SaferVPN Review

///SaferVPN Review

Talk about top VPN in the industry and then talk about SaferVPN. 

This is one custom based VPN that has been ruling throughout the world. Its fast speed, high responsiveness, customer services available 24/7 without any quibbles makes its shining star. One month money-back guarantee a big proof of its reliability and trustworthiness. SaferVPN is specialized in maintaining technical excellence and keeping its client happy. Lightning fast connection and flawless encryption make it more desirable. It works with some top rated streaming service which is another success secret of this professional VPN service.

Those who want to enjoy sleek and seamless VPN apps for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Android, this VPN service is for you. SaferVPN is designed based on the demands and needs of customers and keeping your requirements in mind.

SaferVPN supports loads of VPN protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and OpenVPN (UDP and TCP). Some advanced features of SaferVPN include:

  • Lighting Fast VPN Servers
  • Smart DNS
  • Provides simultaneous connections up to three
  • Smart Protection of Wi-Fi
  • Top notch VPN Security
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Pros and Cons


  • Money back guarantee of a month

  • Servers in around 90 countries of the world

  • Outstanding Encryption

  • Ease of Use

  • Customer Service Support 24/7

  • No quibbles

  • First-class VPN Service in the world

  • Offered at affordable price

  • Comprise of more than 1000 servers

  • Covers South America, North America, Middle East, Europe, Central America, Asia and Africa

  • Provides lighting fast speed with a reliable connection

  • Available for Windows as well as Mac systems

  • Possess a minimal and lovely interface



  • Fewer Connection Logs


  • Super Easy Use
    Enjoy a flawless, easy VPN experience. Connect with just a single tap or click – you’ll be up and running in seconds!

  • Friendly 24/7 Customer Support
    We’re here for you around the clock via live chat and email to quickly help you solve any issues.

  • Worldwide Server Network
    30+ server locations and counting allow you to use the web as if you were in another country.

  • Multiple VPN Protocols
    SaferVPN offers OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP to suit your preferences.

  • Automatic Diagnose Fix
    Our apps automatically detect and solve any issues and fix them for you without any hassle.

  • 256-Bit Strong Encryption
    Use the highest encryption level in the industry to secure your private data from hackers, snoopers and governments.

  • Lighting Fast VPN Servers
    When you choose a VPN fast speed is an absolute requirement; keeping this in mind, SaferVPN is designed on server network so that you enjoy the fast connection and we raise the standards of the industry. It requires less than 10 seconds connecting no matter which device you use. SaferVPN makes use of fastest and latest VPN protocols to ensure you connect fast and lacking hassle.

    With SaferVPN you will never face speed loss or decrease in upload/download speed. The global network is optimised before rigorous testing so that our customers enjoy highest speeds. When SaferVPN says unlimited; it means unlimited; download and stream as much as possible.

  • Setup and Interface
    SaferVPN is amazing in this regard. You can download SaferVPN after signup and install VPN client. It will ask for an activation code. Input activation code and start your app. You can also pick anonymous data connection for improving speed if you like.

    The interface of SaferVPN is simple and intuitive. Press the start and for quick access hit the connect button. You will get the options to select the protocol you like to choose if you prefer to select any. It will be ignored if you do not want to make us of this option. This simple interface is the top choice for seniors, novice and kids.

  • Smart DNS
    For the purpose of geo-spoofing smart technology is used. For accessing the blocked streaming service make use of SaferVPN and enjoy unlimited streaming of BBC iPlayer, and Netflix which is geo-blocked. SaferVPN will resolve DNS request at a particular location and contains following benefits over other VPN:

    • Fewer buffering problems as there is no decryption/encryption required what so ever. It means much fast speed.
    • Use it with any internet device like game consoles, Smart TVs, and Roku devices.
    • Our customers get full access to Smart DNS and VPN.
  • Servers Performance
    SaferVPN operates in around 80 countries consisting of more than 1000 servers. The servers and switches of bandwidth are boundless. The fast online games and 1080p video can seamlessly run without any visible lag. Different tests were carried out to check the speed. For this, a file of the 82.7MB file was downloaded three times from various servers at three various times of the day. SaferVPN performed awesome in the test. The speediest mean download time is recorded in three VPNs, and it gives out outstandingly consistent result all across different servers.

    Its servers are the best as they have unlimited VPN server switches. It accesses more than 400 premium servers in more than 30 countries where people can enjoy internet freedom anywhere and anytime. These servers allow our clients to download, browse or stream at fast speeds that are managed in house 100%.

  • Security
    SaferVPN is extremely strong when it comes to security. The settings of this VPN are arguably overkilled that is why SaferVPN gives great performance and spectacular results.

  • Website
    SaferVPN website is very professional and slick looking. A lot of information is available on this site organized and constructed well. The website contains a brilliant page where encryption details are mentioned used by SaferVPN. The blog of SaferVPN is also updated regularly that contains come interesting and useful article.

  • Support
    The support that SaferVPN provides to its clients is instant. The reputation of this VPN is based on this non-stop, and professional support provided 24/7. You can do ticketed email or live chat if you like. The front-line staff is technical and fully equipped with knowledge and experience. In the case of more difficult queries, they point to more relevant resources. Otherwise, they reply after having a quick chat with relevant personnel.

  • Privacy
    Privacy is the priority of SaferVPN. You will get connected to unsecured networks automatically. The data is secured with 256-bitbank-level of encryption. You will enjoy all anonymous and private browsing for as much and as long as you like. It’s simple and fast app will protect you with every device you get connected to.

    But why you require the privacy? Well, the identity is stolen every2 seconds. SaferVPN will ensure that you are not the next victim. It also gives the prevention of online identity theft. Your personal banking details, logins, and information are guarded against our Wi-Fi protection.

    The protection of your personal device is also carried out by SaferVPN. It prevents hackers to install harmful software on the device by giving you a secure and safe VPN connection. Your professional and personal messages are completely secured and hidden from eyes of prying snoopers.

  • VPN Protocols
    Customized experience is best of all. Therefore, we provide our clients to connect to best protocol service possible automatically security and speed wise. But we also give you the freedom to choose VPN protocol based on your choice.

We have some exclusive VPN protocols that you can choose from:

  • IKEv2
    It is the top and newest protocol which is fastest, secure, easy to set up and stable.

  • OpenVPN
    This platform has the best performance and level of security. It is the recommended protocol for every platform out there.

  • L2TP
    This is available on every modern platform which is easy to setup and advance. It is a highly secure protocol, and the best option of IKEv2 or OpenVPN are not available. The speed is slower, but the connection is highly secure.

  • PPTP
    PPTP is a fast connection because of the basic encryption. It is also easy in setting up.

  • Other Platforms
    SaferVPN provides custom VPN application for iOS, Android, Mac OS/OS X, and Mac. Its app is available on Linux as well. The website provides a lot of setup tutorials and guides for various platforms and devices. SaferVPN routers are obtainable through FlashRouters. They feature split tunneling and DNS leak defense for devices that are connected. Mac client matches the look to Windows client in the app. The Android application is available for 4.2+ and can you can install it directly or from Google Play Store. This app is same as the desktop and is quite simple to use similarly. On iOS, the app is similar to Android.

Reason to choose the SaferVPN

SaferVPN is an impressive and efficient VPN with a strong performance, solid security, great design and incredible customer service. People who like to have loads of configuration options and bonus features would find it deficient. The family or house VPN with of various connected devices will also not get any benefit from this device. The user who wants to use it individual basis without any fuss and as intuitive and simple as possible must go for this VPN. It is reasonably priced and worth a peace of mind with the money back guarantee.

End Note

SaferVPN is extremely safe, fully polished and fully featured service that is developed on professionalism. Some big pluses include outstanding customer service, generous month money back guarantee and ease of use. Its technical security is ravishing and touches professionalism. The service is user-friendly with excellent encryption. The speed performance makes another remarkable feature.
The fewer aggregated logs can be a bit of concern yet it is not really threatening. SaferVPN is excellent, smart DNS with stealth servers which are anticensorship to give you best referral programs. The VPN service is that is why at the top and it is one of the leading VPN services. So give a single tap to your finger and access the anonymous and unrestricted internet in a jiffy!

I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for a good VPN.

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