PhotoCat Editor Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///PhotoCat Editor Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

PhotoCat is an online app that allows you to make picture collages, touch up images, edit photos, apply filter, frames and much more. The best part about this app is that it allows you to carry out all image editing operations, online, i.e., wherever you want and whenever you want to.

This photo editor app has not only made editing and retouching efficient, effective and less time consuming, but also made it into a fun activity. It is a free online photo collage maker that is very easy to use. Each and every tool is self explanatory, which makes it the ultimate user friendly editing app.

Advantages of using PhotoCat

If you are an amateur photographer, trying your hand at something new and exciting, then this is the perfect app for you.

Here are some pretty convincing reasons as to why you should be using this photo retouching online app right now:-

  • You will be able to conveniently edit images right from your computer. Not only does this feature allow you to view the images on a larger screen, but you can also edit them from the comforts of your own home.

  • You will have the liberty to edit and save the images as both JPG and PNG.

  • You also will be able to share your images easily through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

  • Since the app is extremely user-friendly, anybody will be able to use PhotoCat from practically anywhere around the earth.

  • There are plenty of options available for editing, revamping and retouching images or adding frames and making collages. Even though so many options and tools are provided by the app, each tool is self-explanatory and thus the user does not face any trouble while using the photo cat app.

  • All the tools of the app are properly and clearly arranged, as well as organised such that they become easily accessible and therefore, easy to use.

Disadvantages of using PhotoCat

Though this photo retouching software seems to have created a huge demand in the market today, it still has a few cons that restrict its sales.

  • One major disadvantage of using this app is that you will only be able to import the edited images from your computer and from nowhere else.

  • Only two file formats are supported by the software, i.e., JPG and PNG file formats.

The cons of this free online collage maker, seriously undermine the usage as well as sales of the photo editing app. Apart from these basic cons, the app has proved to be extremely efficient and its specific user-friendly approach has benefitted the developers considerably.

Basic Features of PhotoCat

Now that we have gone through the pros and cons of using this free online photo editor, we can take a look at the features that set this app apart from the others.

  • 1.It has an amazing organisational feature that helps the user to keep track of all the features of this amazing Korean photo editor app and use them with ease and in a matter of minutes.

  • 2.Every feature allows you to observe its effect on the image in real-time such that you are able to edit and retouch the images online in very little time.

  • 3.The app allows you to compare the edited image to the original one, helping you see your progress. This feature helps you make further changes based on your progress.

  • 4.You can also undo the changes you have made. Apart from this, you can also revert to the original image by simply discarding the changes you have made to it.

  • 5.The app has as total of six established features, which are include editing, retouching, adding effects, frame templates, text, collage software, or even using local retouching features such as photo face cleaner online.

  • 6.There is this one tool in the app, called the “colour splash”. It allows the user to effectively turn the original image into a black and white image, with a few parts of the image retaining the original colour of the image, in areas defined by the user’s own brush strokes.

  • 7.The tool used for cropping images, will allow you to adjust and edit the size of your image to fit your Facebook profile, background or even phone lock screen.

  • 8.You will be able to easily adjust the brightness, hue, sharpness, contrast, etc., of the image, according to your taste and preference.

  • 9.The cute photo editor online app has its own fading effect that allows you to selectively fade parts or whole of the image that you are editing.

  • 10.You can resize photographs with ease to any width and height of pixels, using this amazing app. This is a feature which gives you added advantages.

  • 11.There are more than twenty effects that you can apply to the images that you are editing, including monochrome, studio, fairy, HDR, lavender, retro, charcoal, sketch, etc. You can also adjust the intensity of the effects that you choose to apply to the edited images.

PhotoCat Editor Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software
  • 12.For editing and retouching, PhotoCat is one of the best apps that you are ever going to lay your hands on. From lip tint, to editing blemishes and making eyes appear larger and red eye remover features, this app allows you to overcome any defect in your image that you are able to detect.

  • 13.You can conveniently apply a frame to the image you are editing and revamping, from about 20+ options. This not just gives you a variety of options to choose from, but also makes the task of editing a lot more fun from before.

  • 14.Also, there are more than a dozen fonts available for enhancing your image or picture. You can also include different sorts of speech with the help of text bubbles of various shapes, sizes and designs to make the image seem more interesting. The horizons of photo editing expand exponentially in this manner.

  • 15.The app comes equipped with an awesome feature that actually allows you to paint a different colour over a part of the picture that originally was of a completely different colour. This is called the “adjust colour” tool. It is a very effective correction tool when it comes to retouching of pictures.

  • 16.“Blur” is yet another extremely efficient tool in this app. It allows you to blur a certain part of the photograph by simply using brush strokes. At other times, you may even choose to blur the entire image for a different perspective. You have the liberty to do this through the application of this tool.

  • 17.The features and tools of this app are very clearly explained for ensuring that the user is at his or her utmost ease while using the app. This has allowed PhotoCat to become one of the most user friendly apps for editing and revamping images online. From the comfort of your home, on your own computer or laptop, you could proceed towards editing your own images in your free time. It wouldn’t have to be only for professional purposes, but could also be undertaken as a fun activity.

  • 18.The app allows you to make amazing collages with your images through its photo collage maker feature that you can easily download and access online. Combining this action with another feature on this widely used photo editing app, such as one of the many photo collage frames available on it, you could achieve amazing results ultimately.

PhotoCat get great feedback from the users

This online photo editing app has effectively set itself apart from most of the other basic photo editing and image retouching picture apps that are available right now in the global market. The customer feedback regarding PhotoCat has been extremely supportive and positive in most cases.

On an average, users have rated the app from 4 to about 4.5 stars out of a grand total of 5 stars. This free online photo editor app is especially useful for those who have to edit and change certain parts of images on a daily basis.

Matt who has been using the app for about a year says, “It is user friendly and has helped even an amateur graphic artist and editor like me create great images. It has helped me save a lot of time on the task of editing images for blogs, content and other such purposes.”

With the wide range of options available for editing as well as framing images, the app can also be used for personal purposes such as giving that extra edge or shine to one’s profile image or display picture.

The perfect app for the creative mind – PhotoCat all the way

Artistic people have a tendency to try out various options before actually settling on the one they’d prefer the best. PhotoCat allows users to do exactly that in record time through its many HD features that are easily available online.

The app may not allow you to import images from social media sites directly but the pros of the app definitely weigh out the cons of the app strikingly.

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