Speedzooka Review – Zookaware PC Cleaner Review

///Speedzooka Review – Zookaware PC Cleaner Review

Owning a computer is not a luxury anymore; billions of computers are used by people across the globe to perform various tasks. No matter for what purpose the computers are being used, every user wants their computers to perform at optimal levels. That is why PC users are concerned about upgrading their computers with faster processors, better RAM cards, powerful graphic processing units etc. time to time. Despite performance delivered with the assistance of various hardware components, computers can lose their optimal speed due to various reasons. This is when you need the help of really smart software to clean up the PC, fix the errors and bring back the best performance levels. Speedzooka, which has already been replaced by the fresh new version of ZookaWare PC Cleaner, is a powerful and sophisticated PC optimization utility that can practically boost your computer. This Speedzooka review is written emphasizing the key features of Zookaware PC cleaner.

Introduction to Speedzooka

Zookaware PC cleaner is considered to be a top of the line program that is designed to optimize PC. This particular software is the end result of the hard-work of industry experts. Zookaware PC cleaner can effectively handle any error in occur in the Windows operating system and solving it with greater speed and accuracy. The developers at Zookaware (which is the parent company) are highly confident about the performance and accuracy of this masterpiece. They guarantee that Speedzooka is capable of fixing all the issues in your PC and guess what! Zookaware is ready to offer you a full refund if, by any chance, Speedzooka fails to fix PC errors.

As a matter of fact, this money back guarantee is so tempting to attract new users to Zookaware on daily basis. Such guarantee can encourage any PC user to try this optimizer. That being said, we had no hesitation in trying Speedzooka and practically experience the benefits. Installation of Speedzooka on a Windows PC is quite a charming experience. You can install it on all the popular Windows versions from Vista to 10. Immediately after the installation is done, Speedzooka is ready to do its job – optimizing the PC by fixing each and every error. It is practically evident that Zookaware PC cleaner is capable of assuring a smooth boot up without any errors or lags. By all means, Zookaware PC cleaner is highly user-friendly from the point of installation. It has a simplified but impressively interactive user interface making it one of the most easy to use PC optimizers in the market.

This impeccable PC optimizer from Zookaware proved that it is capable of fixing deeply annoying errors which couldn’t be rectified by some of the leading software programs. Zookaware PC optimizer resolved serious PC troubles caused by bothersome aspects like adware, spyware, malware, registry errors, botnets etc. As a whole, the ability of Speedzooka in optimizing your PC from all the possible ways is simply impressive.

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Pros and Cons of ZookaWare PC Cleaner


It is better to have a close look at the performance of this PC optimizer from Speedzooka and weigh its benefits and drawbacks to make this a more realistic review. Here are the pros and cons associated with this must have software utility from Zookaware.

  • -Pros of Speedzooka
    Well, Speedzooka comes as a combination of essential tools that boosts your PC and let you experience the optimal speed. Zookaware PC optimizer’s initial task is to play the role of a powerful registry cleaner. However, apart from being just a registry cleaner, it plays several other roles to make your PC a faster one. Speedzooka comes with essential PC tools like anti spyware removal, an antivirus program, a smart file deletion software program and internet boosting software.

    In contrary to many other registry cleaner software programs on the market today, Zookaware is capable of making your PC fast by executing precise and fast registry repair process.

  • -Cons of Speedzooka
    Despite the supreme performance delivered by Speedzooka to make your PC a faster and a better one, it comes as a licensed software program. If you are a PC user who looks for an Open source optimizer, this licensed software from Zookaware will not be your best match.

    In addition to that, Zookaware optimizer is still new to the market (launched in 2016). Therefore, you will not find many user references and discussions related to Speedzooka in contrary to the leading PC optimizers in the market. However, things are most likely to change within the near future; it is noticeable the Speedzooka is gaining popularity very rapidly.

Most noticeable features of Speedzooka

The PC optimizer from Zookaware comes as a combination of essential tools that optimize and protect your PC. These tools collectively work together to bring back the original performances of your PC while engaging in tasks like repairing the registry, managing the startup menu and fixing crucial system files.

  • -Speedzooka scan & Repair
    One of the most useful and attractive features associated with Zookaware PC optimizing software is its “Scan and Repair” feature. When a computer slows down significantly, many people assume that it happens only because of a virus attack. However, the truth is that, even the corrupted or missing registry entries can slow down the system remarkable. This is when “Scan & Repair” comes to play; it is capable of performing a really powerful search and finding imperfect registry keys (that are either corrupted or missing). After finding the defective registry entries, Zookaware optimizer will effectively fix them and let you to experience a powerful, speedy and faultless PC. Moreover, it is capable of defragmenting the fragmented registry files; the end result of this defragmentation process is a smoother and faster operation. After a successful defragmentation session, you will experience that the programs load faster. Thanks for the highly interactive user interface; fixing the registry errors is just a couple of clicks away.

  • -Startup Optimizer
    This is another useful feature integrated with the PC optimizer from Zookaware. Essentially, it is capable of managing the programs that hinder (slow down) the startup process. As you use a PC for some time, there is a huge chance for unwanted startup programs to get into startup menu and slow down the loading process. In addition to that, making the situation more annoying, the programs that run on the background will consume considerable portion of your resources (particularly RAM and processor). Then end result will be a slow running computer. However, speedzooka’s startup optimizer can identify these unwanted programs easily and remove them for a fast-booting PC. It is also capable of stopping unwanted background programs particularly when running programs like web browsers.

  • -DLL dependency scanner
    DLL files are essential elements that enable the software programs to run correctly. If these DLL files (which are special codes) are either missing or corrupted, the respective programs will start to malfunction probably with annoying error messages. Eventually, your computer will lose its stability and continuous re-starts might occur. The DLL dependency scanner comes with speedzooka, however, will identify the faulty and/or missing DLLs. It is smart enough to search and download fresh replacements for the old DLLs and ensure a stable, smooth PC for you.

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Despite the priceless information resources available in the internet, there are uncountable number of threats exist for PC users. These threats might occur in the forms of keyloggers, adware, Trojans, annoying plug-ins etc. In spite of working as a registry cleaner, speedzooka is capable of protecting your PC even from the smartest versions of threats. Interestingly, most of these threats are hardly detected by the most popular antivirus or antimalware tools in the market; but, zookaware optimizer is capable of detecting these hidden threats and treating them accordingly. They provide constant updates so this sophisticated software can identify the latest versions of any threat available in the internet. The technical assistant team of Zookaware Company thoroughly believes ‘prevention is better than cure’ and therefore they take all the measures to prevent their users from been attacked by various threats.

Apart from that, this comprehensive software comes with many other features to assure a better, speedier and stable PC for you. In fact, it can practically solve any issue related to a PC. However, by any chance, if you find that it doesn’t fix your PC, their technical assistants will refer to the system report and come back to you with a practical solution.

Will zookaware PC cleaner will serve your purpose

Well, if you have a PC that runs on Windows vista or later, this PC cleaner software will be compatible with your system without any issue. No matter of your are an enterprise level IT pro, a business owner or a total beginner to IT field, this software package will be the best solution in terms of PC optimization and protection.

You don’t have to be an IT genius to make the best use of this software; the interface of this optimization software is impressive. It is user-friendly, it is interactive and it is flawless. If you intend to fix a serious issue using this software, all you have to do is executing a couple of clicks referring the instructions displayed. For instance, fixing registry errors can be done simply by pressing the ‘Scan’ button and wait for this smart program to do the rest. As the last step, you will be prompted to a ‘Repair’ button; pressing this button will finish the registry scanning process (and you will have a speedier, stable and reliable PC operation afterwards).

Unlike some of the complicated, heavyweight software packages available in the industry today, you will not come across confusing interfaces or processes when working with Zookaware PC optimizing software. It will assist you by creating an important backup before the registry fixing process giving you the opportunity to restore the PC back to the previous stage.

When you look at the interface of this highly sophisticated software, you will be able to find that all the features are nicely arranges in a very convenient way. Because of this smart arrangement, every user fill find speedzooka to be one of the most easy to use PC optimization tools in the industry today.

Yes, 60 day money back guarantee is real!

It should be emphasized that zookaware offers a very generous 100% error removal guarantee for every user. This is a great deal for majority of the PC users who are really confused in selecting the best PC optimization tool among the thousands of products. Adding more value to the quality of the service they offer, they give every user a 60 day money back guarantee. However, we thoroughly believe that hardly any user will claim this refund considering the features of this software.

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Moreover, they offer a comprehensive 24X7 USA based technical support. Any user can seek the instance assistance of this helpful team via toll free phone (for users in US, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland or Spain), chat or email. If, by any chance, the software didn’t address a particular issue, this tech team will rapidly reach you after observing the report. No matter if you are from

You can call their customer support on toll free numbers from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, U.K., Australia, Spain and Ireland.

What is the cost?

First, it should be said that what you spend on this smart tool is not just expenditure; it is an investment!

Initially, you can experience this software in the form of a Free Scan. Such scan will be as powerful as the paid version, but it will not rectify any issues. The free scan will display the actual condition of your PC and the errors you should fix. If you need to fix the identified errors, you will have to upgrade it to the full version which costs $29.95 (single user).

The bottom-line

Speedzooka from Zookaware is an impressive software program that rectifies the issues of your PC and protects is from multiple threats. Features like perfect customer service, 60 money back guarantee, 100% error removal and user-friendliness explains the quality of this software. Overall, it is a wise investment to keep your PC away from innumerable troubles that occur both online and offline.

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Customer Testimonials

I was so frustrated with my computer which ran slower than a snail and I almost bought a new one. Then one of my friends introduced me ZookaWare. I figured that it was cheaper than buying a computer, ZookaWare just saved me $100!

—— Tony Watkins,Jan 22,2017 California

I tried ZookaWare and I’m so glad I did. There are too many registry cleaner products to choose from and I didn’t know which would work best. ZookaWare PC Cleaner cleaned up my computer and it’s running so fast as it used to be. It is the best registry cleaner

—— Dave Anderson, Wyoming . Feb 26, 2017 New York

What a great purchase, i would recommend this to everyone! ZookaWare is easy to install and it has fixed over 400 items. My computer is working very well and runs much faster than before.

—— Michael Smith, March 3, 2017 Canada

It just came on time and works as advertised. I really like this software since it really speeds up the PC. I would recommend it to anyone who needs it.

—— Lionel Priestley, Feb 18, 2017 Carlisle, UK

I wish I would have known about your product more earlier... I have had a technical Guru check my computer and spent over 150 dollars trying to get it repaired. Then i tried ZookaWare PC Cleaner in this website. The program is very easy to use and is better than expected. I highly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing computer problems like me.

—— Paula Norman, South Carlina. Mar 1, 2017 Florida

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    This is a really good software!

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    This software helped to fix a couple of PC problems. And the support is great.

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