Fotoflexer Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///Fotoflexer Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

People use various types of image editors more than ever. Although early-stage image editors were designed as installable software only, as of today, there are many online alternatives for people to consider. Over the past couple of years, these online image editors have become highly sophisticated and they contain features that are powerful enough to compete with the installable software. This review article is written to analyze the features and characteristics of Fotoflexer – one of the best and popular online image editors available today.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fotoflexer

First, let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of Fotoflexer to give you a general idea about it.

Advantages of Fotoflexer

  • Very user-friendly interface to work

  • You can continue to edit images and save them without creating an account

  • All the tools are offered for free

  • You can work on full-screen mode to edit photos with more convenience and freedom

  • Integrated with social media for easy file sharing

  • Good speed

  • Supports all the browsers

  • Can save either as JPEG or PNG to support different purposes


  • Slightly difficult to work with regular screen size

  • Some tools may not work that smoothly

  • Cannot print directly; you have to save the file to the computer before printing it

Fotoflexer Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Despite the slight disadvantages associated, it is a highly useful tool for those who want to enhance different types of images. The developers take all the measures to add timely updates to this image editor; currently there are several Beta Version tools appear in this software.

Introduction to Fotoflexer

Of all the online image editors you can find, Fotoflexer is considered to be one of the best choices. It was first launched about 10 years ago (in 2007), as an alternative to the conventional image editing software. Ever since its introduction, this particular image editor has served a countless number of users across the globe.

It can be used to perform various image editing tasks ranging from very simple enhancements to more complex photo fixing jobs successfully. Adding various effects (even the animations), layering, cropping, decorating and many other tasks are made simple with this highly user-friendly tool.

It is perfectly integrated with all the leading social media networks such as Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Picasa, PhotoBucket etc. By registering as a user, you can share the edited photos directly to those social media platforms with a couple of clicks.

Apart from enhancing photos to share in social media, this tool makes it possible for you to save the enhanced images to your computer and print them whenever you need them. It is developed to support all the leading web browsers we use today and therefore users across the globe find this tool to be a very useful one in terms of image editing.

More importantly, it is a free image editor; you can create a free account and use all the tools for free. Although it may have some limitations compared to highly sophisticated software such as Photoshop, Fotoflexer does a great job as a free online photo editor.

Key Features of Fotoflexer

For a software to become popular among the users (be it an online or PC based software), it should have both advanced and basic features perform tasks easier. Thankfully, this online image editor comes with a variety of features to address both basic and advanced requirements. Despite the minor limitations compared to professional photo editing packages, this online image editor can be of use in various ways for you. In this section, let’s discuss the basic and key features now.

  • Variety of editing tools
    One of the most important features associated with this online image editor is the availability of various tool. It comes with many tools to distort, crop, flip, beautify, rotate, adjust contrast, and resize any picture. Apart from that, it has a very handy Auto Fix button and a red eye removal function to achieve basic enhancement tasks with a couple of clicks.

  • Large number of effects
    To meet the expectations of any users, this online image editor offers you several features to add effects to the images. Effects like color splash, comic effect, sepia, cartoon, blurring and several other effects are available just with a couple of clicks for the delight of users. In fact, these features can save loads of times; no complex paths should be followed. In fact, all these effects become highly useful particularly when it comes to social media sharing.

  • Text and stickers
    When it comes to social media sharing, you get to use text and stickers constantly. Thoughtful developers of this software have included useful options like filling colors, drawing doodles, inserting stickers (which are provided), adding borders etc. to this web based software. Additionally, it consists of several options to add animated elements to the images. All these additions can support your image editing process remarkably.

  • Photo enhancement
    One of the popular tools integrated into this image editor is Beautify tool. With a couple of clicks, you can give gorgeous enhancements to any image; it can eliminate wrinkles and stains off the faces pretty effectively and give a replenished appearance. It also has a smart recoloring option; you can use this tool to select and change the color of a certain portion of an image. If you wish to enhance your image with tweaks such as stretching, bulging, pinching, twirling etc., there are very handy tools for you.

  • Other features
    Making this online image editor a more versatile one, developers have powered it with several other features to make further enhancements such as adding layers, changing opacity, converting into posters etc. Uploading images to this image editor can be done using many sources; depending on your necessity, you can use the images stored on your PC or take a new snap using your web cam. Tasks like background removal are also possible with this software because of the advanced tool included.

Fotoflexer Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

The differences between Fotoflexer and computer based photo editors

Practically, there are obvious limitations when you use a web based (online) solution over a highly sophisticated installable software. However, this online tool can be very useful for computer users in various occasions instead of using a computer based software.

  • It is affordable
    This image editor is a completely free alternative to expensive photo editors. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable option to get your simple image editing work done without costing a fortune, this is the best option to consider. No licensing, no monthly fee or no upgrade fee required when you use this online tool.

  • It is easy to use
    All the tools are easy to use and more importantly, you don’t have to install anything; your hard disk space will be free for other tasks.

  • You always require an internet connection
    As you are aware, this is an online image editor that works only when the internet connection is present. However, an internet connection is not a rare thing these days, so nearly everyone can use this image editor. Still, you have to remember that the performance of the software might depend on the stability and the speed of the connection.

There is a large variety of online image editors available today. Of all the available option, Fotoflexer stays as a highly prominent option due to various reasons. Characteristics such as; an excellent user interface, availability of a large number of tools and features, free-to-use and perfect social media integration help this image editor to gain a good reputation. Over the past couple of years, developers of this online platform have added various features for the convenience of the users. Since it is a browser-based tool, you can use this software using any PC without installing it; all you need is a good internet connection and a web browser to make the most of it. Even if you are a novice to photo editing, this tool will make it possible for you.


To be honest, online image editors are less efficient compared to the computer based (installable) software packages that contain loads of features and tools together with solid performance. However, an online tool like Fotoflexer is still a very handy image editor to consider in achieving some photo editing and image enhancing tasks. The main benefit you would experience when using such tool is the affordability. You don’t have to spend a fortune on paid software if you use this free tool.

If your expectation is to enhance a photo for purposes like social media sharing or similar, using a free, online tool is fine. Practically, you don’t need to spend money on an expensive software if your tasks can be fulfilled with a free tool. So, at the bottom-line, it is possible to say that Fotoflexer is an impressive photo editing solution for those who are looking to make enhancements, particularly to their portraits. Since it is free of charge, it is totally worth giving a try.

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