PC Reviver Review – A Good Tool for Optimizing Your PC

///PC Reviver Review – A Good Tool for Optimizing Your PC

A computer’s performance never stays at its optimal level; over the time, it will gradually lose its speed and stability due to various reasons. This is a serious issue in the context of productivity. Registry errors, junk files, bad sectors in hardware, unwanted software etc. can be the common causes to slow down a computer. Every computer needs timely maintenance as a solution. However, finding each and every issue and addressing them manually can be a pretty challenging task for any computer user. This is why we should consider using an all-inclusive PC optimizing tool like PC Reviver.

PC Reviver is a useful utility developed by Reviver Soft family. This particular tool can effectively diagnose and address the errors found on PC and help you bring back the optimal performance levels. Currently, this utility software is tried by many computer users across the globe and found it to be an exceptionally useful. This is a review written about this highly useful software considering its usability, functionality and other characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages of PC Reviver

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantage of PC Reviver. This list will provide you a good insight into the overall performance of the software.


PC Reviver Review – A Good Tool for Optimizing Your PC1
  • -Zero complicated installation process
    The installation process of this software is remarkably easier. Once the file is downloaded, the installation will be completed in a flash.

  • -Innovative user interface
    The front end interface of this software is highly user-friendly and interactive. Because of this characteristics, you can quickly understand its functionality and features in order to make the best use of it. Features like scanning the computer for errors, finding the exact cause of the problem, creating restoration point etc. can be done impressively easier because of this interface. You will be guided throughout the optimization process with precise onscreen guidelines.

  • -Complete solution
    This particular utility comes as a practically completed solution by all means. All the PC related issues such as registry errors, fragmentations, junk files, unwanted programs and many other matters are effectively addressed using the same interface.

  • -Availability of many tools
    This utility comes with a very handy set of tools to diagnose and repair nearly all the issues related to a PC. Because of this versatility, you don’t need to install different software to address different issues.

  • -It can be pre-programmed
    Thanks to the smart reprogrammable function of this software, you can schedule a repair process in advance. You can program the repair process to take place in an idle time and save your time.


  • -The only notable disadvantage found with this program is that you cannot fix any errors using the free program. Although all the errors are scanned and presented with the free version, you will need to purchase the full version in order to get the errors fixed. However, what you spend on a paid version is a wise investment in terms of assuring smooth performance for your PC.

Installation and download

PC Reviver is presented to you by the well-known software company called Reviver Soft. In addition to the PC optimization tool, they offer many other utilities for the use of PC users globally. Downloading the PC Reviver software is a very easy process; you can either visit their official website www.reviversoft.com and navigate to the PC Reviver section, or download it directly clicking on this link.

Although the software can handle a considerable number of tasks, it is not heavy-weight. The software weighs only about 25 MB. It is available in all the common languages for the use of PC users across the globe.

If you prefer to test the functionality and the usefulness of the software instead of directly purchasing it, you can simply use the Free Version and perform a scan. In the free version, you will find all the functions working, but you cannot fix the errors until you purchase the full version. As per the statistics, the vast majority of people who tried the free version have opted to purchase the full version.

Like all the other utilities offered by Revive Soft, PC Reviver is exceptionally easily to install even if you are a novice computer user. All the instructions required to the installation process is provided via onscreen instructions. Once you are don reading the license agreement and proceeded to the next step, the software will get installed.

Main features of PR Reviver

As you already know, this software is equipped with a large number of features to bring back the optimal performance of you PC. In this section, we are going to have a look at some of the main features of this software.

  • -Driver updater
    The unbuilt driver updater is smart enough to search for the most appropriate and up-to-date drivers from their database and bring back them to optimal levels. All the drivers provided under this feature are OEM ones; there is hardly any possibility for malware threats

  • -Registry cleaner
    One of the most common problems Windows users face is registry errors. In fact, the registry is a core part of the operating system and therefore it is important to keep it in impeccable status. Diagnosing and repairing the registry is a simple process if you use this tool. With a couple of clicks, you can address all the common errors related to DLLs etc. Apart from that, it can effectively find errors in the startup menu, shortcuts, and any other issue you can ever imagine. Once the registry cleaner is run, the computer will show significant improvement in its performance.

  • -Disk Cleaner
    Some computer users notify that their hard disks get congested and cannot find a specific reason for that. However, by using the disk cleaner utility of this sophisticated software, you can overcome that issue pretty easily. It can perform an in-depth scan on the hard disks and identify the useless files and temporary files to eliminate them. All the errors related to disks will be removed with a couple of clicks thanks to the convenient user interface.

  • -Windows Updater
    If you expect the best performance from your computer and make it less vulnerable to all kinds of threats (online and offline), you should have your operating system updated as required. These critical updates will assure a smooth operation. The Windows Updater feature integrated with this software makes it possible for you to look for the latest critical updates and apply them.

  • -Crash helper
    Some users experience constant crashes when using their computers. This issue generally occurs in computers that are used for some time without proper maintenance. There can be various reasons to cause such crashes. By using the crash helper feature, you can simply find the most appropriate solution; all you have to do is to enter the respective code.

  • -Driver backup feature
    Apart from updating the obsolete drivers, this program comes with a feature to back up the existing drivers. You can either get a complete backup of all the available drivers or have specific ones only.

  • -Registry defragmenter
    The fragmented registry is another common reason that leads to a highly unstable PC. Overall, the performance of the PC will significantly drop due to the fragmented registry. However, you can overcome this issue pretty quickly by using the Registry Defrag feature.

  • -File extension manager
    You can effectively manage the file extensions with their respective programs, so you will experience a very effective file management system on your PC.

  • -Startup Manager
    The startup menu of the Windows operating system needs to be frequently managed if you expect optimal performance from your system. Over the time, unnecessary items can gather in this menu and make the startup process very slow. However, by using the startup manager feature you can clean up the startup menu and eliminate the hassle.

  • -Uninstaller
    Although this is a basic tool, you will find it pretty handy when you need to uninstall a particular program from the PC. Nevertheless, this uninstaller does the work of windows uninstaller.

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PC Reviver Review – A Good Tool for Optimizing Your PC2

How to remove PC Reviver from your PC

Removing PC Reviver is a very simple process, just like its installation.

You should access the control panel first, jump into programs and features section to locate the software. Find the name of the software under the list of applications displayed in this section by scrolling. Click on the software to select it, go to the upper part of the dialog box and click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to start the uninstallation process.


Having considered all the features associated with this outstanding software, it is not hard to say that every PC user must consider trying it. This particular tool can effectively search for all the potential errors in a PC an offer the best solutions to overcome them. A large number of people have tried PC Reviver already and claim that they are more than happy with the performance. So, at the bottom line, it is a utility software worth trying!

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