Top Best Video Editing Software – Ultimate Guide for Video Editors

///Top Best Video Editing Software – Ultimate Guide for Video Editors

Whether you are a part-time user or a professional video editor, you definitely need an effective video editing software that’s powerful but easy to use. Here are some points you might be likely to consider:

The Most Powerful, Effective, Creative Video Editing Software

  • Flexible editing – With effective tools to create wonderful movies.

  • Image quality improvement.

  • Uniquely creative

  • Create photo slideshow

  • Easy to use

In our reviews, you can find the top Video Editing Software on the market.
(We did not include the Adobe and Apple in our review because they have been already widely known by people. We will put light on the other popular and effective Editing Software which might bring people unexpected experience.)

Magix Movie Edit Pro


COREL VideoStudio Pro X10


Vegas Movie Studio


Pinnacle Studio 20


Movavi Video Editor


Avs Video Editor


Intuitive controls and tons of great templates make Movie Edit Pro the ideal program for beginners creating their first video project.

  • Special Offer – 20 Dollars Discount!

  • 2 Editing modes: Storyboard or detailed timeline

  • Best performance: 64-bit for fast processing
  • Design freedom: 32 multimedia tracks
  • Brilliant image: Full 4K/HD support
  • Automatic Wizards: For video, image & audio editing
  • Creative expression: Special effects, menus, intros & outros
  • Special Offer – 30% off!

  • New Layer effects for unique results

  • New Play with speed and reverse clips

  • New 360° video controls

  • Enhanced support for the latest formats & technologies

  • Easy video editing

  • Improved, user-friendly interface

  • Video and audio effects

  • Support for High DPI monitors

  • Direct upload to Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook

  • Music Maker software

  • Edit Videos, Photos & Audios of All Formats

  • Modern & Easy to Use

  • Creative Features

  • Advanced Tools

  • New! Stop Motion Animation

  • Enhanced! Multi-camera editing

  • 1500+ effects, titles and templates

  • 6-track, HD editing

  • Edit, enhance videos

  • Add background music

  • Apply titles and effects

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By Charles Forest

A Video Editing Enthusiasts

vedio editor

A Realistic Comparison of Video Editing Software

Hello, editors! If you are among the newbies in video editing, then this article is particularly for you. You will most probably be confused due to a wide range of video editing software on the market. It is quite difficult at the start to know which video editor will suit your need or match your skill set. When I began my video editing career this huge number of video editors would make me confuse, and there was no one to guide me through that phase. A comparison of video editing software can solve lots of issues, so here I come with my comparison of video editors based on my experiments.

Initially, I cater my editing needs with basic software like Microsoft Movie Maker plus some other editors that were free. With the passage of time my confidence boosts up, and I advanced to some commercial video editors like Corel VideoStudio and Magix Video Pro X.

I will provide you a proper comparison of great video editing software so that you may utilize your creativity in a more effective way by generating high-quality productions.

Beginner Level

Beginner level calls for more basic software where you are more focused on learning the tool. One requires an editor with a simple interface and user-friendly tools at that time. If you have not worked on lots of video editing, then I would recommend you to go for cheap video editors such Magix Video Easy. It will make you familiar with video cutting, splitting, timeline and adding effects to video production.

After getting the basic knowledge, go for a good newbie video editor such as Movavi. Movavi is an amazing video editor that lets you edit, burn and upload videos quickly to YouTube. This software automates the major part of post –production procedure and you only have to import the video, choose a theme and rest is the work of this software. It saves a huge portion of your time especially when you need to export your hundreds of vacations videos, and your laziness does not let you perform editing in detail.

Intermediate Level

This level of video editing software has basic editing features as well as advanced tools for people who wish to make use of their creativity. I will recommend you Corel VideoStudio for this level which is a lot better than its competitors such as Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere Elements. The amazing templates set and insightful application interface makes it better than the rest.

Corel VideoStudio allows much functionality such as chroma key, audio manipulation, adding titles and transactions. You can also export video to YouTube effortlessly. I personally use this video editor when I have to edit selected videos quickly in a basic workflow also having scope for creativity.

Advanced Level

 video editing software

Some high-level software includes Adobe Premiere, Movie Edit Pro and Premium, and Vegas Pro. These are technical level video editing software that is overly expensive and consist of outstanding features. However, I do not recommend you to spend $1000 on advanced software when you did not have opted this profession full time. The hobbyist must go for intermediate level software and when they have done a lot of editing and have become a pro in this field only then utilizing the advanced software make sense.


If you are new to editing field, never buy any expensive software like Adobe Premier initially. Try simpler editors like Corel Video Studio or Magix and when you are ready, upgrade to advanced stuff. Understand the fundamental elements of video editing and apply these skills to your future video editor. Until then
Happy Editing!

 video editing software

Video Editing Software

Video editing software is the application program that tackles post production editing of the digital videos. This type of editing software has replaced the traditional flatbed celluloid editing tools and the analogue video tape to tape editing machines. If you are still not clear about what it is, in simpler terms, it is the process in which video images are manipulated. The video editing software can be easily used for recording videos but generally it is used in post production designs and editing of raw footage in the digital formats.

As video editing required costly machines known as the video editors, now video editing software are available easily for workstations and personal computers. A general video editing program includes tools for converting the file formats, join clips, cut some segments, re sequence the clips, adjust contract and brightness, crop or rotate footage, add transitions, add sound and special effects. To explain it in a better way, video editing refers to the process of taking video clip or various clips and then modify the original one to make a new media file. There are a lot of reasons to edit the video clips, the most general of which is to pare video to remove the unwanted parts. You may even need to put together a lot of clips in order to make a longer video.

Technical Terms You May Come Across

There are indeed many technical terms that you will come across when it comes to working with video editing software. Here we present some of the common ones for you:


SD is standard definition resolution while HD is high definition. SD ranges from 480 to 576 pixels and on the other hand, HD ranges from 720-1080 pixels.


It is the quality of video that is generally measured in terms of pixels displayed. In fact pixels are small dots which make up a picture in the video. More the pixels in a video, crisper and clearer is the image.

Aspect Ratio

It is the screen size where your video is set to get fitted in. it is written in form of ratio of width is to height, 16:9 being HD. 16:9 HD is shown in yellow color and 4:3 SD is shown in red color.


It is the process of making any video smaller. When it comes to compressing a video, you might lose some quality but at the same time, having a small file makes it simpler to save, send and upload the video files.

These are just a few common video editing software terminology you will come across when handling editing software programs. If you need professional video editing software, you surely need some training for the same. Gone are the cookie cutter effects now. If you have some knowledge about editing videos, there are some areas that will look familiar while some others will take time to get used to it. Professional editing program is just perfect for editors who make their living by producing videos. Production departments, wedding videographers, professional corporate videographers, film makers etc are some of the people who use best tools available in the market.

Top features of video editing software

Motion tracking

A great feature that has made its way into video editing software is that of motion tracking. It lets you to attach some effect or object to something that is moving in the video. You may use it to put blur on a face that you don’t want to have in the video. You can easily specify the target face and it is done. It is as simple as that. This is one of the main provinces of the special effects software like Adobe After Effects. In fact, Corel VideoStudio was the very first software to include the feature of motion tracking and you will be happy to know that it still leads when it comes to usability and depth of the motion tracking tool.

Multicam Editing

It lets you easily switch among different camera angles of same scene that is shot with various video cameras. Along with multicam editing feature, a lot of other advanced effects are easily available in software that is designed to be used by the non professional video editors.

4K support

Support for the 4K video content has now become very standard in the video editing software market. However this support varies among different products. For instance, some applications import Sony XAVC as well as XAVC-S formats that are used by the DSLRs, camcorders, mirror-less cameras as well as professional video cameras. Same is the case with H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding standard.

Benefits at a glance

There are a lot of benefits of using the video editing software but at the same time you need to ensure that you choose the best software to help your videos. The software that you choose should actually convert imported videos in several formats so that the portable devices and other media players can easily read and play the videos. Such software will also help you to edit videos without any hassle and at a fast speed.

When it comes to traditional movie editing, you need to cut and paste the movie together or you need to copy some selected video from one tape and then paste it on a different one. However with the help of a computer editing software, you can easily move video clips from one place to the other just by dragging icons diagonally.

Also, with the help of such software, you can readily develop as well as edit the videos anywhere you want. Video editing includes a number of strategies to know and follow but using simple software, you can edit videos easily. You can also customize videos as per your taste and requirement. You can choose the design and layout of the video using these software programs. You can further put all pictures together stored in the computer or laptop and make a sort of slideshow using the software. You can further enhance the video by having background music in the same.

 video editing software

How to Choose the Best Software?

The video editing software you choose will actually depend on the equipment you will be using, your overall budget and how serious you are about video editing. Fortunately, there are a lot of products to choose from but at the same time it becomes confusing to choose from a plethora of options available.

So, if you have great energy, creativity and imagination, you can easily make some amazing videos. Choose a nice video editor that can help you with editing, applying effects, providing text and saving video files. This way, you will be able to share your work with your friends, family and others and get their admiration. In the past few years, all major editing software companies have been fighting with each other about who can come up with best features to attract public attention. And the end result has been the fact that the average video editing software level has become totally feature rich but has become quite complicated too.

This means that you cannot keep on adding features without adding access to them through user interface and this result in some complexity. So the key to making the best choice is to know what exactly is software and what all features do you need. This way, you will be able to choose the best editing software for your needs.


Like every purchase, it is better if you have a clear idea as to how much you will be spending on the video editing software. There are different segments or levels i.e. free, beginners, intermediate and professional. So these 4 divisions delineate the price. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay. In the $50-70 range, you get basic editors that limit on output types and features offered.

The other range of $130-150 where there are fully equipped products that a consumer would like to have in the editing software. Next is the level with $400-$500 bracket that includes the semi pro products and features. And finally there are completely professional products which range more than $500 or so.
Well, with prices ranging from free to several thousands, it is crucial that you learn what all features are available and which features will improve your video production. You can have complete reviews and feedback of the different software available and then make an informed decision accordingly.

Editing Tracks

This is the number of tracks available while you are editing the video. Some have infinite tracks while others have limited. But to be real, you will need:

  • Main video track

  • Title track for titles

  • Track for subtitles

  • One music track

  • Voice over or narration track

  • Two tracks for the video overlays

  • Another two tracks for still images etc

So, these make about 9 tracks in total. To be true, if you have any video clip with all tracks filled, then you have actually created a hot mess. To add more, all better video editing programs have more than enough tracks to be used by the consumer or editor. Just make sure that you have all tracks that you may be working on when editing your videos.

Input Formats

This is a very important point worth checking when it comes to choosing the best editing software. A lot of software programs offer compatibility with many video file formats but there is a huge number of video recording sources and devices as well. Ensure what video formats you will be using as per the sources files or devices you will be using for recording the raw video footage. Check and see the video editing program you are searching for that can handle the exact file format.
In professional video editing software category, you can have unlimited video and editing tracks, metadata, access to different controls etc. For uninitiated, metadata is extra information about the media files which help editors to understand ins and outs of media in the field of video production. The professional video editing software includes niceties that the pros require.

Audio options

You will certainly save stress and time when you choose some editing software program with audio editing features. This will actually depend on how willing you are to get with the audio like you will need various audio tracks etc. Below are a few options to search for:

  • Can you separate audio from video in its own track?

  • Does the audio have track or tab in timeline?

  • Can you adjust volume of the music, add music, noise reduction or add audio?

Video File Import & Export

It is also important to consider the ability to export and import different formats of the video files. If you wish to import Quicktime movie files or MP4 and edit them, just check the pack to ensure that you can import the video formats. Same is the case with exporting video files. If you wish your end product to be Windows media file, make sure that the pack supports this feature as well.

In all, there is a lot of video editing software available in the market. It is recommended that you start with simple software programs and try their features first. Learn the pros and cons, get comfortable with using the software and then think of the professional options. As you progress and know more about video editing, you can consider upgrading to the better products with time.

Now as you have entered the realm of video editing, always remember that you take each tip as a lesson to understanding and mastering the editing skills even better. Most of the editors still learn new techniques and check for new trends at all times. So, what are you waiting for? Take your time and choose the best software to help you out with your video editing goals.


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