Magix Movie Edit Pro Review – New Features Overview

///Magix Movie Edit Pro Review – New Features Overview

Magix Movie Edit Pro is the closest professional-level video editor that a consumer-level program can get. Whether you are a casual user or a veteran, you will find all the necessary advanced video editing tools in this software that professionals use to make TV shows and movies. No matter what skill set you possess, with Movie Edit Pro you can easily churn out stylish videos.

Magix has announced its 2018 new version of Movie Edit Pro, Movie Edit Pro Plus and Movie Edit Pro Premium.

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The new version improved the latest 360-degree video editing which is getting increasingly popular as a home video format. In the latest versions you will find direct import from the cloud, 200 Multimedia tracking, Smooth-flowing preview and more soundtrack music. Addition of beat-based editing, 5X faster processing of video footage is a solid upgrade in Movie Edit Pro products.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 30-Day Free Trial

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Version Features


  • 2 Editing modes: Storyboard or detailed timeline
  • Best performance: 64-bit for fast processing
  • Design freedom: 32 multimedia tracks
  • Brilliant image: Full 4K/HD support
  • Automatic Wizards: For video, image & audio editing
  • Creative expression: Special effects, menus, intros & outros
  • Share: Upload video directly online to Vimeo
  • Edit on the go: Download the Movie Edit Touch app


  • Highlights: Shot match and comprehensive 360°editing
  • Intuitive interface: For editing precision
  • Top performance: 64-bit for working faster
  • Ultimate freedom: 99 multimedia tracks
  • 4K proxy editing for smooth video editing 
  • Lights, camera, action! Automatic video editing to match the beat of the music
  • Love of detail: Special effects, dissolves, intros/outros, menus, etc.
  • Share projects: Upload videos directly to Vimeo


  • Highlights: Vasco da Gama 9 Essential & NewBlue Titler Pro Express
  • Intuitive interface: For editing precision
  • Top performance: 64-bit for faster processing
  • Ultimate freedom: 99 multimedia tracks
  • Lights, camera, action! Automatic video editing to match the beat of the music 
  • Attention to detail: Special effects, dissolves, intros/outros, menus, etc.
  • Share projects: Upload videos directly online to Vimeo


  • Automatic video editing to match the beat of the music
  • 4K export, image stabilization (proDAD Mercalli V2) & distortion correction
  • Dynamic templates with music to fit every mood
  • Create your own templates with your favorite tracks
  • Remove noise for perfect sound
  • Apply fantastic effects & filters to stand out from the crowd
  • Also edit videos manually
  • Display videos on your TV, mobile device or online


  • Compatible with all standard camcorders, digital cameras & smartphones
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Helpful wizards for Connection and Introduction
  • Variety of stylishly animated menu templates
  • Cinematic transitions and video effects
  • High-quality intro and outro animations
  • Export to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube and as files


  • Professional format support (ProRes, AVC-Intra etc.) 
  • Scalable proxy editing for smooth editing of 4K videos
  • Primary and secondary 3-way color correction
  • Multicam editing on up to nine tracks simultaneously
  • Comprehensive action cam support
  • Surround sound editing in broadcast quality
  • Hardware-based decoding for HD and UHD (H.264, H.265)
  • NewBlue Looks: Top quality color filters for unforgettable films

The Good and The Bad

The Good: 

  • New dark interface

  • Support for 360-degree and 4K video file

  • Any type of media can be added to timeline edit tracks

  • Large number of video effects

  • Strong and improved motion tracking and titling tools.

  • Multi-cam support

  • New effect templates

  • Strong audio editing tools

  • Over 100 templates for disc authoring

  • New hardware acceleration module

The Bad: 

  • Downloading and installing effects library takes time

  • Tutorials explaining difficult procedures are not much helpful

  • Lack of organization and import tools

  • Slow project rendering as compared to other quality video editors

Magix Movie Edit

Magix has done an admirable job at improving the rendering speed in the latest version of Movie Edit Pro that was previously a major shortcoming of the software. You will also find native 64-bit support which means this video-editing program is now able to edit memory-intensive digital video projects that demand more than 4GB of memory space. Comparing with other professional video editing software we found that the new hardware acceleration introduced in this application has given it much required processing speed.

Magix Movie Edit Pro Features

Let’s start with what’s new.

In the new pricing updates for the entire year are included, i.e. whether there’s a minor update or a major overhaul your Movie Edit Pro will be updated for free for the entire year.

Mercalli Image Stabilization

Movie Edit Pro already had a video stabilization module that was pretty good, but there was a limitation on what you can do with it. Like every other professional video editing software maker out there, Magix has dropped its own in-house stabilizer for more advanced and highly efficient Mercalli V2 dedicated video stabilization module in its application.

Now you get pro like video stabilization for editing those shaky videos you usually record using handheld devices.

Open FX Support

This feature allows you to add any open source third party plugins to the software. It gives you immense power to simply import and use free and paid plugins designed for high level video effects and editing.

360° Editing

Support for 360-degree video editing was present in Movie Edit Pro last year as well, but it only offered freedom to import a 360-degree and edit it in 2D aspect. But now in the updated version you can import, edit and output a 360-degree video using the software.

Perfect Shot Match

With Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus and Premium versions you get a new Perfect Shot Module that enables you to match and create a video from footage of the same event acquired from different sources and devices. The problem with such shots is that there is a difference in color saturation, white balances, temperature and hues that need to be synced and edited, but using color tools for the job is like hitting your head with a brick.

Fortunately, this tool gets you close to a perfectly matched set of shots without any sweat.

Travel Route Animation

On social media these days, where we went on a trip kind of videos are very popular. With Movie Edit Pro’s Travel Route Animation tool you can create such videos with ease. In premium version of the software you get the Vasco da Gama 9 travel route animation module complete with a GPS database of approximately 80,000 animated cities, towns and villages. You can create travel route videos using this tool in resolutions as high as 4K. Here’s a video tutorial to use this tool:

Basic Editing Tools

Timeline is the fundamental component of any video editing software and in Movie Edit Pro we found it to be different from most other popular applications. With other video editing software you will find dedicated editing tracks from different types of media-audio, video and text. Magix has greatly increased the flexibility of their software by adding 99 tracks that you can edit any type of media. It makes it a lot simpler to manage the workflow when creating complex projects. Simplicity is maintained for novice and casual users, as Movie Edit Pro also has a storyboard editing mode. This mode makes editing for beginner users a lot easier as they can see every element of their project separately. You can add your elements in a broad-strokes fashion in storyboard editing mode.

Proxy editing is a feature in this video editing software that saves you a lot of time. This feature creates a lower resolution file of your footage to work with and once you are done with editing it exports from the original files. You don’t have to waste time waiting for high resolution original files to render into the editing space before you start your project.

The problem we faced with this software is that the effects, transition and other element libraries need to be downloaded immediately once you have installed Magix Movie Edit Pro. It takes time and you will need an internet connection with decent speed to install the complete effects library.

Advanced Editing Tools

Audio is an important component of any video editing tool. Movie Edit Pro comes with an audio mixer tool that you can use to fine tune your audio files in addition to other effects and enhancements. Audio mixer is a somewhat complicated feature and you will need to invest some time in learning it from the tutorials.

Multi-cam tool is another highly advanced feature that allows you to edit a footage that is taken from several sources. In Movie Edit Pro, you can sync the footage using this feature and switch between different angles in real time. Ability to switch between angles saves you a lot of time as you can edit all the video at once as they are synchronized. Here’s a video explaining the concept of multi-cam in this application:

Support for 4K and 360-degree video editing is another advanced feature of this video editor. Now you can import a 360-degree video and edit it, then have an output in 360-degree aspect that too using a consumer-level software when only professional software is found to have this feature.

You will find every advanced tool expected in a professional-level video editor in Movie Edit Pro-Masking tools, chroma key tool, video stabilizers, 3D editing, audio mixing and more. You can learn how to use the advanced tools within the application itself or through online tutorials on Magix’s website.

The output of the finished project can be obtained in eight most popular video formats- (DV-) AVI, M (2) TS, MJPEG, MKV, MOV, MXV, VOB and WMV (HD). You can present your audience with polished and stylish finished video on most common platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo directly. Additionally, you can also optimize the finished videos for iOS and Android.

Why Magix Movie Edit Pro?

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a consumer-level video editor that is closest to a professional-level applications. It is a great program with a modern and easy to use interface that enables you to add professional tint to your videos in minutes. With advanced features like support for ultra-high definition 4K content editing and cloud based resources, there’s no doubt Movie Edit Pro is worth the price. Magix has expanded the usefulness of the software with the addition of Movie Edit Touch App for Windows 10 and Android in the software. Don’t be in a hurry to choose the most well-known brand video editor as Magix Movie Edit Pro offers you relatively same suite advanced video editing tools without burning a hole in your pocket.


Magix Movie Edit Pro really captures the essence: video editing for the average person. Video editors of any skill level can use this software. As a first time user, you may require to invest time in learning its tits and bits but its well worth it. A balanced combination of innovation and new features make this consumer-level application a professional-level tool for both novice and advanced video editors. Although the rendering speed of the software is not as excellent as we expect from a pro video editing application, but the new hardware acceleration makes up for this flaw in the application. Loaded with excellent features and functions like multi-cam editing and support for 4K and 360-degree videos, Movie Edit Pro is no doubt one of the best video editing software that is stable and usable.

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