PureVPN Review – Is It Safe to Use?

///PureVPN Review – Is It Safe to Use?
PureVPN Review – Is It Safe to Use

For internet users who prefer anonymity and protection from a variety of online threats, PureVPN is not something unknown; PureVPN is a well-known VPN service established in 2007. This particular VPN service is based in Hong Kong. So far, Pure VPN is tested and reviewed by many internet users across the globe. Truth to be told, Pure VPN has received no shortage of complaints as well as a large number of praises. Despite the complaints, purevpn.com is still recognized to be a top VPN service among many internet users globally; the large number of useful features purevpn.com presents can be a major reason for this popularity. With this PureVPN review, let’s try to get an insight about this service and help you decide is it safe to use or not.

Pros and Cons of PureVPN

We have decided to start this PureVPN Review by listing down the pros and cons. By referring you to this list, we expect to help you get a basic idea about this service.


  • Most of the servers are compatible with P2P torrenting features

  • Customer service available 24X7

  • Comes with a money back guarantee

  • Server locations spread across 141 countries

  • Performs split tunneling technology

  • A nicely designed software which is compatible with desktop computers and mobile phones

  • Can use dedicated IP address if necessary

  • Comes with a handy kill switch feature

  • Can maintain up to five connections at the same time


  • Very weak protection for DNS. Leaks are reported constantly

  • Too many complaints for a top VPN service

  • Occasionally failing technical support service

  • Some servers continue to feature connection issues

  • Uncertainty about the functionality of some of the security features

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Let’s take a look at the features associated with PureVPN now. As we mentioned earlier in this PureVPN review, this tool comprises of various features that can be useful for those who need to access internet safer and anonymously.

  • Pricing
    Pure VPN offers a paid service only. You cannot find a legitimate free version or a trial version of pure vpn. Instead, they offer a 7-day money back guarantee service. Therefore, if you don’t want to make a payment upfront to a VPN service, you may try another VPN tool that offers free version. One of the most admirable features in terms of pricing is that they don’t restrict the features even if you go for the cheapest package; instead, they offer all the features for different periods depending on the package you purchase. If you go for a one-year plan, you get a considerable discount (as advertised in their official website). They offer a plethora of payment options for you to consider varying from PayPal to many crypto currencies.

  • Supports multiple platforms
    Regardless of the package you select, PureVPN offers client software to be compatible with all the leading platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linus, iOS and Android. In addition to that, modern developments of this service offers you a handy plug-in for Chrome. This respective plugin, however, secures the traffic generated via your browser only. Still, it can be a pretty handy tool for many users. Apart from providing secure browsing, this plug-in is capable of blocking annoying ads and trackers.

  • Multi device compatibility
    In this Pure VPN review, we must highlight that it is compatible with a large number of devices ranging from Smart TV, Gaming Consoles, Amazon Fire, Routers etc. in addition to the standard devices such as computers and smartphones we use every day. This is a huge advantage for those who own multiple devices and want to connect those to internet without compromising the privacy.

  • Servers located in 141 countries
    Just like you expected from the best vpns in the market, this tool has a large number of servers located in 141 countries. Despite this massive availability, servers located in some countries (which are far away from your location) may feature lack of performance, particularly when it comes to the constant connectivity.

  • Multiple logins
    Almost all the best vpns we have reviewed so far had multiple login feature. So does the PureVPN. This particular service allows you to enjoy 5 logins with the single account you create. In this Pure VPN review, we should emphasize that this feature will be exceptionally handy for those who want to connect several different types of devices at once to internet. In other words, with a single secure VPN account, you can connect your laptop and four other devices to internet. Nevertheless, you must be aware that the connection speeds may vary depending on the type of the device you connect.

  • Unlimited server access
    No matter which secure VPN package you purchase, you will be able to access any server as you wish. This pure VPN review highly appreciate this freedom. However, any best VPN service exist today offer the same freedom when connecting to their servers. Depending on the server you select, the connection speed and stability may vary. In general, servers located far away from your actual location may feature slower connection speeds (even if it is the best VPN service in the world). In addition to that, this VPN service lets you switch between different servers as required. Again, such feature is available with all the well reputed VPN services in the market today. However, with PureVPN, you don’t need to pay extra to enjoy these unlimited server access feature; it is included even in the cheapest package.

  • Unlimited bandwidth allocation
    There is no restriction with PureVPN when it comes to bandwidth. This feature is appreciated by many PureVPN reviews made by users across the globe. Despite the slow connection speeds you may experience occasionally, unlimited bandwidth feature is great for those who want to download or stream stuff through a secure VPN service.

  • Split tunneling
    Thanks to this feature, the user can switch between the VPN and original ISP whenever necessary and send information accordingly. In fact, split tunneling is a must-have option which is praised by many PureVPN reviews.

  • Better uptime
    One of the main factors to consider when purchasing a VPN service is better uptime. As per the tests we conducted, we experienced a good uptime from PureVPN. Nevertheless, we must honestly mention that we experienced some occasional connection issues.

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Is PureVPN safe?

When answering the question “is PureVPN safe”, we must consider the amount of protection it provides for DNS. As per the complaints made by many customers across the globe, the protection looks to be somewhat weaker. Most of the complaints are made mentioning the leaks. Even when the DNS protection is on, there is a potential to leaks. So, we must say that it is not 100% safe. However, when combined with additional security options like using a good virus guard and router configurations, you can expect a better safety from PureVPN.

Using PureVPN for different purposes

PureVPN becomes pretty handy when performing a range of tasks. We have listed down some of the most regular tasks carried out using VPN service. If you are about to ask the question is PureVPN good for this and that, this section will provide answers.

  • PureVPN for Torrenting
    This VPN service is designed to support both P2P sharing and BitTorrent. It also gives a constant speed. Therefore, the answer for the question “is PureVPN good for torrenting” is a YES!

  • PureVPN for Kodi
    For Kodi, they provide a special add-on. Once this add-on is downloaded and installed according to the instructions given (which are very easy), you can enjoy Kodi with no trouble.

  • PureVPN for Android
    This VPN service offers a range of client software apps to be compatible with all the leading platforms; Android is one of them. PureVPN works perfectly with Android devices. The setup process is easy.

  • PureVPN for Mac
    They offer a comprehensive client software to run on Macs. Just like the Android version, installation and operation of this VPN client is easy (you can do it with a couple of easy steps which are mentioned in the official website).

  • PureVPN for Linux
    Since Linux is among the most popular operating systems in the world. Therefore, Pure VPN has not missed that out. They have a perfectly operating client software for Linux and that can be easily configured.

So, it is clearly understandable that this VPN service is compatible with all the leading platforms you find today. All these client software programs are easy to use and easy to install. No matter whether you purchase the monthly package or something bigger, you can enjoy all the features without any restrictions. Although they don’t offer you a trial version or a free version, they offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Despite the large number of complaints made about this VPN service, we would like to suggest that this is something worth trying for. Just like you would do with any other VPN, we recommend you to use a good antivirus and adhere to online security precautions when using PureVPN.

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