VEGAS Pro & VEGAS Movie Studio Review

///VEGAS Pro & VEGAS Movie Studio Review

The VEGAS Pro software family speeds your workflow past known limits. With extremely efficient editing tools and effective use of available computing power, you’ll power through even the most complex projects with VEGAS Pro.

VEGAS Pro & VEGAS Movie Studio Review

Professional Video Editing Software

VEGAS Movie Studio – 30 Day Free Trial


Version Features

VEGAS Movie Studio 14

  • Easy video editing
  • Improved, user-friendly interface
  • Video and audio effects
  • Support for High DPI monitors
  • Direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
  • Music Maker software

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum

  • Easy to use Drag-and-Drop editing workflow
  • Multicam editing tools
  • Automatic slideshow creation
  • Support for High Definition and 4K video
  • Frame-accurate preview editing with hover scrub technology
  • Support for High DPI monitors
  • AVC/MP4 format support for optimum streaming

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite

  • Revised and improved user interface
  • Support for High-DPI monitors
  • Innovative multicam editing workflow
  • Primary and Secondary Color Correctors
  • New hover-scrub technology
  • Improved RAM preview
  • VEGAS DVD Architect
  • Direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook
  • NewBlueFX Suite Complete
  • NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express
  • SmartSound SonicFire Pro 6
  • Music Maker
  • HitFilm Toolkit Pack

VEGAS Pro 14 Edit

  • Convert HD film material to 4K resolution
  • Hover scrub technology in the Trimmer
  • Combine video, sound & and image formats in the same timeline
  • Edit HEVC and ProRes files natively
  • Advanced audio editing directly in the program
  • High DPI support
  • High Frame Rate (HFR) support
  • Streaming support for AVC/MP4 encoder

VEGAS Pro 14

  • Intuitive drag & drop workflow
  • Smart tools for upscaling footage to 4K and Ultra High Definition
  • Perfect image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V4
  • Titler Pro Express from NewBlueFX
  • NewBlueFX Looks
  • HEVC file support and native ProRes format support
  • DVD and Blu-ray Disc Authoring with VEGAS DVD Architect
  • High DPI Support
  • High Frame Rate (HFR) support

VEGAS Pro 14 Suite

  • Motion tracking, 3D object creation and chroma keying plug-ins from Boris FX
  • Perfect image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V4
  • Titler Pro 3 NewBlue FX
  • Disc Authoring with VEGAS DVD Architect
  • Native editing of HEVC and ProRes files
  • Digital Audio Workstation directly in the program
  • Upscaling of HD film material to 4K
  • High DPI support
  • High Frame Rate (HFR) support

Vegas Movie Studio 14 is the first update since Magix took over the reign from Sony Creative, the original parent company of the video editing software. With the latest update, Magix has made clear its intention to continue the development of the product and make improvements to keep up with the competition. Both existing and new users will benefit from addition of advanced editing tools in the software. The features included are the much needed ones to support the needs of the present home entertainment and the online video audience.

Vegas Movie Studio is built on the same award-winning and powerful technology of Vegas Pro. Vegas team has put in their best to come up with a product that caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced movie-makers. Improving and innovating the software based on customer’s feedback the developers have made Movie Studio 14 available with new features and tools that foster the creativity of every movie maker.
Before you start with our detailed review of this video editing tool, here’s the official video giving you a quick overview of what’s changed in the new Vegas Movie Studio 14. Hope this will help you to know the software in a better way and see whether it is the right software for you or not.

The Good and The Bad 

The Good:

  • New improved clear interface

  • Multi-cam editing support

  • Better access to RAM

  • Larger library for special effects

  • Support for Hi-DPI monitors.

The Bad:

  • There is no storyboard mode, which makes it difficult for beginners and novice users to edit videos. Absence of advanced tools like motion tracking and 360-degree video editing. No support for 360-degree videos.

Why Movie Studio Is Different?

You can call the Vegas Movie Studio an anomaly in the consumer level video editing software market as it doesn’t look or behave anything like most other video editing applications.

The reason behind the distinguished interface of this software is that it grew out of another Sony Creative product that was designed for professional video editors and not for casual home grown users, the Vegas Pro. Development of Movie Studio out of professional software leaves an impression on its interface that still uses terminologies, workflows and techniques of professional film editors. This is why you can find it daunting to use this application at first. But with time, you will find it really easy to use the program for your needs.

Still, it should not discourage you from experiencing the ability of Vegas Movie Studio as you will find any video editor daunting to use if you have no prior experience. When it comes to video editing there is no such software which is easy to use.

Now you may wonder if, Vegas Movie Studio is easy to use?

Yes, if you are an experienced user and if not, then Magix has done an admirable job in adding interactive guides within every software version that help you use this application to its full potential. We personally had never seen such detailed introduction and guide tutorials with any other video editor software.

What’s New in Vegas Movie Studio 14?

Sony attempted to improve the look and feel of Movie Studio’s interface many times before but unfortunately it failed in every attempt. Finally Magix has implemented its expertise in designing video and audio editing software in improving the application’s interface, revamping it entirely. The behavior of the software is also streamlined to align with most common video editors to make it less alienating for users.

So, now you get a truly consumer-level video editor in Movie Studio 14. Magix never needed to introduce a lot of new features in this application as the software was already provided with enough features to be a quality suite of video editing tools. All Magix needed is to add features that the competitors are offering to withstand the competition.

Vegas Movie Studio 14 flaunts new interface and few new effects and transition. For instance vignette video effect helps you create a timeless classic looking video frame. You can now access Magix Music Maker software in this application that makes it a lot easier to create stylish music videos. Also now you can directly upload your finished project to social media websites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. This way, you will be able to display your work in front of your friends, family and others for them to appreciate your skills. This feature was not included in earlier versions of Movie Studio.

Multi-cam editing tool is also included in the latest version. This tool is essential for editing a footage taken from various sources and different camera angles. With this tool you can sync the videos and switch between angles in real time that makes editing footage simple otherwise you have to edit every video clip separately, which is time consuming. Here’s a video explaining the multi-cam feature in Movie Studio 14.

Support for Hi-DPI monitors is included in the latest version of Movie Studio. As home video technology has no end of innovation, the support for Hi-DPI monitors offer you capability to create more clear and precise videos. Hover Scrub feature is introduced in the editing window to speed up the video editing process. This tool easily finds the perfect section of the clip that you can drag and drop in the timeline at perfect place. So, the software is a mess free and hassle free one with not much efforts and time involved in learning how to use it.

There is a new extensive library of effects available in this video editor as Magix has included the NewBlueFX Platinum Complete effects and filters package. Movie Studio now performs much better as it has improved capability to access RAM that makes it faster and more stable. There are 3 versions of Movie Studio available with the Vegas Movie Studio 14 Suite being the best. In this version you get all the above features with additional tools:

  • SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 6

  • HitFilm Toolkit Pack

  • NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express

  • NewBlueFX Suite Complete

Versions of Vegas Movie Studio

Movie Studio 14

  • The is the lowest version of the software that offer basic video editing features.

  • There are only 10 video or audio tracks available in this version. This is somehow a limitation we feel.

  • You cannot create discs of any kind with Movie Studio 14 but it does have integrated YouTube and other similar website uploading feature.

This version is ideally suited for users looking for simple video editing to create videos for family and friends and share them online or on mobile devices.

Movie Studio 14 Platinum

  • In this Movie Studio Version you get the ability to create DVDs, Blu-ray discs and burn AVCHD on DVDs.

  • A wider range of video effects and audio effects with increased number of filters.

  • You get finer control over effects and transitions.

Movie Studio Platinum 14 Suite

  • The best in the Movie Studio family, Platinum 14 Suite is peak of this consumer-level product.

  • It includes every basic and advanced tool you will want in a video editing software.

  • It has hundreds of features that give you the freedom to create any project.

  • Interactive guides make it a lot easier to use advanced features and is sort of a necessity to fully understand these features.

We found that Movie Studio Platinum 14 Suite has such bewildering video, audio and image effects that it is not possible to list them in the scope of this review.
To get a detailed comparison of the three versions you can visit the official website here.


Vegas Movie Studio 14 is a video editing software that can do pretty much everything your creativity allows you to do. And it does it very well. As it software is a derivative of a professional software, you will find it features closest to a pro application that Hollywood professionals use.

At the price level you get Vegas Movie Studio 14 it is the most feature-packed video editing software that allows you to control every aspect of video production manually. It is true that there is a lot of learning involved to fully exploit the features of this software, but with its excellent tutorial system the learning is easy. Soon you will find yourself using the software like a pro.

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