Canva Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///Canva Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Are you a professional software designer? Many people who are not graphically inclined or professional always will always shrink from simple or complicated Photoshop programs. Unexpectedly, these programs end up taking up more time unwillingly. Professional designers look for a powerful tool but will try to take shortcuts as longer they achieve their design objectives. Therefore, if you are in need of making beautiful and professional website graphics, invitations, business cards, multiple page presentations, or even posters among others, Canva is a professional design tool you need to have.

Canva is an online tool used for graphic design. This online tool allows designers to choose among the many available design layouts. It also allows designers to create their professional design layout from scratch. You can choose from more than ten design templates available. In addition, you can use the background and layout tabs to view and get an idea of what you want your design to look like. The tab tools have many other options that help you to complete the template or build up a nice and beautiful background.


  • It offers great image/photo features that allow the user to customize. This allows its users to design unique and beautiful photos and web designs.

  • Unlike other design tools, it allows users to choose a preset dimension for their photo. The user drag and drops the photo in the customized dimension and it crops the photo for you.

  • Users can use their customized photos in many available designs.

  • It allows users to download their designed photos and images in PDF, PNG and JPG file formats.

  • In addition, it allows users to share their designs in different media sites.

  • It offers a simple, flexible and easy user interface.

  • The user has more control over the design.

  • Its users can choose from different font, bubble, texture and icon styles.

  • It is free to use. Users pay only $1 if they use their custom photos.

  • It has fewer options and constraints making the design cleaner and tighter.

  • The images load faster and look great.


  • Canva users are unable to redefine or change the dimensions of a design once they start working on the photo.

  • It is very hard to combine design content when exporting.

  • The slide-deck is only limited to a maximum of 15 photos.

  • Canva does not have enough templates for standard sizes like Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram or Facebook posts.

  • Sometimes, Canva gets slower when a user opens many design features and pages in a single window.

  • Canvas does not offer outputs for PowerPoint and Keynote formats.

  • Canva has few web and video animation features.

Canva Review

Features of Canva

As explained in my previous article, this photo editing software helps you create a beautiful design from scratch. Whether your design project is to create an amazing web mockup, media graphics or Photoshop – Canva offers great features you can rely on. Below are some of the features you can find on this photo editing software:

  • Photo straightener and rotate tool

    A photo straightener feature helps you to keep photos in a line. Maybe you took or scanned your photo while tilting does not leave it hanging. This photo editing software has a ROTATE tool that helps to straighten any snapshot or photo.

    With the photo straightener tool, you do not have to spend time moving the photo. You just relax and watch live as the tool effect your design. The only thing you have to do is to ensure your photo is lined up.

  • Image Cropper.

    Are you bored with the old cropping tools such as scissors, matting and framing tools? This photo editing software offers you with modern, digital and master photo cropping tool. This image cropping tool can scale, relocate and crop your photos with simple and few steps. In addition, it helps to fit any image in a frame or grid.

  • Speech bubble maker tool.

    Speech bubble maker helps you to give your photo design a voice in a bubble format. It helps in giving a comic and beautiful adventure to your images. This photo editing software has plenty of speech colors, bubbles, and balloons you can use. It helps in showing what you are thinking; you were saying or display a comic strip.

  • Photo vignette tool.

    Photo vignette tool allows you to create the old film photo looks. This photo vignette tool can help in giving your snapshot a great melancholy tone. It also helps in giving that old grey vignette look. It helps in enhancing a center attention to your photos. It is recommended that you use photo vignette together with other fantastic photo editing tools to give a retro chic look to your photos.

  • Photo blur tool

    Did you know that a photo would look well when the edges look more softened? This photo blur tool helps in adding a softening artistry look at your photos. Photo blur tool adds a little photobooth and fantasy to images. In addition, the blur tool can be used to a photo sharpener tool when it is dragged on the opposite side. The photo sharpener tool helps in correcting and adding a clear definition to unfocused images.

  • Photo Enhancer tool.

    This photo editing software helps you make your photos brighter and shiny. Do you hate it when you take washed out and dull photos? Apart from giving a brighter look, photo enhancer tool helps in increasing the saturation. It also enhances contrast to make your snapshot look less murky and less dark.

    In addition, the enhancer tool helps you to compare your new enhanced photo with the original one. Through this, you can enhance and reedit until you are satisfied.

  • Icon Tool

    There are tens of icon available at that can be used to complement and enhance your design. These tools include a library of vector images, stock photos, and graphics. These eye-catching symbols and icons help in giving your images a trendy and beautiful look.

  • Web wireframe feature

    Web wireframe helps in giving your website good functionality and easy user interface. This photo editing software offers plenty of interface, sidebars, and widget that is easy to drag into simple shapes. It also helps to build repeatedly a web wireframe until it becomes more functional. In addition, this photo editing software will continue to design your web wireframe to enhance its user interface.

  • Badges feature

    This photo editing software can help you build a better and great badge you can use when networking or attending a meet-to-greet meeting or conference. It allows you to design a badge with a good impression of name tag or dapper.

    The Badge feature ultimately develops a badge that is easy to adjust with beautiful typography. You can also customize it with your company logo, colors or identity information.

  • Image texture enhances tool.

    Sometimes, a flat color does not enhance beauty in a photo. You can enhance your design with a textured background. Image texture enhance tool adds fantasy and fabric pattern and design making it look an outstandingly real-world image. It is advisable to use a combination of image transparency and filter tool together with the texture tool to get good-looking results.

  • Stickers

    Just like the bubble tool, adding a sticker to your photo helps in giving a comic and beautiful adventure to your images. There are thousands of cherry stamps and slogans available. Add a sticker to your friend and lover’s photo to let them know that you are thinking about them. You can also add sticker phrases and memes to your college or tour photos. Visit the software to see a full list of fun-filled stickers.

  • Photo frame

    What is the importance of a frame to your photos? Probably, frames help in highlighting a photo. This photo editing software offers plenty of photo frames ranging from simple, silly or round designs. Just drag and drop your snapshot and another from Canva frame library and your photo will be cropped and scaled to a size that fits in the frame.

  • Grids

    Design grids are important in giving your photo an inspirational layout. This photo editing software has plenty of design grids with the ability to divide your photo into halves, quarters and eighth among other complex grid divisions. You can also fill a different photo or color to each grid. After you have dragged your photo into the grid, it will carry out cropping for you.

  • Transparency tool

    Transparency tool allows you to give your photos an opacity element. The user has to drag and drop the photo and click on the slider to adjust the transparency. This photo editing software also adds a colored background in your designed photos. In addition, it can combine other design features like blur and filter with transparency to enhance appearance, shape and new looks. It is advisable to use a combination of image transparency and filter tool together with the texture tool to get good-looking results.

Creating great image content is a key tool in engaging your audience. This photo editing software allows users to create great content more easily and quickly even if they have little or no design skills. You can use the online templates or customized designs. A user only pay a fee of $1 per any customized design page they create.

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