coop automatic doors as complete kits is advantageous as you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of the parts (they are manufactured to complement each other). Each of these chicken doors comes as a set that consists of an Oak runner and an aluminum door kit. The ChickenGuard premium auto coop door is very easy to set up. All the instructions are provided to complete the installation process conveniently. In order to assure a better control, these chicken doors come with a timer and a light sensor in addition to the manual control. These automatic chicken coop door openers don’t need an electric outlets or wiring; all you need is 4 AA batteries. Many users claim that this auto coop door unit has very effective power consumption. The larger buttons on the control unit make things even easier when it comes to programming. Depending on the situation, you may use either the light sensor mode or the timer mode.


  • Comes with a full set; the parts complement each other.
  • No electric outlet or wiring is needed
  • Light sensor, timer, and manual control to select from
  • Long battery life
  • Large display unit and buttons


  • This automatic chicken door can be somewhat harder to program the unit

05.ChickenGuard ASTx Extreme Automatic Chicken Coop Pop Door Opener

This is an automatic chicken door opener made in the United Kingdom. The motor of this unit can tolerate up to 8 pounds of weight. In order to match the harsh weather conditions, these automatic chicken coop door openers are made with rugged materials with perfect encapsulation. This is another auto chicken door opener that is powered by batteries (4 X AA). You don’t necessarily want to worry about wiring or electric outlets when installing these chicken door openers. The display of this auto chicken door opener is made to be large and clear. It also has larger buttons for easy operation. Depending on the situation, you can select light sensitive mode, timer or manual operation. These chicken door openers come with a door close indicator too.


  • Large and clear display unit
  • Can be controlled with timer or light sensor
  • No electric sockets required
  • Better battery life
  • Large buttons
  • Can tolerate harsh weathers


  • You need to change the batteries occasionally

06.Auto Door Automatic Chicken Coop Door

This automatic chicken door can function based on the sunlight; it opens at the dawn and closes at the dusk. If not, you can control it with a timer too. More importantly, these chicken coop door openers come as full sets that consist of the doors too. The door of this set made of a top quality aluminum material to withstand harsh weather conditions; it doesn’t rot or warp. These auto chicken coop door openers can be powered by batteries, electricity or even solar power.


  • Supports battery, electric and solar power
  • Durable door resistant to weather
  • Light sensor and timer
  • Ease of installation


  • You need to purchase solar power unit separately

How to choose a good automatic chicken door

One of the main considerations when purchasing an automatic chicken door is the power supply. Battery powered ones are the easiest to install. However, you should be prepared to bear the cost of replacing batteries. It is good to go for a product that has multiple options if you are ready to pay a little extra; a combination of light sensor, timer, and manual override can be very handy for an automatic chicken door. It is also better to purchase the complete unit (if the budget permits). Moreover, reading the customer reviews of the potential automatic chicken door might help you to get an insight.

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