Registry Easy Cleaner Review

///Registry Easy Cleaner Review
Registry Easy Cleaner Review

Registry cleaning utilities are for speeding up your PC by deleting the obsolete entries left by various programs after you uninstall them. Cluttered registry is one of the main reasons why a computer runs slow. A Registry Cleaner is the utility that helps with this trouble but picking one based on all the hype can be dangerous. Taking what the tool marks as an obsolete file and letting it delete hundreds of files might tune up your PC and it start running fast but strange things will happen if important registry files are deleted resulting in a slower PC later on.

Registry Easy is one name that can be trusted as a quality and reliably Registry cleaning tool. Not only it scans and cleans Windows registry but also improves performance by tweaking various system segments. This register cleaner is light weight that cleans registry swiftly without using much of the system resources. It has highly intuitive interface with simple to understand options. With Registry Easy you can scan a large number of Windows operating systems from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 7. This tool can be used for free to scan system for registry error but with paid version you get several new and interesting features like system optimization and backups.

Pros and Cons of Registry Easy


  • Registry Easy works seamlessly with all versions of Windows without resulting in any crash, hang or error popup

  • This application has excellent response time and carries out scanning, cleaning and backup rapidly

  • Even though this registry cleaner is highly proficient yet it is light on CPU and RAM consumption

  • It is available in free to use lite version

  • Highly intuitive and simple to use user interface

  • Help options in the application are really useful


  • There are no forums or FAQ section on the website

  • More than one scan may be required to delete some obsolete entries and files

Registry Easy Features

Primarily a registry cleaner, this tool has a lot more to offer. You will find various features with this registry cleaner.

Scan & Clean

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Registry cleaner is the primary module of the program that fires up when you open Registry Easy. There are various options to choose from the registry scan. The scan process is really easy and fast, we ran the scan on our system with all Registry Easy Scan options checked. Depending on the state of your system, scan can take a few minutes. Once scan is complete, registry files are automatically repaired.

The Evidence Cleaner is next option in the Scan & Clean section. This module runs an extensive scan of the cache, history and temp files of instant messengers, internet browsers and other windows applications. It took us less than a minute to scan with Evidence Cleaner and we were impressed how deep fetched results were. There are few other options to choose from like Registry Easy Evidence Eraser and Registry Easy File Shredder.

Register Easy is more than just a registry cleaner. It comes with complete set of utilities that optimize your PC for maximum performance. The Junk File Cleaner is another such module in Registry Easy that allows you to scan and delete junk files with a click. You can scan for files based on simple file extensions or add your own extensions. For cleaning up duplicate entries and files there is the Duplicate Cleaner.

Optimize System

Registry Easy Cleaner Review

System Optimizer is the module that every PC user will be delighted to have. With this tool in Registry Easy you can turn off services that are not needed, freeing up memory space and CPU usage. Fast Optimize is the one click option to turn off the predefined set of services that are not intended to be used on your system. For experienced and tech savvy users, Next options shows the list of services that will be turned off. From here you can override predefined sets to disable or enable a service.

Optimize Internet is the tool that optimizes setting in your internet browser and network to maximize the internet speed without compromising on your security and privacy. We found the tool to be highly effective on our system.

Tweak Memory utility in Registry Easy is a tool that must be included in all registry cleaners. It optimizes the RAM by freeing up space that enhances the performance and stability of your PC. However we advice to use this tool with care as it works by unloading the DLL’s from memory that can cause problem in some situations.

System Fix

Easy Repair Wizard & Error Utilities is an extensive list of most common windows errors. Registry Easy makes it easy for you to troubleshoot PC errors with these tools. File Association modules automatically matches a file with the program capable of opening or executing the file. It is a simple yet useful tool for correcting name extension system errors. Shortcut Fixer is another such utility for fixing invalid shortcuts on your system.

Register ActiveX is useful in fixing Windows errors that are caused by ActiveX components. With this module you can easily re-register ActiveX components that can fix some of the Windows errors.

Winsock2 Repair is an interactive and easy to use tool for fixing dll files. This utility is a one click repair tool for fixing most common windows application errors.

System Tools

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Block ActiveX utility offers greater security for your PC. Registry Easy database has information of past ActiveX exploits and is regularly updated with new exploit control measures to automatically provide protection. As the level of threat that an ActiveX module can pose to your PC is quite high this tool is a worthwhile addition to the set of security utilities for your system.

File Recoveryer is a necessary addition to Registry Easy that makes it a lot better Windows Optimization Utility as compared to other free PC cleaners. With this toolkit you can recover deleted files without much effort.

File Splitter & Joiner utility will benefit you if you often deal with large size files. You can split large files of any type ZIP, media files, backup files or archived documents with a click and join them with same easy. This tool makes file management and transfer swift.

Password Recovery is said to recover MSN Hotmail password, IE AutoComplete password, Google Talk password, Outlook password and dial-up passwords easily. However this utility is only useful in some cases only.

Startup Manager is the tool that simply lets you control what programs start at the boot time. For serious computer management we think this Registry Easy tool is a must. Controlling the unnecessary programs on system start makes a lot difference for system performance. You can find the necessary information and exact function of the programs that run on startup using the Registry Easy Startup Manager.

Uninstall Manager is for every Windows user as installing and uninstalling software is something they all do. Windows Control Panel has the uninstall management feature but Registry Easy makes it a lot easier. Also you can delete entries from the list in Uninstall Manager. Sometimes you delete a program without uninstalling it then you end up with an installer entry that cannot be uninstalled. With this tool you can delete such ghost entries with a click.

IE Tools

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Internet Explorer is a browser that suffers from unavailability of cleanup tools designed for it specifically. Registry Easy has taken care of this need for Windows users as well. IE Tools Toolkit is a rich library of built-in utilities that optimize IE browser for performance.
BHO Manager is the tool that gives you control over all IE plug-ins. With this tool you can remove or restore plug-ins in IE browser. Browsing problems often arise due to errors related to plug-ins, BHO manager gives you an easy option to disable all plug-ins at once then you can enable them one-by-one to find the plug-in causing the error.

IE Restore is the tool to use when above method of troubleshooting errors fails. This tool is useful for those who don’t have enough knowledge to fix IE errors. IE restore lists all the settings that can be restored to default.

IE Manger is the tool you should be using to customize the IE settings for more security and convenience.


One of the really impressive features that Registry Easy has to offer is the backup option. Most free PC cleaner and repair tools don’t have registry backup modules which is dangerous as registry is a critical part of the Windows operating system. We always advise to backup registry before installing any software or cleaning up the registry files. With Registry Easy’s registry backup module full backup of registry files can be made with a click. It’s a simple and straightforward feature. Restoring these backups is just as easy.

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In backup section, Restore Point is another option. This module gives you access to the Windows restore point functionality. In this module you will find all the restore points listed. This feature makes Windows restoration a lot easier. The only flaw is absence of any option to delete any of the restoration points.

Why Choose Registry Easy?

Registry Easy is a simple to use yet powerful registry cleaning utility. A first-time user or an experienced one both can use this tool for system cleanup, optimization, file recovery, browser optimization and backup creation with confidence. It is a quick and effective removal tool though a lot emphasis is put on making it an efficient Windows registry optimization tool as well. With a single click it creates file backups and registry backup with restore points. You should choose this computer cleaning software not because it can delete bloatware, leftover & parent files but also because how proficient this app is at managing startup applications and recovering lost files too.


Registry Easy is a great cleaning and tune up tool for Windows users. This tool allows deeper scanning of registry files than many other utilities because of its high-performance detection algorithm. At just 4.75 MB the app is light weight and scans the registry files on the go. The tool is more than just a registry cleaner and we recommend this tool for everyone using a Windows operating system. Before buying the full version you can test the free lite version of the application. It is guaranteed to exceed your expectations by going beyond simple file removal and system optimization.

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