Top Five Best Steam VPN – Tips to Unblock on Steam Using VPN

///Top Five Best Steam VPN – Tips to Unblock on Steam Using VPN

When you are an online gaming addict, it is hard for you to resist any kind of delay in playing newer versions of your favourite Internet games. As a result of this gaming mania, the online gaming companies and Steam VPN providers are multi-billion dollar entities now. Steam provides you all kinds of popular games, which you can choose from their list of over 3500 plus. Whether you are a Team Fortress fan, or enjoy your time playing Town of Salem, Five Nights at Freddy’s or Call of Duty, Final Fantasy or Half-life, Portal or any other game for that matter; Steam has a whole range in store for you- call it everything and anything. However, due to restricted connections and pricing strategy, you may not be able to play and download the game. Some of these Steam games are available for free, but many popular games need to be bought. Apart from this, Steam has added DLCs for particular games.  Eventually, if a game is too high-priced for you, then you will have to hang on; until the Steam comes up with a deal.

This article will guide you on available VPN providers and answer all your FAQs regarding VPN for online gaming. We will discuss about what is exactly Steam VPN, Steam VPN ban, Best Steam VPN and how to unblock on Steam using VPN.

5 Best VPNs for Steam

It is absolutely free to install the Steam App. Steam can be installed on all your IOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. There are also some free games. But, if you want to play the premium games you will have to pay the fees. Playing on Steam also gives you a multiplayer experience and you can compete with people around the world. There is a varied range of popular games, which you can download and play.

However, the whole range of games is not available in all the parts of the world. Many of them are designed only for American audiences. So, in order to interact and play with gamers around the world you may need to clear the restricted access through Steam VPN. Here, we have listed out the top most VPN services for those avid Steam players. They have been tested by professional gamers and are ranked the BEST among all those available out there.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s discuss the best VPN for Steam.


    • High Speed. Ultra Secure. Easy to Use.
    • Unlimited Server Switches
    • Strong Encryption
    • All Devices and Platform
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Easy to Use for Porn Sites
    • Lighting Speed
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Friendy Support
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Server Switching
    • Zero Traffic Logs
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Complete Streaming Freedom
    • Servers in Over 190+ Countries
    • Multiple Devices
    • Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Simple setup
    • Unlimited speed & server switch
    • 70+ servers
    • 3-Day free trial

IPVanishTop Choice

Our second favorite pick for Steam VPN is IPVanish. This VPN for Steam is known for its uninterrupted speeds, unlimited bandwidth and value for money to Steam users. They manage their own network making it a 1-tier provider with brilliant cost efficiency and dependability. The protection is available with 256-bit AES encryption, providing you with maximum safety. Similarly, you can benefit yourself from the security protocols that use OpenVPN.

However, you need not worry for OpenVPN because IPVanish too does not keep any logs and you can utilize PPTP and L2TP/IPsec security protocols. IPVanish provides as many as 40,000 IP addresses and 500 VPN servers in about 60 countries. With its help, you can concurrently use two different devices. The apps are available on all devices be it Windows, Linux or Mac, something that makes it stand out.

It is one of the top VPN service providers in North America and almost in most parts of Europe. The Steam VPN bestows day and night customer care service and full money refund guarantee in 7 days. IPVanish is a tangible answer to all your troubles regarding restricted access by Steam. With indefinite server switches you will easily find IP best suiting your needs.

IPVanish can provide you access to even Netflix and all those online activities that require you to pay premium prices.

NordVPN – Cheapest Choice

The third option we have for you is NordVPN. This Steam VPN allows gamers to have the best experience. NordVPN is entitled as the most advanced of all Steam VPN and best VPN for online gaming. It offers double data encryption making it an extraordinary tool to secure your data. Apart from this, the VPN server is very easy to use and download. The installation package for this VPN is easily downloadable.

The interface has an option were you can automatically select the most capable server. In the android version you will find varied locations to find your IP. When you click and hold on the location option, you will find a full list of addresses. It will also provide you the statistics about the location server. NordVPN has got servers in 49 countries all over the world. Like other VPN service provider, it also does not keep logs.

If you want value service with unconstrained bandwidth and infinite speed, NordVPN will definitely deliver. Moreover, there is an Internet Kill Switch in case you have VPN disconnection. This switch will stop your Internet connection along with your VPN disengagement.

Along with other payment options, NordVPN also allows you to pay in P2P and Bit coin. If you are not satisfied with the services, there is 30 days full money refund guarantee. This Steam VPN has a 24/7 technical support along with all other amazing features. NordVPN can also suggest you the country based on your clicks.

ExpressVPN is one of the apex Steam VPN providers with excellent user rating and quality. This is our finest uncover for Steam users. When you open the homepage for ExpressVPN you will read the headline “the fastest vpn on earth”. They have a huge network, which includes servers in 87 countries, and are best known for their speed and trustworthiness. It provides you with array of variant Servers that can unblock your premium games on Steam.

The client is easy to use for the Windows server and even the network is SSL secured against any gaming threats. The 256-bit AES encryption provides you outstanding safety. There is 30 days money back guarantee on Client server for both Windows and Mac.

If you are new to this Steam VPN, you will definitely appreciate its point and interface. Express VPN has been made more accessible and unintimidating. The company has fine-tuned the service and provided more configurable characteristics, in order to beat the competition. The ease in use makes it a must have.

Other than that, the ExpressVPN keeps no data and logs. You will be grateful to the makers because it absolutely hides the identity keeping it thoroughly anonymous. You will be happy to know that the security protocols such as SSTP, TCP, L2TP and more for your advanced security selection, are completely supported by the ExpressVPN.

A default setting lets the service provider choose the most approving protocol on your behalf. The Steam VPN service also provides you with unrestrained bandwidth and TRANSMITS information at superior speed rates. And, if it is not enough one can employ three devices uniformly.

In the latest update to the Steam VPN- ExpressVPN app, the company has provided an additional “network lock” feature, which immobilizes all Internet traffic when the connection to the VPN dies. This feature can be called as kill switch that helps in preventing DNS leak. Furthermore, Express VPN takes DNS requests over the IPv4 protocol rather than the less secure IPv6.

Launched in 2005, HideMyAss is a Steam VPN provider that originally offered proxy services for free. The services then evolved to become the best VPN for online gaming. The service provider is known for its dependability with servers around 182 countries and 113,000 addresses. The content, which is geographically locked, can be easily accessed through HMA. The only issue you could face is with GCHQ monitoring and compulsory logging because the service is based in UK and operates under Privax LTD, (AVG Technologies bought it in 2015).

The Steam VPN provides options to users to select between four open protocols: OpenVPN-TCP, OpenVPN-UDP, PPTP, and lastly, L2TP. If you have an issue with OpenVPN protocol (which is a default protocol), you have option to change it as per your preference. Its extensive servers ensure that the connection is secure, fast and reliable.

HideMyAss offers three tier pricing system with one month, 6 month and annual package. You will find big savings if you choose to subscribe longer period. The 1-year subscription fee is at 4.99EUR a month. This divides the one-month trial subscription fee in half and making the service a value-for-money service. You can safely make protected SSL payments through Visa and MasterCard. This VPN for Steam offers you 30-day money back guarantee and you could subscribe it for a month, and then finish your game, later request for a full refund.

The HMA provides for quicker file uploading making it simpler to share large files. Apart from it, this service can circumvent regular email providers and ftp websites. You will enjoy the anonymity provided by security protocols and VPN tunnel.

If you want VPN for Steam, which is one of the best Steam VPN and worth considering any time, VyprVPN is for you. The VPN service assures speedy connection, with multiplicity of locations. It has all those services that one will want in its VPN provider. If you abide by the numbers VyprVPN has around 700 servers in more than 40 countries. The only issue could be that it has fewer licenses in comparison to its competitors. But, its unique features can always surpass any concern. VyprVPN has a protocol that messes up your metadata, removing any prospect of Steam recognizing you.

It includes two price variants- VyprVPN and VyprVPN Premium. There is an annual billing at a low-price available for every level. Also, in either account a three-day free trial is given. This Steam VPN will provide you up to three concurrent connections with a cheaper plan.

If you go for the premium plan, then you can access up to 5 connections simultaneously. The higher plan service also gives you additional access to custom Vypr Chameleon Protocol and VyprVPN Cloud. Vypr’s 256-bit Chameleon protocol is comprehensively developed to evade sites and services that impede Steam VPN. It is considerably helpful in countries such as China, where the government has enacted rigorous Internet access controls.

Way to use VPN for Steam

Why use VPN for Steam?

Since the release of Fallout 4, Steam VPN activation has gone viral around the globe. The game was prior released in Commonwealth world. Thus, everyone was trying to dodge the download than hanging around and waiting for the release. The expert users of Internet probably were already conscious of “virtual private networks,” or VPNs, which is precisely the network of computers generated together over a public network.

Companies and Businesses were already using VPNs to connect remote datacenters. Individuals, on the other hand can use VPNs to access network resources by not being physically on the same LAN (local area network). This is great for confiding and encrypting their exchanges when they’re using a non-trusted public network.

Connecting to a VPN, initiates a VPN client on your computer, which logs in with your identification details. On the other hand, your computer contacts trusted keys with a server at far distance from your own. Here both computers have to authenticate each other, and all of the communication is encrypted & secured from getting bugged by any other.

There could be different scenarios for using VPN for steam games. Sometimes your region, workplace or academic institution would prohibit you to access the network because of ethical restrictions. Other times, there could be monetary issues in relation to the buying options of the game. In some countries the game would cost lower than the other because it was designed for lesser audience. Steam VPN would provide solutions in all these situations.

VPN for Steam client changes your IP address and switch it to the parts of the world that you have selected. This helps you to find the most affordable price for your favourite game with lesser lag and safer from DDoS attacks.

So, rather than logging to a remote PC outside your restricted access area, you can just set up a Steam VPN and enjoy your much-loved game anywhere. Also, you can generate cheaper regional keys for the game with it. All you need to do is find a provider with VPN who shares its client without much hassle.

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Steam VPN Ban

However, if you think it is that easy, you might be wrong here, as there are Steam VPN rules for Steam VPN ban. Using VPN and finding a proxy IP address can lead you to lose any kind of access to the services by Steam. In the User Agreement, Steam VPN activation ban has been stated.

In SSA (Steam Subscriber Agreement), IP proxying and techniques to hide the place of your residence, circumventing geographical restrictions on game content, and purchasing at pricing not applicable to your geography is illegal. If they found you using any of the former mentioned methods, Steam has authority to terminate your access to your Account.

It has been cleared that though, the Steam VPN usage has gained prominence despite the VPN ban, it doesn’t mean that you can easily bypass the Steam because they are creating greater security covers. Steam can punish you for their agreement breach. So, the tricks cannot last longer and you might get caught if you do not use it appropriately.

Way to use VPN for Steam

Tips on how to unblock on Steam using VPN

Here, we will describe how to use VPN with steam and how to play region locked steam games. We now know that if we don’t pay attention to the details, Steam can easily find that we are using VPN.

So, discover a devoted server or, find an IP, which is not used by any other. However, ensure that the address is existent and convincing. This will make sure that you seem authentic to Steam. Just read some reviews and gather all the necessary information about the provider.

Moreover, if you are using VPN service with longer trial periods, you will definitely reduce any chance of getting detected. Also, rerouting through VPN is far better than any other proxy options. VPN provides you with more security covers for unblocking content easily. When you use VPN, you find options to decide the server type, the protocols and the strength of the connection etc.

How Steam finds out that you are using VPN for gaming?

Apparently, just stating that; Steam will find out that you are using Proxy addresses or VPN would not be enough for you. But, there are definitely some elements that can detect the fraud and use of Steam VPN. There are several small mistakes that can get you caught.

Steam has much mechanism to identify the fraud. Like for example Google browser fingerprinting. But, the simplest method to find is to check the IP address. Numerous people use the IP you are accessing through VPN, which makes it a shared server. This will clear the fact that multiple users are using the exact address, certainly making it easy for Steam to recognize that you are using VPN.

The IP address that your ISP allocates to your computer is concealed when you use a VPN. Thus, you use the IP address of the Steam VPN provider as a substitute. Steam will warn you that the account you have logged has never used that IP address before.

Steam can send you an email to ’confirm’ that the IP you are using to access Steam is only yours. The Steam VPN provider may also change your IP again and again. This will lead you to go over the process from time to time.

Highlights for the Article:

We hope that all the description will definitely help you find the right Steam VPN provider according to your needs. We have listed out the Best Steam VPN for you and described you how to unblock on Steam through VPN. If you have come this long reading this article, we absolutely promise you the value for your time and money.

Here are the few bulleted points for you to easily go through, what all we have tried to detail in this article:

  • VPN basically proxy your IP making you appear from other region with unrestricted access or lower gaming prices, while you are playing in the comfort of your own home.

  • VPN sets up an encrypted tunnel between the user and the Internet. This tunnel creates a shielding layer and prevents any kind of invasion on the data that is being sent to the host.

  • Using VPN for Steam is infringement of its User Agreement. If Steam finds out that you are using VPN to proxy your address, it may cancel your subscription and ban you from its services.

  • A lot of proxies actually may not work because they may find out from one or other way due to shared servers, reporting you to Steam.

  • Steam VPN is actually safer to use rather than proxy services, if right kind of service is selected.

  • Prevent Steam from finding your proxy address by rerouting through VPN a dedicated/devoted server or your own private IP not being used by any other.

  • For better VPN security benefits, use our best-reviewed VPN service providers like ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, HideMyAss and VyprVPN.

  • This Steam VPN is security encrypted with higher security options, providing you option to select IP from locations around the world.

  • The reviewed VPN for Steam comes with easy interface and different pricing strategies, ranging free monthly trials to bi-annual and annual subscriptions.


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