LunaPic Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///LunaPic Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Advantages and Disadvantages of LunaPic


  • Designed for novice photography editing personals as it provides the ease of use.

  • The experts can also take advantage from this photo editor as it provides quick transformation of images.

  • Users do not have to download it. All they need is uploading the image, browsing features and effects available in the editor and applying changes to the image.

  • The ease of the usability attracts many users and allows them to animate online social accounts like Facebook.

  • Users enjoy and have fun by editing family photos and projects of holidays, fun events and kids.

  • It is an excellent tool that possesses a lot of potential and the best part is it is free!

  • It is bug-free and does not have limitations.

  • You get the artistic flare and desired result without applying too many editing tools.

  • The built-in feature allows you to upload an image on social websites like Picasa, Twitter, and Facebook right after editing the image.


  • The ads surrounding the interface can be confusing for newbies.

  • This photo editor lacks intuitive and insightful layering system.

  • The finished images are unable to get saved at the sizes optimized for internet use.

LunaPic Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

The Internet is cramped with photo editing software. Some are free, some require a fee, some produce bad quality, and then there are some which are free but produce high-quality results. Photoshop is the top choice of most photo editors, but it can turn out to be complicated for some people. The customers want to have software that is easy to use and comes with great results. If you require accomplishing a simple job and wish to add few effects, then LunaPic is the right photo editor that you are looking for. It transforms the photos in no time and makes banners plus animated GIFS professionally. LunaPic is a free online software program that comes with impressive features. It is one of the best online photo editors in the market.

Brief Introduction of LunaPic

LunaPic is free online software that wins so many hearts. You can edit images and photos, apply effects and filters, add text, edit movies, add GIF, paste images, and generate a new element of images with a wide range of draw tools. The effects can be applied by a simple click of the button, but the experts can add advanced effects with the help of additional options and settings available.

This application allows user to upload up to 10 images at one time. You do not have to upload the image in the app every time, simply grab the image directly by using website address where it can be found. The image having the size of 1400X2100 is the maximum size limit of this software. In case the image is larger than this size then the software will adjust the pixels automatically for you.

Features of LunaPic

There is so much to explore in this photo editor that it can turn out to be a bit intimidating. The biggest hit is the interface. The organization plus a large amount of stuff which is difficult to grasp at first and the editor frame including all those ads makes things much confusing. Luckily, LunaPic comes with a set of tutorials for helping the newbies and aiding them in finding the way around the site. Even experts can learn to get most out of this photo editor and produce some excellent images of their choice. Once you get familiar with the features and their positions in the interface you are able to do some amazing things with this photo editor.

Basic Features

LunaPic resembles MS paint in its interface. You are able to add text, paint, and draw and do so much other stuff with the picture you wish to edit. allows the users to create an account and save their work. You can easily insert animated effects and make changes with the help of the tools available in this photo editor. It is compatible with the websites like Photobucket, Flickr, and Facebook. It is not only designed to edit the photos but works with the videos as well. You can generate videos with the text and post it to your blog or else use it for editing home videos. The effects offered by LunaPic that mimic the potential of Photoshop enable you to convert your images into an artistic piece. In case you face some complications while using the editor, you are free to troubleshoot in LunaPic forums and refer to their tutorials present on their website. This amazing editor is compatible with almost every image format and gives you further options to save image files in different formats.

Key Features

LunaPic offers a variety of tools that help you to generate changes in your file. Some controls are cutting selection in the image, adding text, rotating, and cropping. The basic controls are placed on the right side of the screen while your image is displayed at the center. The size of the control icons is comparatively small and gives you a lot of room to work with your photo in a larger display.

Another great option is its ability to create memes. You can also create the pictures that benefit from some sort of caption. You can change the color of the border and text plus move the text position in different locations within the image. The Advanced Text option offers additional controls that are useful for animations, adding patterns and rotation.

Those who love to add some artistic flare to their image can use the gradient tool provided by LunaPic. This aspect offers the option that enables you to shift from lighter color to darker tone such as black across the picture surface. The gradient tool provides an overlay of the image being edited in low capacity. It means you are able to see through the image when it shifts between colors.

Top Features

Some of the top features:

  • Magic Wand Tool

  • Changes History

  • Animation Effects

  • Text

  • Effects

  • Drawing

  • Gradients

  • Blending

  • Multiple formats save options like SWF (flash), pdf, BMP, png, jpg, mpg, gif, and Avi.



If you want to start your journey of virtual design, then PicMonkey is the best tool to get started. The color and shapes are professionally located and organized while the interface is intuitive. You can develop awesome online visuals for any kind of business. The touches tool works like the blemish fixer. You are bombarded with loads of choices, and the options can be overwhelming.

Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr

This photo editor enables you to utilize photoshop’s basic tools into the browser. You can go creative online by only opening a web browser and getting your hands on the graphic design features. It provides you with mobile design solutions that are hard to find. You can do quick graphic fixtures conveniently through your mobile when you are on the go. It is easy to learn and convenient to use.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

This photo editor is a charming little software with comprehensive image sharing options. The PNG and JPEG file format are supported in this software so do the raw file format. It is very easy to use and is integrated with Adobe applications through Creative Cloud. It delivers a great image quality having a highly accessible and intuitive interface. Mobile image editing goes amazing with Photoshop Express Mobile.

End Note

Although LunaPic Photo editor does not have the ultimate artistic ability which the alternatives have yet it provides you with tools that you require to reshape a photo before uploading on the website. It can serve as an outstanding platform for generating memes for entertainment. The most attractive feature is the ability to share your photos on a wide range of locales. The tutorials are another great feature useful for the novice.

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