Kill Ping Review: How to Use Kill Ping

///Kill Ping Review: How to Use Kill Ping

If you happen to have an avid interest in gaming, and computers in general, there’s a good chance that you will have had Kill Ping recommended to you on more than one occasion. The gaming industry is incredibly competitive, yet it is also extremely rewarding in the process. For many, there is literally nothing better than getting settled for the night in front of their computer, playing their favorite game online against players from all corners of the earth.

Gaming online is now more popular than ever before, and when you consider some of the Blockbuster gaming hits currently available to us, it’s easy to understand why that is. When you’re on a roll there is no finer gaming experience, but when things aren’t exactly going your way, well, things often become a great deal more frustrating. For an online gamer, there literally is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with lag and latency issues. If your game is lagging, your character could literally have been killed by another player before you even realized they were right on you. When the server does catch up, it is often too late. But what can you do? Well, the great news is that, thanks to Kill Ping, there is now a solution designed to help drastically reduce ping issues on a whole number of different games. If you’re considering signing up for Kill Ping, here’s a detailed review for you to take a look at.

What is Kill Ping?

Basically, this is a solution designed to drastically deal with lag and ping issues for keen gamers from all walks of life. The gaming application itself has been proven to dramatically improve game play, whilst simultaneously dealing with ping issues and lag. The application is so impressive in fact, that experts have found that it will often reduce ping times by upwards of 60%, which is one heck of an improvement for an online gamer. Supporting a whole variety of hugely popular online titles, including: Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, League of Legends, Dota 2, Battleborn, Doom 4, Tera Online, RF online, CS:Go, and many more besides, it is the ultimate application for gaming enthusiasts. The application itself provides its users with a dedicated gaming route directly to the servers of the game, helping to drastically bring down high ping and to reduce packet loss in the process. The application is so effective because it has been created by experts who are passionate about gaming. The programmers worked tirelessly to create a solution for an incredibly common and hugely frustrating problem in the gaming community, and their efforts were certainly not wasted. The application is able to deliver such amazing results as it provides an infrastructure which is state of the art, along with a fully dedicated worldwide network which consists of more than 100 servers which are evenly distributed all over our wonderful planet. It is these servers which then pass specialist game data packets via a dedicated route, whilst simultaneously avoiding packet loss and data traffic deadlocks. The end result is a hugely impressive solution to a wide variety of gaming problems.

So, how does it work?

This is where things become a little more technical, but bear with us, because it certainly pays to understand how things work. Basically, Kill Ping works by providing users with access to a wide range of servers located in over 30 countries scattered all over the globe. It is however, not a VPN or Proxy, though it is easy to understand why some people often get things confused. When gamers sign in and begin to utilize the application, they will instantly be connected to the server which the service has deemed to be the most effective when it comes to delivering them with the best possible performances for their specific gaming requirements. It is very clever as it will analyze data and will then look at your geographical location, along with ping times, in order to provide you with the best server for what you require from your gaming experience. This is very useful because it means that users have more than enough choice to select from, because the servers themselves are so vast, and are located in so many different parts of the world. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Kill Ping not only provides access to the most efficient servers for your specific needs, but it also makes it much easier for users to switch things up and to swap between servers whenever they need to do so. So, say for example, a previously impressive server suddenly begins to develop lag or technical problems, users can simply switch to another server, in a matter of seconds. This has been found to drastically improve the overall gaming experience for gamers from all parts of the world, whilst ensuring that lag and high ping times become distant memories.

How to use Kill Ping

So, now that we’ve covered what this wonderful application is, and have looked at how it is able to provide such efficient services, it’s now time to look at how you can use Kill Ping at home in order to benefit from it yourself. One of the best things about the application itself, is the fact that it is so user-friendly, so making use of it is not as daunting or complicated as you might have initially thought. Here’s a look at how you can install and utilize the application in the comfort of your own home:

Download and install the app – To begin with, like any other app, before you can utilize it you will need to download it and install it onto your device. This is actually very simple. Simply go to here and then click the enter button. Here you will then be taken to the official website of the application.

Choose your subscription option – Next up you will met with a series of subscription options to choose from. Choose the best option for you, click the appropriate box and wait. Here after subscription has been made, the installation file will then automatically be downloaded. To begin the installation, click on the file which has been downloaded.

Installation – In order to begin the installation, simply click on the installer box which has been downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts. After you have installed the app, you will then be ready to launch and to begin improving your online gaming experience.

Run the application – Move your cursor over to the downloaded and installed app on your desktop, and then Right-Click. Next, click on the ‘Run as Administrator’ button and you will then be transported over to the log-in screen.

Create an account – Before you can go any further you will need to sign up and to create an account. This is very simple and it does not take very long at all. You will need to enter your name in the ‘What’s your name, Warrior?’ section, and in the next section you will need to enter your email address. Once you follow the steps required, you should receive an email verification code. You will need this to proceed so make sure you check your emails shortly after submitting the required info. Once you have this code, click the ‘Enter your warrior code’ box and enter the code you received. Once you have done this, make a note of your log-in info, and sign in like you would with any other application.

Choose your game – Now, this is where the anticipation for the fun begins to really build, as it is now time for you to select your chosen game. You can either select from a list of supported games, or alternatively you can choose to add a game of your choice, which you can do from the ‘add a custom game’ box selected from the dropdown list.

Choose your region – Once you’ve done this and have selected your game, the next thing you will need to do is choose your region. Here you will choose the server region that you will be playing in, again, from a drop-down list.

Choose the server – You will now have to select the server in which you wish to pass through. Ideally you will want to select a server which is located closest either to the game, or to the client. This is because it will provide players with the most optimal gaming experience. Once you have done this, click on the ‘Next’ button, and your chosen game will launch.

Enjoy – Now your game will launch, so you can play the game of your choice, with a greatly enhanced gaming experience as lag and ping times will be greatly reduced, so everything will be quicker and more responsive than ever.

Key features at a glance

Now that we’ve looked at a brief overview on how to sign up for, and utilize, Kill Ping, it’s now time for us to take a look at some of the key features associated with this application. Don’t worry, we’ll be going into them in more detail a little later on in this review, but for now, here’s a brief overview for you to be getting on with:

  • Reduce in lag times by up to 60%

  • Simple to use clients

  • 24/7 live chat and support

  • Over 100 active servers located in more than 30 countries worldwide

  • Provide a super-fast, uninterrupted gaming experience

  • Affordable and diverse pricing plans

  • 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

  • No advertisements

  • The ability to switch servers as many times as you like

  • Very simple to navigate and use interface

  • Very high uptime rates of 99.99%

What are the main benefits associated with installing Kill Ping?

We said that we’d look at the aforementioned features in more detail shortly, and we’ll now be doing just that. Below you will find a detailed list looking at the key benefits associated with installing the application, and why each one is so popular and efficient when it comes to delivering the ultimate gaming experience:

Very high uptime rates – When it comes to gaming, there is nothing more frustrating than constantly being interrupted, whether it be due to human interference, or because of technical issues. Commonly, one of the main reasons why many online games tend to crash and disconnect, is because the server hosting the game experiences downtime, and without a server, there is no game. An unreliable server is a gamer’s worst nightmare, and thankfully, this needn’t be an issue when it comes to Kill Ping users. This is because the application has an incredibly high and hugely impressive uptime rate of 99.99%. This is ideal because it ensures that you are virtually guaranteed to enjoy a gaming experience that will not be interrupted for a single solitary second. This is due to the fact that the application offers over 100 servers scattered worldwide, in countries all over the world. The end result is uninterrupted, 24/7 gaming experiences for players of all abilities.

Ad-free policy – Perhaps one of the most admirable benefits associated with Kill Ping, is the fact that they have adopted an ad-free policy, which is incredibly rare in modern society. Most similar applications will monitor your location and your online activity in general, in order to target you for advertising, as they will show you a series of online advertisements. This can get very annoying, especially if you’re being bombarded with ads which you will need to close down, when you’re trying to play a game. With Kill Ping however, this needn’t be a concern at all. This is because they have a strict no-ads policy, so you can rest assured that your online gaming experience will not be interrupted by annoying pop up ads when you’re trying to concentrate. What’s more, it will not interfere with a player’s non-gaming activities, so if you’re worried about security and privacy, this could very well be the perfect application for all of your gaming needs.

Reduced lag time rates – Lag to a gamer is what rain is to a sunbather. Needless to say, as a gamer, you will have no time, nor patience, for lag. Thankfully with Kill Ping, lag needn’t be a concern for you. This is because the application has been found to reduce lag time rates by upwards of 60% in most cases, which we’re sure you’ll agree, is one heck of a massive difference. This is perfect because it will allow you to benefit from the best moments of your gaming experience, so whether you’re trying to silently creep up on an enemy from behind, or pop them off with a sick head shot from far away, lag will not be a problem in the slightest. This is ideal because it ensures you will experience no lag, no loss of ping, and zero latency. Your gaming experience will therefore not just be improved, it will be elevated to new heights you previously never thought possible.

Simple to use clients – When it comes to gaming, not everybody is a technical marvel when dealing with computers, and so things can sometimes become a great deal more complicated than they should be. The application in this instance however, is hugely beneficial because it makes things incredibly simple and easy to understand. The user face for example, is very straightforward, plain, and right to the point. This makes it perfect for people of all abilities, so whether you’re a seasoned gamer with years of experience under your belt, or a relatively new novice, you will easily be able to utilize the app with minimal effort and fuss. KP is perfect because server connectivity is faster than ever, as are game connection reports, which are all delivered and processed within seconds. The simplicity of KP is one of the application’s best assets, making it ideal for gamers of all abilities.

24/7 customer support – Technology in general, is absolutely fantastic, until it happens to go wrong. Whilst it is very, very rare for KP to go wrong, it never hurts to know that help is only a click of a mouse away. KP is ideal because the application itself offers customers access to a team of some of the most efficient customer support experts in the industry. These experts have years upon years of experience under their collective belts, and are some of the friendliest, most efficient tech support workers you are ever likely to encounter. The benefits don’t stop there however, because there are experts working around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure that you receive the help you require, should you be experiencing any issues whatsoever. Not only will they offer you help and assistance, they can also answer any questions or queries you may have in regards to KP. 24/7 customer support is rare these days, but with KP, that is exactly what you will receive.

Tutorials – Like all new things in life, getting started can be tricky and may require a little assistance. Thankfully, KP have this covered as they have provided a highly detailed FAQ page covering pretty much everything you will ever need to know about getting started with KP in the first place. Covering everything from exactly how does kill ping work, to more detailed questions and common problems for beginners, no stone has been left unturned so by checking out the FAQ page, you will be able to find out pretty much everything you need to know about KP.

Things we weren’t too happy with

Like all things in life, there are good things and there are bad, and it wouldn’t be fair for us to focus solely on all of the positives, without addressing the negatives in the process. Thankfully you will be very pleased to learn that the negatives are few and far between, and truthfully many people out there don’t actually consider them to be detrimental at all. With that being said however, let’s take a look at some of things which we feel could use a little improvement when it comes to KP:

Limited supported games – This is by far the most frustrating aspect associated with Kill Ping, and many other free ping reducer applications for that matter. Yes, frustratingly the application itself will only support a limited number of games currently available. Whilst all of the big names and popular titles are supported, if you happen to have a favourite that is outdated, or perhaps less well know, you will struggle here as it probably will not be supported.

Only compatible with Windows – Another downside is the fact that KP is currently only compatible with Windows, which is frustrating if you yourself, don’t happen to use windows. Plans are however, in place for improvements in compatibility on other platforms, but for now, it is windows only.

Final thoughts

Before we wrap things up and draw this detailed kill ping review to a close, let’s lastly finish up by looking at what we’ve learnt thus far. Kill Ping itself is absolutely fantastic for gamers of all abilities, who were previously plagued with jumpy, slow, unpredictable, lagging connectivity. No gamer wants to play under these circumstances in these conditions, and thankfully with this lower ping software application, gamers will no longer have to struggle. KP is gaining popularity by the day, it is incredibly affordable, there are different packages and options to choose from, it is very easy to install and utilize, and most importantly of all is the fact that it really works. If you’re looking to up your gaming experience, Kill Ping is most certainly the best ping reducer for you.


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