BeFunky Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

///BeFunky Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Ever since the evolution of Photoshop, editing pictures has come a long way. The list is endless when it comes to picking the app of your choice, leaving users with a tough decision to make. BeFunky is the new buzz around town when it comes to a modern yet simple to use tool that edits your photos in an instant. Beginning life as an online photo editing application, it has now been transformed into your go to Android App. It not only offers a diverse array of fun features and fabulous layouts, but it has also made editing pictures so much cooler and hassle free.

The question we need to answer however is whether BeFunky is just enough or is it a little too much? Let’s take a closer look at what this Photo Editor has to offer, giving its recent rise to fame.

Basic Features of the BeFunky App

Photo Editor

The basic aim of every photo editor is to manipulate the picture in such a manner that it looks enhanced, has better effects, greater exposure and removes unwanted blemishes. Retouching a photo to make it look better than before is just what this photo editor does. With a single click, you can manage to recreate a professional style image with the option of numerous filters. The followings are the basic features of the software:

  • Crop- In order to gain greater focus on a certain aspect of your image, users can trim the edges so as to gather more attention. This includes resizing your image to allow it to fit to perfection.

  • Exposure- In order to add contrast to your photos, you can alter the exposure; adjust the brightness; as well as add highlights or a touch of shadow for a neater effect. The choice is all yours.

  • Saturation- Colors are an important aspect for any photo. To enhance the colors of your photos, add a greater depth of saturation. However, tone down the saturation for colors that are darker and flatter.

  • Sharpen- For those who love detail and finesse, feel free to add a touch of sharpness to those pictures so as to achieve greater contrast.

Collage Maker

A collage is a wonderful way to tell your side of the story using pictures. Making collages using this app has never been easier. You can choose from an endless array of unique layouts that are customized, giving your collages an edge above all others. This includes bold fonts, colorful patterns, and fun background colors. To make your life easier, the Collage Maker also gives users the option of direct uploads to the Photo Wizard. The app then automatically creates a beautiful collage. We forgot to mention that users can choose from over 200 signature effects from this collage maker. All it requires is 4 easy and quick steps before the collage maker has produced a collage worth remembering. This includes the following:

  • Selection of image according to theme

  • Arrangement of images in a funky manner

  • Addition of color and texture so as to enhance the collage. The borders can also be customized

  • Completion of collage with the addition of text, captions or a fun description

Graphic Designer

Another great yet basic feature of the app is its Graphic Designer. Without the hassle of complicated software, users can now indulge in the world of Graphic design like never before. With the usage of the drag and drop concept, users can create unique designs using a huge selection of simple and easy to design tools. There’s also a fabulous array of pre-designed templates that you can opt from or better yet create your own template from scratch. Other than that, users can use the following as they make their way into the world of graphic design:

  • Banner Maker

  • Brochure Maker

  • Card Maker

  • Poster Maker

  • Flyer Maker

  • Infographic Maker

BeFunky Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Key Features of BeFunky App

Deluxe Edition Digital Art Effects

Those who live in the world of imagination and artsy effects, we’ve got some serious news for you. The app will fulfill your passion for making the most interesting artistic effects through a simple click. You can go from picture to animation or even a realistic painting. It’s totally up to you to get those creative juices flowing.

  • Cartoonizer DLX- Transforms your image into a cartoon

  • Underpainting DLX- If you haven’t been able to capture that vibrancy of your image from your camera, have no fear. This feature gives you the best reboot of your picture.

  • Oil Painting DLX- Without the need of picking up a paintbrush and spending long hours in front of a canvas, users can transform their photos into works of art within seconds.

  • Graphic Novel DLX- Those who desire to feature in their favorite graphic novel have to look no further. Users can now use this effect to make them resemble their favorite superhero.

  • Pop Art DLX- With this unique feature, users can now make a blast from the past masterpiece. This means morphing your image into a cool and retro one.

  • Watercolor DLX- Without the use of any paint, you can transform your picture into a watercolor classic with this simple yet breathtaking effect.

Enhance DLX Fix

A simple yet effective solution for all your image problems is this Enhance DLX Fix by BeFunky. Only those areas that need enhancement are retouched with the simple use of a click. The following features are included:

  • HDR DLX- This feature adds contrast, balance, sharpness and a true essence of depth into any picture

  • Sharpen DLX- Most image sharpeners add a certain grainy effect to images as they’re too powerful to handle for most common users. This sharpener however is much more detailed, reducing any chances of color bands from appearing.

  • Denoise DLX- Images with some sort of distortion are said to have noise. With this effect, users can remove any blemishes, blotches or spots with discoloration.

BeFunky Review & Alternative Choices of Photo Editing Software

Advantages of the BeFunky App

The app is advantageous to users for a great number of reasons. These include the following:

Simple and natural in usage

A wonderful point that should be brought to users attention is the fact that this application utilizes and supports the drag and drop interface. This means editing pictures and creating graphics has now become simpler and time saving for so many individuals.

Does not require any account or registration sign up

Most online photo editing applications require users to establish an account for sign up and registration, after which they are allowed to use the application. With BeFunky however, no such requirement needs to be fulfilled.

Immense array of free collage layouts to choose from

The application must be commended for the diversity it portrays when it comes to unique and superb collage layouts. Although layouts can be found in the majority of applications out there, the quantity and quality this app possesses can be rarely seen with any other, that too free of cost.

Allows for multiple uploads simultaneously

Uploading pictures is considered as a daunting task for many individuals out there. The reason is obviously because of the great amount of time it takes. With this app however, users can now upload multiple pictures simultaneously for both collages and edits.

Supports full screen edit mode

Users can now edit their pictures with the application in full screen mode. This gives users an up close and more personal view of their image and any necessary edits that need to be made.

Free Clip Art images

Clip art images can be found easily and free of any cost in the application. The styles and type of images to choose from are in abundance, giving users the freedom of choosing clip art of various themes.

Collage sharing option

After your collage is done with editing, the application gives users the convenience and opportunity of sharing your collage. Platforms where you can share your collage include Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Image importing

Images can be imported from a variety of different platforms with the application. Examples include your personal account on BeFunky, Facebook or your own computer.

Disadvantages of the BeFunky App

The application despite its many advantages does possess a few drawbacks. This includes the following:

Not everything is for free

A drawback of the application has to do with the fact that not all of the features enlisted are for free. Some great features can only be utilized after their purchase. With that being said, the features enlisted that have to be purchased are marked with a blue star for identification.

Upgrading comes with a price tag

Upgrading your application to BeFunky Plus comes with a price tag. In order for users to get extra content on their mobile app, in-app purchases must be made.

End Note

With all being said, it can definitely be stated that the BeFunky photo editing application delivers a solid performance when it comes to an all-rounder photo editor. This app is fun, simple in use and above all allows for quick and convenient photo edits to be made. All those users searching for an impactful photo editor that is cheap in cost and can be accessed from everywhere.

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