Best Windows Video Editing Software

///Best Windows Video Editing Software
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The days are gone when to create a short film or documentary was the work of the technical experts, as well as a person, must be a professional to deal with the video editing along with the related responsibilities. Nowadays, though, after the dawn of all these innovative technologies along with their everyday applications, editing video has to turn out to be an easy job, if a person knows that which video editor he should use. Here is the list of top video editing software for Windows.

 Filmora Video Editor:

Filmora is the new video editing software for Windows that is entirely compatible with the Windows 10 as well. This video editor supports all types of videos, photos, audio files along with video recording the computer screen as well. This video editing software offers all the editing tools that a user wants to do the necessary editing such as merging, cropping, trimming, splitting, adding special effects including mosaic, face-off, picture-in-picture, green screen, overlays and filters along with all types of transitions, motion effects and titles.


This video editor is an open-source program and is safe to use with the Windows operating system. The user-friendly GUI makes it trouble-free to use along with helping the users to execute editing operations such as cropping sidebars, adding and deleting files, rotating videos and re-ordering the video parts. It is an all-in-one software that could convert the videos as well despite editing them.

Pinnacle VideoSpin:

Pinnacle VideoSpin’s design points out to intuitive video editing software that the user could trust in for to edit the videos professionally. It provides ease for the ones who are new to the video editing as well as for the professionals. Prominent features of Pinnacle Video Spin includes deleting the unnecessary scene from a video, making picture slideshows, video effects, 2D transitions and adding text overlays or audio to a video.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio:

Sony Vegas video editing software has complete support for Windows platform. This video editor will be the perfect choice to come up with the eye-catching videos at very least of the effort as well as the resources. If anyone is passionate regarding video editing, then this video editing software must be the software that one must go for. A video editor by Sony Vegas Movie Studio is a complete solution for the video editing and thanks to the exclusive features that include video stabilization, real-time effects, texts along with a simple interface.

Windows Movie Maker:

Anyone who gets the free edition of Windows Movie Maker will be lucky. With no price incurred, a person might be not able to use some of the essential features that you are in search of. However, that shouldn’t be an obstacle as Windows Movie Maker has the features to make the video editor at ease by including the basic video editing tools for speeding up and slowing down the video, trim, split as well as adding transitions and effects.

These video editing software cater to the users of all the skill levels. Even the experts use some of these video editors. Depending on the consumer requirements, one might choose one of the above-listed video editing software.


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