Review of Professional Photo Retouch Service

///Review of Professional Photo Retouch Service

High-quality photo processing significantly improves the visual perception of the image and is very important for promotional photos, as well as for personal photos and photos used for social networks and blogs. Therefore to have the high-quality processed images the online stores, magazines, professional photographers and users of social networks use different photo retouching services.

One of these services is Photza, which positions itself as a professional photo retouching studio. This is a relatively young company that appeared on the market in 2015, but which had already proved itself as a worthy player. Perhaps you’ve even seen their work in popular glossy magazines or catalogs, but you haven’t even known about that.

The service is engaged in the professional processing of photographs for magazines and ads, private photographs, pictures for blogs and social networks. Prices on the site are much lower than the prices in studios with a similar level of retouching and are even lower than freelancers’ prices. At the same time, the company guarantees the accuracy of delivery of work on time and high-quality results, which cannot be done without a large staff of professional retouchers.

The service offers three levels of retouching:

  • MINI – the minimal retouching set, which is great for processing of a large number of photos; the package includes color correction, elimination of skin imperfections and toning
  • MIDI – optimally for photo retouching for social networks and blogs; this package contains all the most necessary functions to make a perfect photo
  • MAXI is the best package if you need Hi-End photo processing; includes using of such complex retouching techniques such as Dodge & Burn, as well as old and damaged photos restoration.

The service carries out retouching of all kinds of photos – portraits and headshots, product and jewelry photos, restoration and colorization of old photographs, photomontage and other photo manipulations, they can even create the effect of pop art on the photo.

You can look at the examples for each level of editing, as well as examples for each function from the tariff. If you find it difficult to determine the choice of tariff to upload the photo, then free photo evaluation that is available on the site will help. After filling out the form for free photo evaluation, the manager will contact you to advise and help determine the tariff you need for the particular photo.

The site’s interface is users-friendly and the site itself is easy to use. To get started, you need to register if you are a new user (it is quick and easy), upload photos to the personal office on the site, select the appropriate tariff for each photo and pay for the order. If necessary, you can add references (examples) to each photo.

Payment is made through the 2СhekOut payment system, where you can pay via PayPal or Visa / MasterCard. All the commission fees are taken over by Photza service.

Disadvantages of the service:

  • The lack of previews for RAW photos; in the personal office when RAW files are uploaded, only a thumbnail is displayed on which the file extension (for example, dng, cr2, etc.) is drawn. Professional photographers who upload such photos may not be very convenient to navigate in photos.
  • Lack of round-the-clock support. Although the customer support is available in all convenient ways (mail, Skype, online chat).
  • Lack of mobile version of the site and mobile application. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the studio positions itself as a service for professional photographers, which implies that all photos will be uploaded from the computer, and not from a mobile phone. Now the developers of the site announce the possible soon appearance of the mobile version.
  • Lack of registration through social networks. Although the registration process is as simple as possible, sometimes it’s easier to log in via social networks.

Benefits of the service:

  • Possibility to upload RAW files. The service supports downloading of a large number of heavy files without any restrictions.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use website – from registration to downloading ready-made photos.
  • Free updates and revisions. If you are not satisfied with the result of editing or you would like something to be fixed, the guys will do the revisions quickly and free of charge.
  • High quality of work. Looking at the example of the MAXI tariff, you can make sure that the processed photos can be printed in magazines and advertisements. An important condition for such high-end photo processing is the quality of the original photo, because even professional retouchers are not able to make a high-end beauty photo for the magazine from a selfie taken with the smartphone.


The overall impression of the service is more than positive, small technical flaws of the platform are easily overlapped  with users-friendly usability of the site, affordable price and high quality retouching. But in general, we can say that a rate for similar MAXI retouching in the studios is 5-10 times more expensive, without the ability to upload photos and pay for the service online.


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