NordVPN Review

///NordVPN Review

From local coffee shops around the corner to recreational centers, or simply your neighborhood library, almost everything today revolves around readily available internet access. With that being said, it’s hard to know whether the service being utilized by you is actually secure or if someone might potentially be watching over your shoulder. Here comes the usage of a good VPN or virtual portal network.

With a handy VPN, you have the security of your internet access with encrypted internet control wherever you go. This means your IP address will be unseen by hackers or spies. With a range of VPN’s available today, making a decision of choosing one can be tough. A leading name for trending VPNs has to be none other than NordVPN.

NordVPN has established a great mark as an industry leader with its bundle of unlimited benefits for a safe and reliable internet connection. Known for its robust service, ease of setup, and privacy with no compromise on quality, no wonder their list of satisfied customers is nothing short of enormous. Other than that, the offers of payment schedules are competitive, with a diverse variety of package plans to choose from. With your data being protected every step of the way, surmounted with great internet service, why wouldn’t one opt for NordVPN.


  • Abundant range of servers available

  • Ultra secure connectivity

  • Servers located in numerous geographical locations

  • Up to six simultaneous connections

  • No interference with customer’s web traffic

  • Money back guarantee within 30 days

  • Friendly support


  • Average speed of connectivity as compared to other VPN providers

  • Difficulty accessing geographically blocked areas

Features of NordVPN

  • Simplistic in use
  • Money back return policy within 30 days
  • Emergency assistance of VPN for those without net access
  • Return policy restricted to bare minimum, almost zero
  • Great and friendly customer support
  • Globally, 847 servers in 57 different countries
  • Thorough access to blocked streaming devices in a number of different locations
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections can be run
  • Endless bandwidth on all devices
  • Automated kill switch
  • P2P traffic accepted
  • Acceptance of Bitcoin
  • Smart Play enabled
  • Various easy to use apps  such as those from Android and iOS can be used
  • All chat is encrypted
  • Number of protocols are offered such as Open VPN, IKEv2/IPsec
  • List of free proxy (up to 3000 different proxies)
  • Personal DNS servers
  • Variety of plans on offer for convenient pay up

NordVPN’s Exclusive Features in Detail

-Simple in use
NordVPN believes that technology should be as basic as ever. In other words, you shouldn’t have to be a tech expert to know how to use a VPN. For this reason, it’s a great VPN provider for everyone out there.

-Money back return policy
Yes you heard that right. If you like NordVPN for its many services, then it’s fantastic. But for the rare users who aren’t too satisfied, you can get your money back with a guarantee, within 30 days. That’s a long time for you to decide whether or not NordVPN is for you.

-SmartPlay enabled
This allows users access to a number of different streaming sites, so a variety of your favorite programs/movies can be streamed with no extra steps.

-Great customer service
NordVPN believes in making their customers a part of their family. For this reason, their ever ready helpful staff and customer support team are available round the clock for any queries/concerns

-6 simultaneous connections to devices
This is a surprising feature that comes super handy. NordVPN offers you connectivity to at least 6 different devices at a time. It’s all included in their standard package. Protecting your entire network has never been so simple. Examples of devices include: Routers, tablets and your smart phones too.

-Acceptance of Bitcoin
NordVPN is the single VPN provider in the market that gives you the option to pay via cryptocurrency. This is a popular feature worldwide, giving users the freedom to pay with this app. On top of that, NordVPN believes in customer anonymity. So users can make payments through their Bitcoin wallet accounts, without their real identity being exposed.

-DNS leak resolver
NordVPN keeps user’s security as top priority. Any possibility of data unencrypted and sent through DNS servers is eliminated with protection from these servers.

-Automated kill switch
This is one of the best features offered when it comes to security via NordVPN. Users no longer have to stress about exposing their personal data in situations where your connectivity drops out. This is because once you specify in advance what software you will use, the automatic kill switch will do its duty of logging you out as soon as your connectivity is lost. It’s as simple as that.

-Policy of zero logs maintained
Another fabulous feature of maintaining high level of protection is the policy of restricting logs to zero. No matter where you go on the web, NordVPN will never log you in.

-Data encryption doubled
If you thought VPN providers encrypt data once for their user’s utmost security, think again. NordVPN is the industry’s only VPN provider that encrypts data of all users at least twice for highest level of protection. Security of top level can be guaranteed with features like these.

-Extending service across the globe
With a record of over 800 plus servers, spread in worldwide locations across the world, no continent is spared from getting the benefits of NordVPN. Now that’s what we call printing your name all across the globe.

-Browsing and streaming with speed
When users are streaming online or simply surfing through the web, high speed is what they’re ultimately looking for. With NordVPN, users need to put that worry aside. The long lasting, uninterrupted connectivity achieved is as promised for.

-Price plans/packages
NordVPN is miles ahead when it comes to competitive pricing in the market. They offer three separate packages so consumers can pick their preference of either monthly, yearly or 6 months. The yearly package is the best buy out of the three as it allows you to encounter huge savings. Not only are you billed annually, you save up on at least 52%, leaving customers with the happy bargain shopping feeling.

-Acceptance of P2P traffic
Yes you heard that right, NordVPN is one of the few market players of the industry that accepts and routes traffic from P2P sources. This unique feature is a great edition as those with P2P traffic have limited opportunities when it comes to VPN providers. Now users can upload and download as much as they desire with the highest speed.

-Addition of dedicated IP
NordVPN brings another special feature for its users. Ordering the additional service of a dedicated IP address means you can singlehandedly use the assigned IP address. You are not liable to share, giving you that customized ID. It’s very similar to any other NordVPN server out there, differing in only the fact that your IP address can now be ordered.

Reasons Why You should choose NordVPN


You’re Protected!

In every aspect of life, protection and security is a necessity. The cyber world is no exception. NordVPN has established its mark globally as a trendsetter in terms of a well renowned VPN provider. The numerous features regarding customer security leaves the user with no doubt in mind of being protected.

High Quality Service

The quality of service provided speaks miles about the company in general when it comes to serving customers. Being relatively low in cost, when compared with other giants in the market, it’s a best buy for all willing to secure internet connectivity. NordVPN has always understood that using a VPN for the first time can be demanding and technical. For this reason, it’s super to setup and use for everyone out there. Other than that, when you have unlimited speed, bandwidth and numerous servers located worldwide, what’s not there to look forward to.

5+ Devices

Giving you multiple devices that can be connected simultaneously, convenience is at peaks for those on the go. Proxies are unlimited, ranging from a variety of over 300. There’s something for everyone.

Review Time!

In the world of today, being secure every step of the way is crucial. There’s no denying of the fact that VPN’s is a necessity. After all, you’re better safe than sorry. There is absolutely no surprise when it comes to the great consumer feedback offered by customers for NordVPN. VPN connectivity has never been this easy, convenient, secure and cost effective, all at once. Every attempt is made to be one step ahead when compared to other competitors.
The policies for user anonymity are tremendous and fool proof. With all the glory of NordVPN, there are two minor glitches that they need to ponder upon. Firstly, their speed is unlimited, but when compared to other giants like ExpressVPN, it’s slightly slower. Secondly, users may find it difficult to access geographically blocked areas as their connectivity reaches a bare minimum there. Other than that, two thumbs up for NordVPN all the way.

I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for a good VPN.


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