Phixr Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///Phixr Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

We all look for a free and powerful Photoshop software to help us in image editing and creating. Many of the available software are too expensive, and it is hard to afford them. Others are hard to use especially for beginners. Luckily, for beginners and professionals, a free online photo editing and creation software can help you edit your snapshots. Such available and free software is Phixr.

As earlier stated, Phixr is a free online photo editing and creating software. It comes with a simple and fun user interface that helps you to edit and create your images online in your browser. It has great photo editing features and tools that apply for both professional and fun photo editing. These features range from high-quality bubbles, text adding, filters, transparency, lens and other fun and unique features.

Unlike other online Photoshop software, it is available for Android, tablet, MacBook, Windows, iPhone and many other users. In addition, many browsers including Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome support it.

It allows users to share their edited photos through available social media plugins such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also cloud store your photo or download as a JPG, GIF, PDF or PNG file format. It created photos can also be saved and uploaded to your blog at


  • Unlike other online Photoshop software, it is free. The user is not required to pay any subscription fee or open an account to use the software.

  • For registered users, it can save your photos and settings. These photos and settings can be accessed regardless of which computer or phone you log in with.

  • It is online photo editing tool that offers easy to use interface. Both professionals and beginners can easily use its features.

  • Its features such as cropping, blurring, and color and camera lens effects offer great customization and photo designs.

  • It allows users to export their designed images in PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG photo file formats.

  • Users can share their photos to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Users are also able to link their images to other websites with no need of downloading it. The user is only required to save his or her photo and copy the image’s link.

  • Users can load and use images from Picasa, SmugMug, Flickr or Photobucket sites.

  • Users have more control in designing and creating their photos.

  • Unlike other Photoshop online software, Phixr has fewer settings and constraint options making the designed photos cleaner and tighter.

  • It is optional to sign up at

  • It can merge two or more photos into one.


  • It limits the photo size a user can upload. The maximum photo size is 1440 pixels by 1080 pixels or 1.3 MB. Large photos are automatically shrunk and cropped to a smaller size.

  • Phixr software does not offer keyboard shortcuts for its features.

  • It is only limited to photo editing and design. It does not offer video animation and website design features.

  • Once a user saves a designed photo, it is hard to re-edit the setting.

  • It does not offer tutorial lessons to its users.

Basic Features

After you have signed in with Phixr and agreed to their terms and conditions, you will be presented with some basic features to start going. These features include:

  • Uploading an image file from your computer or phone.

  • Loading a photo from Picasa.

  • Importing or linking an image directly from social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Accessing image enhancement websites such as Flickr.

  • Linking or exporting your designed or created an image.

  • Saving your image to cloud storage services such as Photobucket or SmugMug.

Phixr Review

Key Features of Phixr

In addition to the basic features, it has a wide variety of tools the users can access to edit and design their photos. Some of the key features include:

  • Text Adding Tool
    This is one of the most powerful features. There are over 100 available fonts you can choose from while adding a test to your image. In addition, text-adding tool allows text to be mirrored, rotated, curved or placed at any place in the photo. It allows users to bevel and add shadows to the added text and give it a three-dimensional look. Another advantage of the text-adding tool is the meme generator feature. The meme generator feature allows users to add quickly funny and relevant quotes to your image. Nowadays, memes and quotes are becoming very popular. They are way to communicate if you think of sharing your created images to social media sites.

  • Color filter tool.
    It has over 60 color filter features you can choose. It offers a great pleasure to manipulate the image color. With the filter tool, you can improve the contrast, color balance or white balance.

  • Camera lens filter tool.
    Just like the color filter tool, there is more than 60 camera lens filter tool you can choose from. Camera lens filter tool can add center focus, tilt shift, or vignette effects. It helps in enhancing a center attention to your photos. It is recommended that you use photo vignette together with other fantastic photo editing tools to give a retro chic look to your photos.

  • Import and export tool
    It allows users to create their images in JPEG, PDF, GIF and PNG format. In addition, it allows users import photo and image files in various formats. In addition, it allows users to share their edited photos through available social media plugins such as Facebook and Twitter. It created photos can also be saved and uploaded to your blog at

  • Frame tool
    What is the importance of a frame to your photos? Probably, frames help in highlighting a photo. It offers plenty of photo frames ranging from simple, silly or round designs. Just drag and drop your snapshot and another from its frame library and your photo will be cropped and scaled to a size that fits in the frame. In addition, it can add a film strip-like look to your designed image.

  • Vignette Tool
    Vignette tool is more important if you want to add a blurry look at the edges of your photos. It also allows you to create the old film photo looks. Phixr photo vignette tool can help in giving your snapshot a great melancholy tone. It also helps in giving that old gray vignette look.

  • Special effect feature tool.
    Just like the color and camera lens effect, the special effect feature tool allows users to preset their photos by fine-tuning it. The user can slide the opacity slider to increase the beauty of the photo. The special effect feature should be used in hand with the camera lens and color filter tools.

  • Photo merger tool.
    It is easy to merge or join more than two photos into a single photo. Photo merger tool helps you to give your photos a fun and professional look.

  • Add border tool
    Add border tool works in the same way the frame tool works. It helps the user decorate their designed photos by adding beautiful and fun borders. There are arrays of borders you can choose from in the add border tool.

  • Opacity and transparency tool.
    Transparency tool allows you to give your photos an opacity element. It also adds a colored background in your designed photos. In addition, it can combine other design features like blur and filter with transparency to enhance appearance, shape and new looks. It is advisable to use a combination of image transparency and filter tool together with the texture tool to get good-looking results

  • Blur effect tool.
    Phixr photo blur tool helps in adding a softening artistry look at your photos. Photo blur tool adds a little photo booth and fantasy to images. In addition, the blur tool can be used to a photo sharpener tool when it is dragged on the opposite side. The photo sharpener tool helps in correcting and adding a clear definition to unfocused images.

  • Cropping tool.
    It offers you with modern, digital and master photo cropping tool. Its image cropping tool can scale, relocate and crop your photos with simple and few steps. In addition, it helps to fit any image in a frame or grid. Images that are more than 1440 pixels by 1080 pixels are automatically shrunk and cropped to be used.

Phixr offers the best Photoshop services. You can use it to bring professionalism and fun in your family, college, office or trip snapshots. Creating and designing a good image is a key tool in engaging and sending a message to your audience and fans. You can choose from the available features like a merger, filters, memes, transparency, and cropping among other tools to enhance your photo looks. Unlike other Photoshop tools, it is simple and easy to use. The users can sign up with this photo editing tool regardless of their Photoshop skills. In addition, it is free. Users can choose to create an account or login in as guests at

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