Wondershare Video Converter Pro & Ultimate – User Guide

///Wondershare Video Converter Pro & Ultimate – User Guide

Video converter utilities are important not only for movie lovers, but to all who have YouTube channel or vlog. Wondershare Video Converter is one of the best software that continually tops the list in reviews. If you are looking for a video converter, we strongly recommend to consider Wondershare Video Converter. There are two versions of this software that you can try:

  1. Wondershare Video Converter Pro
  2. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This user guide will provide you a detailed review of both the versions, so you are better able to decide which one to choose.

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Wondershare Video Converter Pro Review

I have tried many video converters over the years, but none has been as good as Wondershare Video Converter Pro. I came to know about this version while I was using Mac. I had just downloaded a great video tutorial and was super eager to watch it. But unfortunately as soon as I tried to play the video, it showed an unsupported format error. While there are hundreds of video converters for Windows, easy to use software for Mac are not readily available.

This software is available both for Windows and Mac. This tool makes video converting a breeze. You no longer have to use frustrating tools that require knowledge of video and audio codecs. With a simple click you can make movies, songs, TV show videos, etc. compatible to be played on your PC, tablet, phone and other devices. You can not only convert videos but also edit them using this tool.


This video converter is provided with the necessary tools that make it an ultimate solution for all multimedia video conversion needs.

  • Easy Video & Audio Conversion
    Converting videos has never been easier than this. You can convert high definition videos like HD WMV, HD MP4 and HD MOV along with standard definition videos such as AVI, MP4 and MPG. It takes only 3 steps to convert the videos. Furthermore, you can convert HD and SD videos of any kind to 3D. The feature I liked the most is that you can cover files in batches as well.

  • Extract and Convert Audio
    With this version, not only can you convert audios, but also extra audios from video files. You can convert audio files in all popular formats including MP3, AC3, MP4A, WAC, FLAC and APE.

  • 30X Faster Video Converting Speed
    Backed with the advanced APEXTRANS™ technology, it converts videos 30X faster than any other video converter both on Windows and Mac.

  • Download and Edit Videos
    I just love this software for its capability to download videos directly from over 100 sites including VEVO, YouTube and Vimeo. Yes, this video converter is a downloader as well.

    Video editing functionalities are also incredible in the software. All basic editing functions like setting contrast, brightness, volume and saturation are present in this video converter. You also get advanced editing features in this version, like crop, trim, merge, effects and snapshots. You can preview all the edits in real time that makes the process really simple.

  • Direct Plug-in For Devices
    You won’t have to transfer your video files from devices like Camcorders to your system for converting. Just plug in the device and Wondershare Video Converter will automatically scan the device for any recorded video files. AVCHD files can drag and drop added to the converter.

  • Make Videos Compatible For Sites
    If you are a Social Media buff or a digital marketer who uploads video regularly on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, then you how cumbersome is the task of making videos compatible to these sites. With the software, you can not only make videos compatible for applications like iMovie and Windows Player, but also for websites.

  • Transfer to Devices Wirelessly
    Transferring the converted videos to several devices is not a problem. You can transfer files wirelessly. All you have to do is to scan the OR code of the Wondershare Player app and the video and audio files will be transferred to your device without need to connect with a USB.

  • Excellent Video Converter for Mac Users
    If you are a Mac user, then you are going to love it. This video converter can effortless organize your iTunes library as you want. This Wondershare Video Converter collects all the metadata from the files like actors, episode names, artwork, etc. You can use this information to arrange files based on any criteria. Also, it makes videos compatible with a variety of Apple devices like iPhones, iPod, Apple TV and iPad.

Pros and Cons:


  • Supports all video and audio file formats including HD video formats

  • Wirelessly transfers files to your favorite device

  • Includes video downloader to download videos from over 100 websites

  • For device-based output profiles, it is an excellent choice

  • Incredible video editing tools with creative effects and filters


  • There is no option for mixed outputs

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Continuing with the effort to make an ultimate video converter, you have the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which is an improvement over the Pro version of the software. Wondershare multimedia tools are the best in the industry. Where most of the industry video converters are focused on just converting videos to other formats, the Ultimate version takes video converting to the next level with a wide variety of export and customization tools.


  • Clean UI
    Any video converter is as good for me as easy it is to access its functionalities. This version simply blows every other video converter out of water in term of simplicity to use. Not only you can effortlessly swap the file formats, but also tailor your videos to be compatible with any known device and I mean any.

    This ultimate version is extremely easy to use as it comes with a clearly labeled interface that makes accessing functionalities easier. Unlike other competitors, it is designed such that most of its tools require nothing but a click to do what they are designed for.

  • Download Videos
    Just like Pro version, with Ultimate version you can download videos from over 100 sites. Furthermore, this version allows you to stream videos directly to your set-top box or TV. I find the streaming feature a much needed functionality as watching HD live videos is no longer restricted to the internet and computing devices. Smart televisions and Netflix are changing the experience of viewers. Now you can convert any video and stream it with this Software. And did I mention Wondershare Video Converter Free Download for Windows 7 is also available.

  • Conversion
    It has converting videos as its primary function and it is incredibly good at it. You can swap videos in any SD and HD format. But, this description of conversion does no justice to the capabilities of this Video Converter. With this software you not only get a powerful video and audio converting tool, but also a software application to create, edit, download and watch videos from virtually any source.

  • Remixing Videos
    YouTube videos have always been the source of creativity for vloggers and with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate’s downloader you can download any number of videos to edit and remix them. All required on your part is just to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to convert.

  • Output
    The ultimate version deserves special mention for the quality of the converted videos that are all but identical of the original videos. No lossy conversion of video or audio, flawless video quality and no mismatch between the video and audio. Whether you are converting a video or an audio file, there will not be any quality loss.

  • Integrated disc authoring and burning
    A feature lacking in the pro version is the integrated disc burning and authoring. With the ultimate version you can burn the converted videos onto a DVD. Many young users find disc burning feature quaint, but the true essence of this functionality is for cinematographers and video editors who spend hours and hours on creating videos. You cannot risk so much of hard work to go in vain if anything happens to your hard drive. Keeping a physical backup of your videos is also a good idea. Also, it gives you an option to play your videos on devices with optical drives.

    Another important feature is the authoring functionality that allows you to create cover art for your videos. Video Converter Ultimate for Mac can import the metadata of the video you are converting from the internet. All you have to do is to open the information tab and type in the name of the show or video you are converting. It will fetch the associated data for the video from the internet like the writer, cinematographer, director and cast.

  • Wireless Streaming
    Just like the Pro version, this ultimate version can also transfer files wirelessly. This feature is very convenient as often you need to transfer files from your computer to other devices. With this software you can do the same, just the only requirement is a Wi-Fi connection.

    If you want to see the videos on a compatible Television or a gaming system, no problem, it can stream videos directly to these devices.

Pros and Cons:


  • All the features of Pro version

  • A broader format support

  • Integrated disc authoring and burning

  • Easier interface to use


  • Lacks templates for HTC devices

  • Addition of so many tools to the software may take a time to fully understand and use to their full potential

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Users Guide

Both versions of Wondershare Video Converter are easy to use and need minimal guidance. To get started, you will have to load the video you want to convert in the interface of the converter. Once the file is added to the software, you need to select any of the conversion profiles to convert the video files. The selection is immense as there are more than 150 such profiles that let you convert videos to play on smart phones, televisions, gaming systems, computer and laptops, tablets and other such devices.

Speaking of video conversion time, all the video converters I have tried before took nearly 60-70 minutes to convert an hour long video. Even then, the quality of conversion was questionable. Using Wondershare Video Converter it took only less than five minutes.

If you want to edit videos, then you can make use of the video editor that acts as a full-featured application on its own. Just click on the Edit tab and you will be taken to the video editor where you can crop, adjust, retouch, watermark and add subtitles to the videos.

Once you are done with editing and converting videos, you can directly open the video file location. (Location of output folder can be changed from the Preferences Tab.)


There is no match for Wondershare Video Converter, as far as making video and audio files compatible with your favorite device is concerned. With the pro version you get freedom not only to convert videos but also to download, edit and organize them. If your choice is a software that stands head and shoulders above any of the other video converters out there, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate must be your choice. It offers the fastest conversion time with high-quality output and comes with additional features that make it an ultimate product.

As far as the customer and technical support is concerned, Wondershare is offering lifetime support on versions of the video covert. Don’t think twice, you won’t be putting your money at risk buying any of the Wondershare Video Converter versions.


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