Driver Reviver Review – Update Your PC Driver Easily

///Driver Reviver Review – Update Your PC Driver Easily

It is exceptionally important for your computer to have all the drivers up-to-date and properly functioning if you expect your PC to perform at its optimal level. Due to one reason or another, many computer functions with severely outdated drivers and that such drivers can prevent the PC from operating smoothly. Practically, it is can be pretty complex for an average computer user to find those obsoleted drivers manually and update them. However, if you use a powerful tool like Driver Reviver, you will be able to have all the drivers up-to-date and let them function at optimal levels supporting your PC.

Driver Reviver is a simple, but powerful tool that can execute a complete scan on your PC in order to pinpoint the obsolete drivers and find the latest updates. Eventually, this tool can technically restore the drivers to their best state and have your computer functioning smoothly. This useful tool is a product of ReviverSoft, which offers various other solutions to repair, maintain and optimize PCs and bring back their optimal performance.

Advantages and disadvantages of Driver Reviver

Let’s have a look at the most considerable advantages and disadvantages associated with this handy software tool.


Driver Reviver Review – Update Your PC Driver Easily1
  • -Easy installation
    The installation process of this software is a “piece of cake” by all means. What you should do is to perform a couple of clicks and the software will be available for you sooner than you think.

  • -User-friendly interface
    Although the software is design to handle very complicated tasks, the user will find the software to be very friendly one. Scanning, downloading and restoring the drivers can be achieved simply by executing a couple of clicks. All the instructions are displayed on the screen, so there is no complex process to follow. In simplest terms, this software facilitates even the beginner level computer users to handle their drivers pretty fluently.

  • -A collection of useful features
    This powerful tool comes with very useful features (all of which are easy to use). These tools can be used to perform tasks like creating backups of old drivers, creating a system restoration and scanning before updating the drivers with the latest versions.

  • -Access to large database of drivers
    The comprehensive driver database of Driver Reviver consists more than 10 million driver files to match nearly all the drivers you will possible come across. Apart from that, they have a large variety of system drivers too.


  • -Available only with a single-user license
    The only disadvantage found when using the Driver Reviver software is it doesn’t come with multi-user licenses. Since it is available as single user software only, when you need to install in on multiple computers, you have to purchase multiple keys instead of purchasing one multi-user license key. Other than that, in the context of functionality, the software works fine to make your computer a smoothly functioning piece.

Installation and download

Downloading and installing this handy software is a very easy process. Here’s how to do it.

  • You should visit ReviverSoft website and navigate to Driver Reviver software (If not, you can use this direct link to reach the download section).

  • Once you are directed to the download prompt, you should save it (appears as DriverReviverSetup.exe) to the hard disk.

  • You will be notified once the download is finished (it will not take much time as the file weighs 13.6 MB only).

  • After the ‘download completed’ notification, you should double click on the file and go with the instructions.

  • That’s all! The software will automatically start to scan the computer for obsolete drives.

The scan process will then identify the outdated drivers and find the newest versions. Eventually, the computer will start to perform smoothly utilizing the installed hardware with optimal productivity.

Main features of Driver Reviver

Now, let’s have a look at the main features of this specific software. These features are carefully integrated to assure better performance, improved user-friendliness, and best value for the money you spend.

  • -Quick installation process
    One of the most prominent features of Driver Reviver is its quick installation process. Every user (even a beginner level user) will find this installation process to be highly user-friendly and quick. The entire process will be completed in a blink of an eye. Clear onscreen instructions provided with this handy software makes the overall installation process even easier. At the end of the installation process, an automatic scan will be performed for added convenience.

  • -Automatic Scanning
    As mentioned before, after the installation, the software will take you to the automatic scanning process, during which, it will start to pinpoint the outdated drivers. The scanning process itself is a very productive one and at the end of the process, you will be presented a detailed report with all the information about the current status of the drivers. This report includes information like the total number of drivers, the number of outdated drivers, the current version of respective drivers, the age of the driver (as a graphic), the details of the latest version of the driver etc. More information about each driver is available if you right click and select ‘view details’ option. At the completion of the scanning process, you can move to the download section with a single click.

  • -Driver database
    Driver Reviver is the home for a wide-ranging driver database. Their database constantly updating in order to provide the most recent drivers to the clients across the globe. Just to give a glimpse about the size of their driver database, they currently have more than 10 million drivers. Apart from that, this software offers you a collection of system drivers too. Those system drivers, however, are for Windows only.

  • -Safety and Reliability
    The main intention of Driver Reviver is to make your computer system a very stable one by providing latest drivers. It is an essential step when assuring the security of the computer. As you know, a computer with outdated drivers is highly vulnerable to a variety of threats both online and offline. This software can reduce the vulnerability of your PC to threats by making the drivers updated and faultlessly function. As an added safety measure, this software creates a backup of the old drivers and create a restore point before installing the new versions. Such approach makes it possible to you to go back to the older state if, by any chance, you need to do so. Making their service more reliable, they let you access only the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) software. These drivers are completely safe from harmful malware and adware, so there is no need to worry about the security of your PC. All these actions are taken by the developers to assure the safety of the computer.

  • -Excellent customer support
    Like all the top of the line software manufacturers do, this software provides a superior level of customer service. Their website is equipped with a significant amount of supportive information together with loads of frequently asked questions and answers. Just by going through their FAQ section, any user can find solutions to most of the common problems that might occur. If any customer needs additional support related to the usage of this software tool, he or she can contact the customer support center via an email. However, the email support is reported to be pretty slower. Instead of using the old-fashion email method, however, you can get your questions answered pretty quickly.

Free Scan now

In general, all the features together makes this software a very useful and convenient one even for a beginner level user. The interface is highly interactive and easy to understand. You don’t have to be an IT savvy to use this software as all the instructions are provided in very friendly manner. However, the performance of this software and usability can be further improved if they can add features such as scan scheduler and a driver uninstallation feature.

Driver Reviver Review – Update Your PC Driver Easily2


Overall, this smart piece of software can be considered as a ‘must-have’ for any computer user who wishes to experience an optimal, uninterrupted and steady performance from their computers. Although the software is not issued for free, what you spend on it is a wise investment for the sake of the stability of your PC.

This software is already renowned as one of the best driver updaters in the industry today by many computer users globally. Beautiful user interface, clear onscreen instructions and easy to install characteristics maximize the value of this software further. Their database is impressive (they have over 10 million up-to-date drivers to support an uncountable number of clients across the globe. Their customer service should pay more attention to the email inquiries, however (currently, it is reported that they take some considerable time to respond to an email).

As the final verdict, it can be said that Driver Reviver is one of the best PC utilities you should have in your collection if you wish optimal performance from your computer.

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