Top 5 Best Registry Cleaner – Optimize Your PC and Fix Errors

///Top 5 Best Registry Cleaner – Optimize Your PC and Fix Errors

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If you want to get a Clean, Fast and Error-Free computer, you have to pick a high evaluated Registry Cleaner. In our reviews, you can find the best Registry Cleaner software on the market.

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  • Powerful and safe repair function
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  • Powerful New Scan Engine
  • Full Registry Backup Utility
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  • 1-Click System Optimization
  • Clean UP and Defragment Registry
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  • Repairs invalid registry entries
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  • Scans hard drive
  • Removes Toolbar and software
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What is a registry cleaner?

If you are not aware of what a registry cleaner is, it is basically a class of third party software utility made for Microsoft Windows OS to remove the redundant items from Windows registry. Frequent freezing, poor performance, blue screen and constant crashes are some of the signs of your Windows PC facing serious registry problems.

A lot of debate has been on the effectiveness of registry cleaners with many experts in disagreement on the benefits of the same. Also, because of size and complex nature of registry database, cleaning up the redundant entries manually may prove to be impractical and so the registry cleaners automate process of searching for the invalid entries, missing files and broken links and removing or resolving them.

Windows registry is the database where Windows and its applications save the settings. It includes a huge amount of entries. Some of these entries are outdated like you may have uninstalled a program and it left some key behind or maybe there is a file extension without any associated application. Registry cleaners are generally based on one of the scanning techniques i.e. Smart and Safe and Bulk and Deep. The cleaners that use the former technique take much care when it comes to reporting the genuine errors only. The registry cleaners that use this technique further categorize errors into safe to delete, not completely safe to delete and unknown categories. The software programs using such technique ensure that errors are analyzed carefully before being reported to the end user. While on the other hand, the cleaners that use Bulk and Deep technique show unknown entries as the errors. The cleaners using this technique might deliver more errors but many times you may end up deleting some important entries as well.

Why do I need a registry cleaner

Why do I need a registry cleaner?

Cleaning your Windows PC’s registry is crucial like keeping your computer running at accurate efficiency. In case you fail to maintain registry, it may cause your computer to slow down and when a long period has passed without registry cleaning, it may even cause your PC to crash completely. You should thus clean as well as maintain your registry with some high end registry cleaner which will easily take care of all your corrupt and broken files as well as restore your computer to the original performance.

How to choose a registry cleaner?

All files, software, hardware, user configuration details of your system are stored in a dynamic and structured database called as Windows registry. All actions performed by the user and applications running on the system access this registry and add details to or refer information from the same at all times. Most information that is there on Windows registry gets deleted once it is not required. For instance, when you uninstall some application, all entries made by that application are then deleted from the registry. But a complete clean uninstall of a software and removal of not required registry entries is just like a dream. With time, much unnecessary and outdated information gets piled up in registry thus causing it to develop at a high speed. And eventually, the full of errors registry becomes crashed and damaged, thereby rendering the system unusable or slow in performance.

So, in order to restore your registry to a workable condition and improve your system’s performance, you have to scan the registry at a regular basis for errors and fix them. You can edit the registry manually and remove errors using regedit.exe. But working with registry is a sort of tricky affair. In case you are not careful, you might end up with more damaged registry.

To get out of these problems, a number of third party cleaners are available all across the web world. These software are easy to use and do not need you to be an expert when it comes to PC maintenance functions. But due to availability of a number of registry cleaners, you have to be very careful while choosing the cleaner software. Let us discuss some features that you should look out for when buying a Windows registry cleaner for your PC.

There are a lot of registry cleaners available. Some of them are reputed while others are cheap and may not be from reliable sources. So, take a look at what all features should be there when you choose your registry cleaner. Have a look below:

Deleting broken and corrupt files

The registry cleaner you choose should be able to remove the broken and corrupt files without affecting other files in registry.

Registry backup

A nice registry cleaner is capable of backing up your computer’s registry and should be able to perform the task in an automatic way. This further provides a sure shot way to restore everything in registry in an event when something happens during cleaning process.

Scanning ability

A nice registry cleaner should have a scanner for unwanted files and a scanner which delves little deeper into registry where other files hide and then cause issues. The PC cleaner that you choose should report problems in complete detail so that you can decide what has to be done.

Technical support

A reliable registry cleaner provides technical support in an event if you face a problem with operating the software or if something happens during the course of cleaning. Also, there should be clear instructions about tech support and the technicians should be there at all times to help you out. Further, the software should contain restore feature in the event if it malfunctions while the cleaning process is on.

User friendliness

A good registry cleaner should be easy to use and should not be full of technical jargons which are tough for the users to understand. If the cleaner includes a lot of technical and difficult instructions, you should choose some other high quality software for the cleaning process.

In all, for peace of mind, you should choose a PC cleaner that offer proper backups. It is essential that you choose a cleaner that allows you to easily backup your registry before doing any sort of repairs or recovery. This will give you peace of mind when you know that your PC can be restores to normal previous state in the event if anything goes wrong. Backing up registry with a powerful cleaner is a simple task if you select the right program. You can also choose a cleaner that offers you proper level of control over the repairs. Further, this will allow the advanced users to select the errors that they wish to repair while the novices can simply fix the errors at once.

What can a registry cleaner do for you?

What can a registry cleaner do for you

Computer cleaners scan the registry in your system for the outdated entries and try to remove them. As there are a lot of registry entries, they remove some useful entries as well thus causing problems with your system in the long run. The Internet is full with stories and experiences from people who may have encountered problems with their registry. Thus a good and renowned registry cleaner will help to remove hundreds of unnecessary entries and even reduce the overall size of the registry by some kilobytes.

Registry cleaners which claim to improve the performance by removing registry entries is just like a file system cleaner which provides the ability to improve PC performance by deleting some small configuration files. You may use registry cleaner only when you are into installing and uninstalling software at a regular basis. But there is indeed no harm in using safe registry cleaners. A reliable and efficient PC cleaner should include features which help you not just to perform registry maintenance but even perform other crucial computer maintenance activities.

Using registry cleaning software, you should be able to perform selective and full backup of Windows registry. A complete backup helps to restore the whole registry in case of any problem. You can also use the selective backup and then restore features in order to rollback some specific change and thus retain the other settings.


 Error Reporting
 Deep Scan
Scan Log
Startup Manager
 Registry Compactor
 Registry Defrag
 Detects & Repairs
 Application Path
 Shared Paths
 File Associations
 ActiveX Controls
 Add/Remove Programs
 Help Files
 Font Files
 Shared DLL Files
 Invalid Shortcuts
Startup Files
 Most Recent Files
  Technical Support 
 Help Files
 Live Support
  Ease of Use          
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Summing it up

Last but not least, the registry cleaner you choose should be able to defragment the registry for eliminating all empty spaces from it. This registry defragment feature further helps you to compact your registry, re index the files and thus make it contagious. So the advanced and useful registry software programs include features which help to manage startup programs, program shortcuts, files like temp files and cookies. Internet Browser Help Objects and perform tasks which help you to keep the computer in good health. The renowned computer registry cleaners also clear the registry problems like runtime errors, DLL errors, driver errors and active/com x errors. They can also reduce startup time of the PC due to all unwanted entries and the errors are deleted from system’s registry.

So, this is all about registry cleaning and registry cleaners. If you have problems with your PC’s registry, it is recommended that you choose a reliable and good cleaning software program and have peace of mind.


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