IPVanish is the only true Top Tier VPN service in the world. This means we deliver the best VPN speeds, the most secure connections and the most competitive pricing anywhere. Our VPN network spans 40,000+ IPs on 700+ servers in 60+ countries, giving you the ability to surf anonymously and access the unrestricted Internet every corner of the globe.

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When you go out and sit in a coffee shop then hook up to an unprotected Wi-Fi, you get connected to a big problem. Any hacker or unscrupulous person can spy web traffic. In some cases, the network is designed in a way that it steals data from everyone who connects. Even the advertisers and government want to get a look at your data.

That is why you require a VPN that provides all necessary protection. When you are using VPN, it allows you to connect to one among the servers that let your data travel through the encrypted tunnel with a server driven by an organization. When the data is traveling here, it cannot be accessed by anyone trying to spy on you because your original IP address is indistinguishable as traffic seems to come from a VPN server.

Fastest VPN or earth implies to IPVanish VPN. It is such a powerful VPN that provides superb features and services. It’s extraordinary custom-based experience, ease of use, 24/7/356 customer support, 30 days money back guarantee, no quibble and fast speed makes it top VPN on the market. Some advanced improvements in this VPN have made it a leading VPN service throughout the world. It is the world’s most amazing top-tier service that provides secure connections in competitive pricing. The best VPN speed is due to 40,000 plus IPs in over 60 countries with 750 servers. It gives you freedom to access unrestricted internet and surf anonymously in every continent of the world.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly App

  • Connect to any device

  • Fastest VPN in the world

  • Over 40,000 IPs

  • Servers numbered more than 750

  • Available in more than 60 countries

  • 256-bit AES Encryption

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Anonymous torrenting

  • Traffic logs are zero

  • Web proxy is SOCKS5

  • Infinite P2P traffic

  • Gives right to use to censored applications

  • Gives access websites that are censored

  • Server switching is unlimited

  • On several devices, it gives five simultaneous connections

  • 24/7/356 Customer Support

  • Money back guarantee

  • Secures web traffic

  • Packed with added security features

  • Best VPN for quality conscious people



  • A bit expensive

Features of  IPVanish VPN

IPVanish will secure your web environment for regularly. After starting a secure connection with IPVanish all the online data like emails, online banking, data transfers, and instant message pass through the encrypted tunnel. It provides access to media and websites without restrictions. It also prevents ISPs to throttle or spy your speed. You get a greater security on Wi-Fi that is public while it also prevents you from getting hacked. It will keep your information private and online presence classified.

  • Geo-Targeting Prevention
    If you want to prevent geo-targeting and stop it in its track, then connect yourself to IPVanish. The moment you get connected to this VPN service, your location and IP address disappears and gets replaced with IP address of IPVanish. The online marketers, websites and search engines get prevented from using your location or IP address.

    IPVanish is a superb VPN service that consists of more than 750 servers in more than 60+ countries. Some 40,000 servers make up the VPN network. This number is important as the more is the number of servers; more likely clients can find those who are not overcrowded. The server location is more is more significant than this. If clients desire to spoof their location then in case of more the locations there are more options. The number of server locations implies that where ever you are you are always accessible to a server nearby that ensures reliable connection and better speeds.

  • IPVanish VOIP
    If you want to keep low the international call charges, then get yourself IPVanish today. Many communication companies and VOIP providers support their business by giving high fee charges. IPVanish with keeping your bill low and will let you select the country of your origin.

  • Bypass Censorship
    Regional limits are only in your dream after getting your hands on IPVanish. World Wide Web will get expanded in mere instants by making use of interactive websites and accessing media on every device and from anywhere.

  • Security
    Hackers are always on the look for any unprotected data online. Utilize IPvanish mobile application to protect personal data like social media, emails and mobile banking from the spying eyes of hackers and keeps data safe.

  • Stay Secure Everywhere and Anywhere
    Use IPVanish to have full confidence in your security online. Stay carefree as your data is in secure hands of IPVanish. If you are travelling or present at home, the VPN encrypts your traffic and ensure you complete security and privacy.

  • Open Wi-Fi is not an issue now
    The open Wi-Fi will be safe and secured forever if you are using IPVanish. This VPN service provides protected public Wi-Fi plus encryption that makes traffic secure and private no matter which network is being used by the client.

  • Protect Online Freedom
    IPVanish will make your freedom guaranteed by giving you access to corporate firewalls, and international censorship prevents accessing your frequent visited sites like Twitter and Facebook. Keep up the online independence via IPVanish VPN.

  • Stop Deep Packet Scrutiny
    Deep packet inspection makes internet traffic limited and snoops internet speed employed by ISPs. It also affects download and upload speed depending on internet usage. This gets prevented by IPVanish which helps you in maintaining privacy.

  • Other Protocols
    Numerous VPN protocols like Open VPN, IPSEC, SSTP, PPTP and L2TP are the preferred way of connecting. This open-source and advance technology grants better reliability and speed. Regardless of the platform, it is available on nearly every version of IPVanish’s client. PPPTP and L2TP are bequest standards which are available on Windows and Mac while SSTO is only for Windows. To secure iOS applications, IPSec is utilised.

  • Zero Advertisement
    Some VPN organisations have introduced advertisements in client’s web traffic to earn additional money. IPVanish will not interject ads to earn profit from data of clients. They give this solid reassurance.

  • Setting up IPVanish
    Setting up and installing IPVanish is extremely easy. You will be using IPVanish interface in no time which is simple and intuitive right after installation. The main window connects and disconnects easily to allow you to arrange and save favorite servers. The button makes it all easy to hook up or disconnect making the general look and feel accessible and reliable. Speed test interface is the best of all that allow you to perform a quick speed test on all servers available and lets you pick up the top one.

  • Kill Switch
    Some advanced features such as Kill Switch is also an efficient and productive feature. This feature prevents the application from linking to internet incase the VPN is disengaged. It also allows communication to LAN devices like computers or printer if the VPN gets disconnected. IPVanish picks the protocol and delivers high speed and efficient performance.

  • Own DNS
    IPVanish has its personal DNS server which is quite handy. Clever attackers are always on watch and keep an eye on DNS request. They like to track and try you throughout your web journey.

  • Speed Test
    IPVanish is fast and the furious! Yes, take the test and see yourself. I will give you stunning success in the speed tests no matter what. IPVanish provides a dramatic boost in downloading speeds.

  • With Netflix
    IPVanish gets connected to Netflix only with some servers. In case Netflix show error of proxy then connect it to IPVanish VPN and contact live chat support. Then ask about the servers that are allowing connection with Netflix. Usually, VPN service providers do not let this information public about the servers which access Netflix. They do not disclose the servers during testing so that undue attention is not drawn towards them.

Reason to Choose the Product

IPVanish is no doubt the best amongst all VPNs. It has some amazing features that offer numerous servers, multi-device support, and great geographic distribution, supports bit torrent, and comes up with a slick interface. It is available on affordable price and provides lots of simultaneous connections in an affordable VPN service. Transparency and honesty make IPVanish a mentor. It is easy to connect and very fast in speed. All the devices can have their dedicated apps with extremely fast connections. Its customer support service is excellent available 24/6/365. The customizable connection of protocols makes its best on the market.

Final Words

IPVanish is a highly recommended premium, full-featured VPN service at a good price. Fast speeds, easy-to-use, popular apps for all devices, works with routers and gaming consoles, massive network to grab IP addresses from 225+ servers (and growing), zero logs, many security features, regularly expanding in new features etc. We couldn’t find any information about a money back guarantee, which is unfortunate, but most customers seem very satisfied with the services they get, so it may not even be needed.

IPVanish has excellent privacy credentials that keep no logs and permits torrenting. The free service of Smart DNS is another milestone of IPVanish. It’s amazing features like P2P allowance, mobile apps for every operating system and month money back guarantee makes it an ideal DNS service. Clients have the freedom of VPN kill switch and leak protection of DNS. It gets connected to five connections simultaneously. It also accepts bitcoin and includes Smart DNS. All of these awesome features makes the client happy and convince them to get their hands on IPVanish as soon as possible. So surf the web with IPVanish and enjoy without leaving a single trace.

I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for a good VPN.

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