Movie Editing Basics: Additional Resources

///Movie Editing Basics: Additional Resources

Hail video editors! On our journey to learn video editing, we have already tackled the fundamentals of editing using Pro video editing software. You must have learned a lot from it, and if you want to learn more, we are here with few additional resources which will aid you in understanding the concept in depth. So take this as a treat and don’t forget to say Thank you! *wink*

Pro Movie Editing Software

In our previous lessons, we worked with Adobe Premier CS5 and Final Cut Pro, but there is other video editing software as well which are much professional and efficient. You can check out these options for video editing if Premier and Final Cut is not your thing:


Lightworks is one of the finest video editing software which is used in editing some of the top movies of the history of cinema such as Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, Heat, Hugo and much more. This video editor has some incredible features and tools with an intuitive interface to make achieving brilliant results easy. The most remarkable part of Lightworks is that it is free to use.

Avid Studio

Avid Studio is leading video editing software that provides a streamlined workflow and cutting-edge tools you require to make the best use of your creativity. It is a step up for advanced and enthusiastic video editors who want to touch the limits in video editing. It is easy for beginners yet contains the depth pro needs to experiment and grow.

movie editing software

Avid Media Composer

Media Composer is one trusted device for video editors pro. We won’t recommend it for pros as it is geared towards them and it would be a serious challenge for beginners. This tool is highly embraced by top film and television editors.

Sony Vegas

It is a complete creative tool that delivers optimal end results in all fields. It covers all professional requirements and contains tons of video and audio effects plus filters. However, it is complicated for beginners.

Video Editing Learning Platforms

Those who want to take a deeper plunge in video editing techniques on other platforms we bring you some places for this:

This platform will cost you money however it is doing an outstanding job for learners. We would recommend you to set aside a particular time for learning video editing and get hold of the monthly plan. Thus acquire benefit from loads of training at only one month’s cost.


They also sell loads of training, but most importantly they have an excellent free forum for asking questions and discovering new stuff.

DMN Final Cut Pro Channel

From the makers of Final Cut Pro, this channel is a great place for beginners.

Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group

Make most of learning video editing from this amazing platform.

Creative Cow

It is an outstanding support community for media pros.

Video Copilot

This platform is for video editors who want to take a deep dive into effects and motion graphics.

Pro Video Coalition

It brings together best video experts and writers of the film industry in one platform.

End Note

We brought you a list of some outstanding video editors and amazing video editing learning platforms. Get benefit from this information and stick with us for more editing lessons.


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