Aviary Photo Editor Review –The Latest Talk of the Town

///Aviary Photo Editor Review –The Latest Talk of the Town
Aviary Photo Editor

The world we live in today is surrounded by the glory of social media. Be it with friends; colleagues; or loved ones, sharing pictures is considered a norm. Every picture before being uploaded always needs some sort of edit. After all, we live in an era of image conscious individuals, striving to look their best. Gone are the days where you would hire a graphic designer for image consultancy and Photoshop usage. Users of today are constantly on the lookout for apps that are not only straightforward and creative to use, but also manages to give you those picture perfect, desired results. With this kept in mind, the Aviary Photo Editor is a recent buzz around town when it comes to an application that offers free image editing with excellent results. Let’s take a closer in depth look at what this Photo Editor has to offer for users out there.

Basic features offered by Aviary Photo Editor

Basic Image Edits

All the basic tools required for enhancing your image are included in this category.

  • Red eye removal, blemish removal and teeth whitening can be done with the click of a button

  • Alteration of warmth for creating just the right skin tones

  • Optimization of brightness, sharpness, contrast and warmth using a virtual wheel for major adjustments or a slight nudge for giving the image a minor fine tune.

Image Resizing and Orientation

The image can be cropped according to your desires. You can customize the measurements yourself or use the guide provided for image resizing. The image can also be oriented in the manner the user desires.

Edit like a professional

This Photo Editor gives you the option of editing like a complete professional with its range of numerous sophisticated filters to choose from. Users must click the effects button and then choose from a total of 4 filter packs. The first one is free and contains a total of 12 filters, while the rest can be bought. The free filter pack offers a range of filters. Users can choose from black and white to Sepia and Vintage.

Embellish your photos

Users can add their special touch into their photos with its customization range of embellishments on offer. You can paint doodles; add text in funky fonts; put in frames; place colorful stickers; and even pop in an overlay or other effects created by various artists around the globe. Your options are unlimited.

Aviary Photo Editor Review

Enhance your image in one click

If you’re one of those individuals looking to enhance the entire picture with one click of the button, the photo editor has got you covered.

  • Auto –The Auto option gives you the opportunity to optimize your image’s color scheme as well as the maximum amount of contrast. This is done without any hindrance of adding or removing highlights and shadows.

  • Balance –Balance gives users the chance of gaining a total white balance effect. This helps to neutralize all sorts of color mismatches present.

  • Night and Backlight Effects –This provides users with the option of greatly increasing or decreasing the image’s contrast effectively.

Key features offered by Aviary Photo Editor

Alongside its basic features, the Photo Editor includes the following key features:


Users can use this tool to create images with astonishing effects and superb visualizations. It’s like a visual arena for those who love to edit.


This is color palette coordinator, which means users can now enjoy in making their selection of color from a diverse array of option.


It has gone one step ahead in terms of features with this Firefox extension of theirs. Users can enjoy total or partial capturing of web pages from their screen. This also gives them the freedom to save any picture off the web as well as edits made using one click of the button. Last but not the least, the Talon tool allows users easy access to the quickest possible launch of the library as well as its tools, alongside additions of pressure sensitivity to brushes.


This tool is the audio editor. It’s a great feature for those who wish sound and audio to their clips/images.

Written tutorials

For the ease and convenience of all its users. The Photo Editor has a whole tutorial up for grabs for all those individuals who wish to learn more about how the app functions. This tutorial unfortunately is not available free of cost and therefore must be purchased. Both written and graphical illustrations are available for users’ convenience.

Aviary Pro

For those users looking for a little something extra, the Aviary Pro is just for you. This tool gives you access to a great number of additional features, which must however be purchased in order to gain membership at $24.95 per year. With the Aviary Pro, users can enjoy the following features:

  • Watermark removal from images

  • Complete access to their written and graphical tutorials

  • Opportunity for the participation in all promotions and internet communities

  • Ability to create private works of art

Aviary Photo Editor Review


Great Effects Editor

The effects editor is a very useful tool. It offers way more filters and effects than any other digital editor for free.

Design Simplicity

With its clear cut format and simplicity in design, editing pictures using this photo editor is fast and simple. Users don’t have to stress over buried menu options that most other photo editors possess.

Easy Image Exporting

Exporting images have never been simpler than with this photo editor. Users need to press the done button and the image will be saved to the internal storage of the device. The image can then be shared to a number of different platforms installed on your phone’s device.

High processing quality of effects

Functions such as brightness; contrast and sharpness have high processing quality. This means users don’t have to worry about their images turning into solid white or ugly shades of grey after their brightness and shadows are fine tuned.

Natural results

The Photo Editor is great in terms of delivering natural results with a simple click of the button. Effects such as blemish removal, whiten teeth, and red eye removal work beautifully by the simple application of a single brush stroke action.

Tutorials for guidance

In case you are a beginner who has never used any photo editing app in the past, getting access into the paid tutorials is beneficial. You not only become familiar with its mechanism overall, but you also gain further insight into world of design.


Despite its many benefits, there are several drawbacks offered by the Photo Editor. They include the following:

Issues with copyright- Every user possesses the full rights of ownership of their pictures. With that being said, Aviary holds the right to make any of your works viewable to the public within their platform. If you don’t agree with this policy of theirs, you can opt to make the image private by purchasing membership first.

Long duration load time for tools- There’s no denying the fact that this app offers a whole range of tools. With that being said, it was observed that the time to load the tools was far too long. Anyone possessing a slow internet connection should definitely be warned from the start.

Not everything is for free in Aviary Photo Editor- The following features can only be claimed after their Aviary membership is purchased.

a)Tutorials- The idea of taking out tutorials is fantastic for all the new photo editors out there. With that being said, these tutorials go really fast; possess loud distracting music and are not free of cost. Therefore, you’d have to be a pro to really get the hang of it.

b)Filters- The filters on offer consist of 4 packs, of which only one is for free. The other three are not only costly, but lack creativity.

c)Watermark- Having the watermark across the picture can be a turn off for many users out there. If you wish to remove that watermark, you must purchase the membership of Aviary to do so.

File name change- The fact that any user cannot change the name of their edited photos can be a big turn off at times. The file itself is saved by default into the Aviary directory on your phone.

When it comes to summing it up, the Avery Photo Editor is a creative and powerful tool that gives you the freedom to create beautiful photos within seconds. Despite its few shortfalls, this app is worth a shot for all Android and iOS users out there due to its one handed operation, sophisticated color alteration tools, and ease of sharing. Very few image editing software provide users with the simple usage and diverse range of features that this Photo Editor manages to offer.

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