Corel VideoStudio Pro review

///Corel VideoStudio Pro review

VideoStudio Pro X10
Video Editing Software

VideoStudio Ultimate X10
Video&Movie Editing Software

  • NEW Layer effects for unique results
  • NEW Play with speed and reverse clips
  • NEW 360° video controls
  • ENHANCED support for the latest formats & technologies
  • NEW Apply effects to selected areas with masks—only in Ultimate
  • NEW Layer effects for unique results
  • NEW Play with speed and reverse clips
  • NEW 360° video controls
  • Everything in Pro, PLUS 14 premium effect packs, including 3 NEW collections

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a veteran software that movie makers love for being closest professional level video editing tool alternative. Digital movie makers who serve online audience will find this software top notch. Corel as a brand has been a mainstay of the video editors for more than two decades. Over the years, VideoStudio has evolved according to the changing needs of consumers. In the latest version of Corel VideoStudio Pro you will find a large number of libraries for transitions, effects and titles. Whatever your video editing needs may be, there’s a good chance that VideoStudio already has a video template that you will find a good fit. If not, then use FastFlick, the automatic video creator that comes bundled in VideoStudio to make compelling and stylish videos for family and friends on the go. We found all the latest video editing tools- chroma key, multi-cam module, 360-degree video editing, etc.-in Corel VideoStudio Pro.

Corel has done a great job at improving the flaws of earlier versions of VideoStudio and has come up with a truly bug free and efficient & powerful VideoStudio Pro.

Corel VideoStudio Pro review

The Good And The Bad of Corel VideoStudio Pro

The good: 

  • Loads of creative tools to select from

  • Simple and clutter free interface

  • Support for 3D and 4K Ultra HD media

  • 64-bit performance

  • HTML5 video creation feature

  • Mask-creation, time re-mapping and track transparency features

  • Motion tracking feature allows editors to add creative texts and effects that follow a moving object

The bad:

  • Limited overlay tracks

  • Slower rendering as compared to its competitors

  • No search feature for media or effects

  • Limited 360-degree video editing

Corel VideoStudio Pro Features

Basic Video Editing Tools

VideoStudio Pro supports two editing modes-Timeline and Storyboard. If you like the traditional method of editing videos to make movies and shows, then timeline editing mode is best suited for you. If you are a novice or casual video editor new to video editing, the storyboard video editing mode is best for you as you will find it easier to navigate through various clips. Due to easy-to-use interface of VideoStudio Pro you can easily switch between timeline and storyboard modes.

As an experienced video editor you will find it very limiting to use VideoStudio Pro as it offers only one main video editing track. This is a problem if you are using video clips from multiple sources, otherwise you will adore its near professional set of video editing tools. Corel has added 20 overlay or picture-in-picture templates in this software. Mostly your video editing needs will be met with these templates, but we would be glad if Corel adds more templates to VideoStudio Pro to offer more versatility.

Large number of effects, transition and title libraries bundled in VideoStudio Pro enable you to swiftly transform any amateur clip into a finely polished professional video. With more than 1,500 objects and enhancements in its libraries, VideoStudio Pro will leave no scope for your creativity to run out of tools. We found it is really easy to create fantastic videos for friends and family using these basic tools. The text tool in VideoStudio is highly versatile. You can choose from 34 preformatted animations for titles and subtitles. You can even create your own style and save it as a preset. Customization of titles and subtitles by size, font, rotation, duration and more is easy.

For new users who are not familiar with video editing can start with Instant Project, which presents them with a variety of preprogrammed themes and templates they can use. Editors can add clips to these templates directly through drag and drop and render to have a polished video ready within minutes. VideoStudio Pro also comes with an automatic video creator called the FastFlick. This tool analyzes your footage and creates finished video for you that you can further fine tune using the full feature editor.

Time Remapping is improved now and you can speed up or slow down videos or portions of clips much easily because of enhanced interface with finer controls.

Advanced Tools

Corel has taken care of needs of experienced users, and equipped VideoStudio Pro with all the necessary tools. You name any advanced tool you expect in a professional video editing software, it will be present in VideoStudio Pro. It has powerful chroma-key tool and surround sound capabilities that enable you to create professional-level complex videos. This software also supports the popular ultra HD 4K video editing, which is a must these days as home video innovation has no end. Also Corel will build support for future video formats to widen scope of this video editor.

Multi-cam tool is one of the advanced features that experienced users will find highly intuitive. This tool allows you edit video of the same event taken from multiple angles and sources by syncing them up and enabling easily effect addition and editing. With a click you can import video into the multi-cam module and easily switch between angles in real time that makes fine tuning the finished video simple process.

Another advanced feature is the motion tracking tool. Using this tool, you can edit the moving objects in your video and those edits stick with them as your video progresses. For instance, you can blur faces, objects like license plates and branded in the entire video easily. Frame-by-frame editing would be needed to get the same results as from motion tracking tool.

Mask Creator makes creating and manipulating masks a lot easier which is a needed feature in any video editor. With VideoStudio Pro you can create a mask and subsequently apply its effects into the video easily.

Group Objects feature makes it a lot easier to handle objects you add to your timeline. Using this feature you can select all objects in your timeline together and they act as a group. In simple words it means you can apply effects and filters to all objects or move them in one go. This saves a lot of time while editing videos.
Track Transparency feature gives you total control over the transparency of tracks included in your timeline. This tool allows you to control video fading in or out and create highly impressive time passing effects.

The only advanced tool that we missed in Corel VideoStudio Pro is a video stabilizer that most quality video editors have to smoothen unstable and shaky videos. Mostly casual editors make videos at home with handheld devices. These devices usually don’t have an inbuilt video stabilizing feature that results in shaky videos. You want a video editor that can edit such videos. Fortunately, you can upgrade VideoStudio Pro to Ultimate version to get this feature.

Corel VideoStudio Pro review

Export & Production

When you are done with the video editing part you will be amazed to see how many export and sharing options Corel VideoStudio Pro offers. You can easily burn your video to a DVD or Blu-ray disc in any of the formats including AVI, DIVX and MP4. VideoStudio Pro offers you the capability to directly share your creation on social sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr and more. If you aim at simply storing your video on your computer, then you can easily export it in all popular audio and video formats like DivX, MKV, WMV, AVCHD, MPEG-1/-2/-4, and QuickTime.

Why to Choose Corel VideoStudio Pro?

Corel VideoStudio Pro is one of the most feature packed video editing software available without any hefty price tag. With the latest 64-bit support the performance of VideoStudio Pro is beefed up. It is one of the few video editors that has evolved with the innovation in home video technology supporting 360-degree VR, 3D and 4K video editing. Corel has equipped this software with every tool you will need ranging from multi-cam editing & multi-point motion tracking to time-remapping & video masking. You can make any video look better these advanced editing features.

Customer Support

Corel offers you impressive technical and customer support. In case you face any problem while using your copy of VideoStudio you can refer to FAQs, tutorials and Corel’s learning center for answers. Yet if you are not able to find the solution you can use the online chat for instant help from a customer service representative. Corel’s quality customer care service is something that gives you the extra push to use its products. We tested their customer support service and it was top notch.


Corel VideoStudio Pro had nearly reached the professional level with the inclusion of 360-degree video editing tool, multi-cam editing and excellent motion tracking tool backed by a strong audio option. It tops our list of best video editors for casual movie makers and editors because of its performance and professional-level video editing capability. There are loads of capabilities that make VideoStudio Pro a powerful video editing application for Windows users. You can make stylish, great-looking videos without much effort with high level of control editing capabilities with this app and share them with your friends, family and online audience on all major social platforms.


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