Ivacy VPN Review – Is it Safe to Use?

///Ivacy VPN Review – Is it Safe to Use?

Ivacy VPN is a superb and promising Virtual Private Network which is founded in 2007. This is a Singaporean VPN that has an illustrious server existence having a high potential. It is spread across 150 locations and possesses some ingenious advanced features. Being a user-friendly and fast VPN, Ivacy VPN offers affordable price plans, topmost tier encryption, and robust protocols. The service can also work through incorporating live chat trait on a trial version yet Ivacy is economical and fast VPN service.

Ivacy tops the list of top VPN services that are available in decent price. It has expanded to 200 plus servers in more than 100 locations throughout the world. Ivacy is among the early trendsetter in the market that unveils split tunneling around 2010 which allows the user to choose among the traffic to be sent through the ISP. This VPN service got a revamp in recent times and is loaded with some new and impressive features. It is the safest and secure VPN service available on the planet that tops the premium service providers list.

After this background information let’s dig Ivacy deeper with its pros and cons, pricing, customer service and technical jargon.

Pros and Cons of Ivacy VPN


  • It comes with a low-cost 2-year pricing plan.

  • Ivacy supports torrent.

  • The windows client loves this VPN.

  • Even at long distances, this VPN is fast and reliable.

  • It has secured DNS.

  • It comes with internet kill switch.

  • The protection it possesses is IPV6.

  • The device comes with advanced compatibility.

  • Some strong VPN protocols are supported by Ivacy like L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

  • It saves bandwidth by split tunneling technology.

  • The best feature is its seven-day money back guarantee.

  • It is located in more than 100 countries having around 300 VPN servers.

  • The UI is pretty nice and user-friendly.

  • It is available at affordable price.

  • It connects with different servers quickly.

  • There are no data logs kept.

  • PSP is allowed.

  • Bitcoin is accepted.


  • The servers in Asia are a bit slow.

  • The trial is not free.

  • The African users face difficulty signing up.

  • After 30 days of connection, the refund is not allowed.

  • The mobile clients get rarely updated and if they do the update is basic.

Ivacy VPN Review –Is it Safe to Use1

Price and Plan

While selecting a VPN service, lots of things come in the mind of customers. The VPNs are usually not tried due to the fear of robbery regarding services being provided. It makes the subscription and pricing all more significant, and users do not ignore it. Although Ivacy VPN is not a perfect cheap VPN service yet, it offers high price value against services it provides to users.

This VPN offers a lot of pricing plans depending on the need of customers. The primary three plans are presented on its website for its customers to choose from. It includes two-year package, annual package, and monthly package. The monthly package costs around $10 per month, the annual package cost $7.50, and the 2-year package has to cost of $4.08 for every month.

Pricing is a critical business when it comes to Ivacy VPN as it will never disappoint its customers in pricing packages section. The packages offered by Ivacy are affordable and economical. Customers usually worry about the quality of service and whether it is good or not reflecting on the price he pays. Ivacy is not like those small and standardized services that make big promises and deliver null. The prices are reasonable and are charged worth the value considering the advanced features this VPN service provides.

Every package has a money back guarantee of seven days while practically three days are enough to test any VPN service. However, the company recommends its users to make use of seven days and test this VPN service on different devices.

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Is Ivacy VPN safe to use?

Purchasing a product online makes the buyer question about its safety. This happens due to many reasons, and that is why many people question the safety of Ivacy VPN.

We claim that Ivacy VPN is pretty safe and secure VPN service. It is the latest privacy providers on the planet as it offers vigorous encrypted tunneling combined with uncompromising and Zero logging plan. It secures the activities of subscribers and data that uses advanced tunneling protocols like L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, and PPTP. Also the military grade bit encryption AES-256.

The Ivacy Apps are developed in-house keeping in mind that there is not a single malware or foreign code injected plus it is free from pop-ups and advertising. The marketing team of Ivacy claims that their apps have been quality tested so that optimal performance is ensured on every compatible OS.

The best part is the transparency of data. Ivacy does not retain any data and ensures no one gets any data against the user accounts. The Servers are built to delete every connection data and time stamp after 48 hours so that you remain 100% anonymous and absolutely safe while utilizing Ivacy VPN.

Main Features

This Singaporean based VPN offers almost every feature that one could wish for. The wide protocol enables it to be used anywhere in the world. Some of the prominent features of this VPN are:


The server spread is the most positive point among Ivacy traits. The location of the servers include Seychelles, South Africa, Ghana, Peru, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Finland, France, Denmark, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Turkey, UAE, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, China, Panama, United States, and Canada.

This wide spread of the Ivacy servers implies having the freedom to choose from millions of IP addresses without any fear of getting blocked and remaining anonymous on the internet. The servers are fully upgraded and optimized for file sharing P2P that means use torrents and similar services with full security and privacy.

Some web-contents and websites are blocked and restricted in certain parts of the world. The servers of Ivacy that are located in more than 50 countries let you unblock these channels and websites from anywhere on the planet. Few preferred states where these servers are situated include China, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Canada, UK, and the US.

By utilizing the amazing service of Ivacy VPN, you can unblock the streaming services like ITV, HBO, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu. The websites that are inaccessible and subject to censorship in Turkey and China are also accessible through Ivacy.

Speed Test

The speed test results of Ivacy are carried out, and the result comes out to be excellent. There is a myth that VPN slow down internet connection yet this varies from one service provider to another. It also depends on the protocol and server you use. The network connection was tested and without VPN service and some outstanding results were observed.

Ping 1ms

Download Speed 8.36 Mbps
Upload Speed 2.36 Mbps

After connection with Ivacy VPN and keeping the Automatic settings of protocol following results were found:

Ping 12ms

Download Speed 6.57 Mbps
Upload Speed 1.19 Mbps

Then we utilized UK server and carried on with Automatic Settings in protocol and found the following results.

Ping 234ms

Download Speed 6.05 Mbps
Upload Speed 2.53 Mbps

A slight drop in the speed is observed when connecting with Ivacy UK and US servers, yet the drop was insignificant. Even with the drop speed were able to stream and browse at high speed.

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Ivacy VPN Review –Is it Safe to Use2


Selecting a great VPN service usually turn out to be a painful experience as VPV services usually do not run on every device. Users complain about their VPN’s inability and poor compatibility. That is why compatibility must be the top priority while selecting a VPN service for the device.

Ivacy has come with some improved and advanced features which make it compatible across every OS and major platforms. You can set up Ivacy on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices without any hassle. It is also compatible with latest gaming consoles like Blackberry devices, smart TVs, Linux, Xbox, and PS4 plus various routers.

The cherry on top is five multi login trait of Ivacy VPN which makes the compatibility more enhanced. Run your Ivacy VPN on five diverse devices simultaneously by using one account. Scores of VPN services do not provide this multi login feature, and we got really pleased after discovering this feature.

Ivacy has its own VPN software program which is valid for both Mac and Windows client. It also possesses updated and newly designed apps for iOS/Android devices. We checked the software for Android and Windows and got pretty impressed by the overall results.

Free Trial

We all love free stuff, but Ivacy does not offer free trial until now. We inquired from CSS about a free trial, and we like to inform the user that sadly there are no free trial versions available. The company does offer seven days money back guarantee. So the user must make use of these seven days and thoroughly test and try the Ivacy VPN service at this time.

However, the refund policy must be kept in mind which is offered by the owners of Ivacy VPN. It says customers are only eligible for a refund in 7 days if the user has not consumed up till 500MB of bandwidth and the sessions have not exceeded than 30.

Customer Support

Ivacy VPN offers excellent customer support and is available 24/7. You can access the support office through email, live chat, telephone and online information base. If you want to get a deep feeling about the receptivity and detail of their support, then it is advisable to go through their social channels to check their record. You will not find any major issue or complaints. The one we can find was an error from the user side.

The provider offers some impressive support and remains active on all social media platforms like google+, twitter, and Facebook.

The tutorials offered to customers are like fresh air. The setup guide is available for every device platform on which Ivacy is compatible and gets connected to. Use these installation tutorials to configure VPN service on compatible device and OS. In case you do not wish to download VPN app or client software then you can setup your Ivacy manually through these helpful tutorials provided to you by Ivacy Support Center.


Ivacy is a solid and all-rounder VPN service that is user-friendly and is situated in lots of location at high speed and coupled with some excellent and advanced features. The state-of-art encryptions and availability of all main protocols make all more worth buying. The split tunneling and kill switch enable you to flip between ISP and VPN. The zero logging policy which is quite strict ensures the browsing activity and user’s data is not associated with their account. Being the cheapest VPN provider out there, especially the two-year deal which costs less than six-month price is worth a shot. The best feature is the seven-day money back guarantee which gives the freedom to users to test and try this VPN before purchasing.

Ivacy is one of the best VPN services due to advanced features and excellent performance. It is a solid service that gives a smooth streaming of Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix. It is a decent budget alternative if you want a robust privacy on the web. The features are good as compared to any VPN giant in the market. It has been revamped, so the changes in the operations and the panel are done. There are few errors due to changes, but it is understandable as the technology is comparatively new. We recommend Ivacy VPN to everyone who is looking for some outstanding and smart features at affordable price.

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