Top 3 Best VPN for Gaming – Fastest Gaming VPN [Best Choice]

///Top 3 Best VPN for Gaming – Fastest Gaming VPN [Best Choice]

It is needless to point out the popularity of the online gaming. As a response to this massive demand, there are hundreds of thousands of games available online today. Depending on the situation, using a gaming VPN can be an option for some users. However, for others, using a gaming VPN is a must! In fact, if you end up with the best VPN for gaming, you can experience various benefits which will be emphasized in this article later on. First, let’s take a look at the best 3 VPNs for gaming.


    • High Speed. Ultra Secure. Easy to Use.
    • Unlimited Server Switches
    • Strong Encryption
    • All Devices and Platform
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Server Switching
    • Zero Traffic Logs
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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    • Easy to Use for Porn Sites
    • Lighting Speed
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Friendy Support
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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This is another Gaming VPN that offers you a superb level of performance. The main plus factor associated with IPVANISH VPN is their widespread server network. They already have more than 850 servers located in over 60 countries. They offer a variety of apps that are compatible with all the platforms and mobile devices. Thanks to the 256-AES encryption they feature, your IP address will remain protected even when you play online games that are pretty risky. If you are looking for the best VPN for gaming, you may consider IPVANISH VPN as a prime choice. As a measure to assure the privacy of the users, IPVANISH VPN doesn’t keep any user logs. When using a paid service like IPVANISH, you can enjoy better speed, better reliability, better stability and overall good performance compared to a free gaming VPN. They offer an unlimited bandwidth in order to play your games without any interruption. IPVANISH VPN generously offers you the opportunity to connect up to 5 devices at the same time. Their 7-day money back guarantee offer is a good advantage for you to try their service practically and see if it is compatible with your gaming activities. The apps they offer are developed to be highly user-friendly without compromising your convenience. They also provide a better customer service (24X7) to solve the potential issues immediately.

Features we like

  • A good speed which is ideal for a gaming VPN

  • Over 850 servers located in more than 60 countries

  • Highly user-friendly apps to support all the platforms

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • 7-day money-back guarantee

  • Allows to connect up to 5 connections at the same time

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NordVPN is renowned among the internet gamers for its great privacy features. Any online gamer should have a very strong concern about the privacy and therefore, using a gaming VPN like NordVPN is a real plus for them. Their encryption methods are significantly stronger compared to free gaming VPN services. Both the outbound and inbound data will be perfectly encrypted using an AES-256 CBC. Increasing the security of their connection, they employ a double encryption method. As a value addition, NordVPN is made to be compatible with Tor too. So, if you are a Tor fan, you can simply use Tor with NordVPN and expect unmatched privacy. One of the most notable downsides associated with the NordVPN is that it is relatively expensive than the other competitors. Also, NordVPN user may experience slightly slower speeds compared to the other VPN services; this is because of the higher level of the encryption they implement. Nevertheless, you can check if it matches your purpose (to be used as a gaming VPN) thanks to its three-day trial. You must remember that online gaming is an easy gateway for intruders to sniff your IP. Therefore, we suggest that you should put security before the speed of the connection.

Features we like

  • Higher level of encryption

  • They accept Bitcoin payments too

  • Servers located in more than 60 countries across the globe

  • They permit more up to 6 connections at a time

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The next best VPN for gaming is ExpressVPN. In most of the cases, ExpressVPN can be rated as an excellent VPN that offers a good level of security as well as a good speed. Their user- interface is considerably easier to handle. They are capable of providing a speedier connection that has a good dependability particularly because of a large number of servers located in various countries. In fact, they have covered more than 100 countries across the world and therefore, you have a good chance of finding a server closer to you (depending on your requirement). The reliability and the safety of this VPN are far better than the experience you would get with a free gaming VPN. In addition to that, you will experience that ExpressVPN supports all the platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Apart from that, they have developed mobile apps for android and apple devices to make your favorite online games more portable. If you are in search for the best gaming VPN, this can be a prime option to consider. They never keep logs of the users and are not answerable to NSA. This ensures a better privacy. Being among the best VPN for gaming, they offer more than 20 options in terms of payment modes; they support Bitcoins too. They offer superb customer service too. Practically, ExpressVPN can protect you from many intruders and also gain access to geo-restricted online games pretty conveniently.

Features we like

  • Better speed than most of the other competitors

  • Superb customer support

  • Impressive security features

  • Servers located in more than 100 countries

  • Large range of payment options including Bitcoin

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Do you need a gaming VPN?

It is pretty sure that almost all the internet users have played at least one online game so far. Most of the internet users don’t care much about the reliability of the games they play online. However, under practical circumstances, every online user should opt to a gaming VPN. There are many good reasons to do so! Let’s take a look at the most practical reasons for an internet user to use a VPN to play online games.

  • Security concerns
    Online gaming has already become a norm and it keeps expanding at an incredible speed. A large number of games are added to the internet every day. These games may vary from simple ones to highly advanced ones. Some of these games are totally free to play while others require a subscription ranging from one dollar to hundreds and probably with a trial period. Most of us are used to get a grasp about the respective games by playing them other than reading the reviews. If you are an online gamer, you should remember that online games are perfect gateways for third-party intruders to trace your IP address and manipulate it for different purposes. Also, unprotected online gamers are likely to become victims of DDoS attacks that can completely destroy your entire system including servers. In addition to that, a large number of hackers are eagerly sniffing on these gaming platforms to grab your personal information. Once an online gaming account is hacked, the hackers can get into your credit card information and manipulate them. This is exactly the most important reason you should go for a gaming VPN. In fact, such VPN protects your IP from third parties, encrypt the data sent to the gaming server and protect your privacy; such approach is compulsory for any online gamer, therefore. However, such safety cannot be guaranteed if you intend to use a free gaming VPN.

  • Break geo-locks
    Apart from the privacy concerns, a gaming VPN becomes instrumental to break the restrictions enforced by some online gaming platforms. Some online games are accessible only if you live in certain geographical locations. For instance, some games are available for the USA users only. If you are from a different part, say southeastern Asia, you may not be able to play the same and vice versa. If you use a VPN (with a server located in the US), you can play such game as if you are playing from the US itself. Besides, VPNs give you the opportunity to break the time zone barriers too. Such strategy allows you to log from the country that has the earliest release of a certain game and experience hours before the others in your country. However, it is advisable that playing a game before the official release can be a violation of their ToS. Moreover, you must know that using a free gaming VPN may not give you the best experience in this case too.

Some VPN connections (that have a good reputation and need a paid subscription) can offer you a stabilized connection. A stabilized connection is ideal, particularly when you play multiplayer games. However, this respective method might actually work with some situations only. Also, on the other hand, most of the VPNs offer you a poor speed regardless of the security. You will experience stabilized and speedy connection only during certain periods.

The most important thing you should know when looking for a gaming VPN is that it is always good to go for a paid subscription other than relying on free gaming VPN.

How to choose a good VPN for gaming

It is true that you have to consider price as a decisive factor when wondering about the best VPN for gaming. However, you must also consider the following facts to support your decision if you really want to end up with the best option.

  • The locations of their servers
    You should know the number of servers maintained by the respective VPN Company and the countries they have covered before subscribing. The performance of your VPN connection majorly depends on the location of the VPN server. The more the number, the better the speed. You can always expect a better speed if the server is located closer to you. The location of the servers become important when you need to unblock geo-restricted games. Also, it becomes important if you need to play an online game before it is officially released in your country. If the respective game is not going to be available in your country (it is released in some countries only), you can use a server located in one of the ‘allowed’ countries and play the game.

  • Can it protect you from DDoS
    One of the most popular attacks target the online game players is DDoS. Such attach can become devastating depending on a number of resources you have in your computer system. If you play without using a VPN at all or using a VPN that cannot guarantee prevention from DDoS attacks, you are under a serious threat. Therefore, before subscribing to a certain VPN, you should know if they are capable of protecting you from DDoS attacks in the first place. A good VPN can always protect you from such attacks (they don’t expose your IP address as they broadcast your signals like they are emerging from the VPN’s server).

  • What is the speed of the connection
    When it comes to online gaming, speed really matters a lot. When you use a VPN, there can be the advantage of experiencing better responsiveness (if you end up with a VPN that has a good speed). If you connect to a game using a VPN server located very close to the server of the respective game, you can experience better speed and responsiveness. However, you should be prepared to experience a slight overall speed loss when you use a VPN, particularly because of the high-level encryption they implement. You should never experience a significant speed loss even when you use a VPN; check the ping and if it takes longer than you expect, look for a speedier alternative. Luckily, most of the reputed VPNs offer you a money back guarantee; you may use the VPN for a certain period and get a refund if you are experiencing a terrible speed.

  • Level of encryption
    Unauthorized online users might get into your credentials when you play online games without necessary security. Therefore, you must know if your VPN provider offers you adequate security in order to protect your sensitive information. So, you should always opt for a service that comes with better encryption.

Besides, you must be aware whether the potential gaming VPN supports all the platforms (depending on the types of the devices you use).


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