iPiccy Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///iPiccy Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Using online image editors has become a popular option amongst the computer users today. Less complexity, integration with social media platforms, ease of use, affordability and many other reasons make these web based image editors highly popular. Today, as a result of the demand for image editors, a large number of online tools are on offer to select from and due to the very reasons, it can be pretty challenging for anyone to opt for the most appropriate option. This review article is dedicated to analyzing the usability of iPiccy, which is a prime choice when it comes to online image editors.

Advantages and disadvantages of iPiccy

Here are some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages this online photo editor.


  • It has one of the easiest to use interfaces in the industry today

  • You don’t need to create a user account to start using it

  • Very convenient when switched to full-screen editing method

  • Pre-installed unique collage layouts for easy use

  • Multiple upload options to assure more productivity

  • Possibility of uploading several photos at a time

  • WYSIWYG work environment (real-time previews of the edits)

  • Comes with a combination of both advanced and basic tools

  • Convenient arrangement of tools for user-friendliness

  • Can save it to the computer or share on social media as per your need


  • When saving the edited file, the formats are limited to JPEG or PNG only

  • Direct sharing is limited to Facebook

  • You cannot resize individual images in collage layout

  • You can use preinstalled collage layouts only (no custom layouts)

iPiccy Review


Despite the availability of many software programs that are designed to edit images, online image editor programs has gained considerable popularity during the past period. The main intention of launching this software is to assure a very convenient editing experience. Although this service is completely free and possible to use it without even registering, it comes with lots of features and tools. Those who use this online tool can practically experience a great deal of sophistication.

It offers you the opportunity to perform various types of edits (ranging from advanced enhancements to pretty simple ones) to almost any image you would like. The developers of this online utility are generous enough to offer a large number of tools for the use of graphic enthusiasts of all types. With the use of these tools, you can perform many photo-related tasks including resizing, cropping, background removal, adjusting colors and even advanced tasks.

The edited images can either be saved on your computer or have it shared via Facebook. Although it allows you to share the image only via Facebook directly, you can share the edited photos on the other social media platforms as well after saving them on the computer.

Since this tool is offered completely free and the options are pretty user-friendly, even a novice user can make the maximum use of it without costing anything. During the past period, a large number of users have tried iPiccy and found it to be a very useful option.

Key Features of iPiccy

The most obvious reason for the popularity of this photo editing software is the loads of features it carries. It is stacked with a large number of basic and advanced features to facilitate users to develop beautiful, creative and innovative photos. However, it should be accepted that the performance of this image editor can be somewhat lesser than the PC-based software packages due to obvious reasons. Still, the features included in iPiccy is good enough to do wonders when put in the correct hands. Let’s have a look at the key features of this handy piece of image editor.

  • Rational organization of tools
    iPiccy consists of various tools as we already know. As a step forward to increase the productivity of this program, its tools are organized in a nice manner. The tools are categorized into five main sections, so you can search for the most appropriate tool for each task with less effort.

  • ‘One-click’ basic tools
    Although these tools are called ‘Basic’ they can make a huge difference to any image just with a single click. Tasks like rotating, sharpening, cropping, etc. are can be performed pretty easily using these basic tools.

  • Impressive enhancements
    By using the advanced tool set, you can do fine improvements to the image. For instance, if you need to clone a specific portion of an image, you can do it easily using the clone tool located in the advanced section. Apart from that, you can perform tasks like burn, level adjustments etc. with the help of advanced tools.

  • 800% Zoom
    By zooming up to 800% of the original view, you can pay attention to the finest details of the image. This feature is a key aspect that assures better image enhancements. For the convenience of the user, the zooming feature is integrated with the mouse wheel.

  • Variety of collage preset
    When creating collage designs, you will need attractive layouts. Thankfully, iPiccy got a large number of preset layouts to suit virtually any purpose. However, the individual boxes of the layouts cannot be modified. Each layout can be filled using drag and drop function; it makes designing easier even to a beginner level designer. Even the collage presets are grouped based on the type of the layout; more importantly, you can save these collage designs in HD mode with high resolution.

  • Attractive color settings and filters
    There are several preset color themes. This preset vary from black & white to advanced color balancing. Additionally, there are a couple of useful filters to facilitate better photo enhancements.

  • Special effects
    Like many sophisticated software programs used to edit photos, iPiccy comes with a variety of effects to add a high level of creativity to each and every picture. The effects included are varying from vintage to Matt. Apart from that, there are plenty of tools to facilitate different types of blending.

  • Other features
    If you prefer some fanciness to the photos you create, it allows you to do so with elements like text, images, and many other items to place over the images. Different types of borders, frames, and objects are available to use depending on the purpose. Overall, the features of this program are impressive.

iPiccy Review

What differentiates iPiccy from PC based software?

When it comes to PC based software, you will experience more stability, speed, and better overall functionality. However, such software is not cheap; a good image editing software will cost at least a couple of hundred bucks. Apart from that, if you are a novice, you will find it pretty difficult to get familiar with all the advanced features of the respective software. If your intention is to create some beautiful images probably to share with your friends through Facebook, purchasing a professional image editing software (like Adobe Photoshop) might be an expensive choice for you. This is when you should seek the assistance of an online tool such as iPiccy.

This is made simplifying the features of heavy software programs in order to make designing easy and affordable for everybody. Since most of the effects come in preset form, you will hardly face any difficulty when using it.

In a nutshell, here are the differences between the two options

  • It is affordable
    In comparison to professional graphic software, this online tool is highly affordable (as it is totally free). So, if you are looking for an affordable photo editing option, you should probably consider going for an online solution.

  • It is easy to use
    Most of the features we require while carrying out a common photo editing task come as preset effects. This program will eliminate the headache of navigating through complex menus.

  • You cannot use it if you don’t have an internet connection
    Since it is an online tool, you should always be connected to the internet when you use it. Therefore, the performance and the usability of the program heavily depend on the status of the internet connection. However, since most of the tasks carried out with such tools are completed within a short period, you don’t have to worry too much about maintaining a solid internet connection.


The choice between the online image editor and a PC based software depends on the type of the job you have to complete. If you have a serious job (for instance, designing a product package for a reputed brand), you will have to depend on a PC based software that gives you more options. However, if the job is more of entertainment-related one (for instance, sharing it on social media, design a collage design to publish online, add a frame to a picture, enhance your Facebook profile picture etc.), the best solution will be an online tool like iPiccy. It is convenient, affordable and lightweight; even a beginner can achieve better results with such handy option.

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