HideMyAss VPN Review

///HideMyAss VPN Review

Those who want to enjoy the private and secure browsing must go for HideMyAss VPN service. It is the best combination of security and excellent performance. The owners of HideMyAss VPN have given special attention to the usability. Lots of exit nodes are present in more than 190 countries. The pricing part is the best; HideMyAss VPN is perfect and ideal for those who want to go for reasonable and economical pricing. Moreover, HideMyAss VPN offers top value of services among its competitors. Don’t forget the money-back guarantee part.

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The package offered by HMA is mere couple dollars that get multiplied over a year, and you get simultaneous multiple connections. It provides you the ease of connecting your computer, Smartphone, and tablets all at once. The numerous servers all over the world are designed for customers which are the strong resource bases. You are always able to find loads of benefits anytime, every time!

It is world’s fastest VPN that is the best option for anyone who requires online security and anonymity. You do not have to sacrifice speed in the cost of security or anonymity. Around 70 servers are installed throughout the world for customer’s ease. Advanced technology has been used by making network self-managed instead of cloud-based.

  • Servers in 190+ countries

  • Nice privacy & security extras

  • Great speeds & unmetered bandwidth

  • Wide device support – including Android & iOS apps

Pros and Cons of the HideMyAss VPN Service


  • Dedicated Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS apps which are easy to use

  • Well designed structure

  • 256-bit encryption

  • Standard open VPN

  • More than 70 servers present in over 320 locations

  • Month money-back guarantee

  • HideMyAss VPN accepts Paypal, credit cards, and Bitcoin

  • Enhanced privacy and security

  • Bypass Geo-restrictions on the internet

  • Ease of file sharing in between clients present in remotely


  • Not the cheapest option in VPN service

  • Slow startup

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Securing Your Ass with Great Product Features

HideMyAss VPN –Securing Your Ass with Great Product Features

Ease of Use

HideMyAss is a brilliant go-to VPN service that enables you to surf the web easily, privately, securely and freely without any restrictions. When you get your hands on this tool, it is just like acquiring a PO Box available on the internet whose address no one can trace. It never lets you open your real identity. When you click on a site, it will always give your false IP address which belongs to the company. In this way, you will remain secured. The data of that website is delivered to HideMyAss VPN’ address, and it forwards to you securely and instantly. It lets you use the internet just like a local allowing you to access web no matter what is your location. Hackers can never spy on you or your activities as they are unaware of your real address and never know who you are or where you are located. The security tools that government, big businesses, law firms and banks use, the same are provided to you by HideMyAss VPN.

Efficient Network throughout the world

HideMyAss VPN’s efficient servers which are more than 720 are present in 190+ countries and 320+ locations. This setup offers faster connections and wide access to blocked and restricted websites throughout the world. The number of IP addresses is more than 93000 that play with the minds of the internet snoopers who cannot guess the geo-locations. These IP addresses keep changing so that clients never appear in one place for long. These servers are designed for the sake of giving super speed throughout the world. The security and accessibility to your most favorite websites are just a click away.

Setting up HideMyAss VPN Service

You can use VPN like just like your private network. You get security and access to all websites of the world in an easy way. HideMyAss VPN encrypts data and gives you privacy online is a breeze. Even the downloading procedure is kept simple so that there is less period between you and your freedom.

Then HideMyAss VPN gives you an option to set location depending on your choice. Pick a virtual nationality of your choice from a rundown list, and here you go. Surf as you normally do.

Dedicated Apps of  HideMyAss VPN

The best part is it works on everything including Android, Mac, iOS and Windows. The main difference between this VPN and the others is that they offer dedicated apps for every OS out there. You do not have to set up the device manually, simply download the application, and everything will connect automatically. For those who readily want the connection to watch Netflix, HideMyAss VPN is what they need. Furthermore, apps are fashioned to be high functional, user-friendly and beautiful. They are not run-of-the-mill applications that are designed only to get the task done.

HideMyAss VPN Servers and Security

This VPN offers a wide range of servers to cater the needs of its clients. These choices are there to facilitate customers in a way more than their needs. The connections are secured and use 256-bit encryption throughout the world. Clients are provided with the option of changing the encryption protocols however the default settings keep customers more safe and secured. You can always switch between servers as much as you want and as long as you can.

Strong Encryption

HideMyAss VPN gives the strongest encryption that is possible. It is required to keep data protected because most people choose VPN for this purpose. Big businesses and companies utilize VPN service only for the purpose of keeping data protected due to high involvement of government and law firms in internet information and usage.

HideMyAss VPN offers strong 256-bit encryption which is the highest on the market. 128-bit is all which is required for an average user, but if you wish for a better encryption, then 256-bit is all that you need. This encryption is unbreakable no matter what. The nuisance of achieving the encryption break is extremely high, and no one would even want to attempt it.

HideMyAss VPN has used the advance technology known as DNS leak protection. It ensures that an extra layer has been added to the internet and encrypted data to protect sensitive data.

Multiple Connections

Everyone wants to connect their all devices with internet. To cater this need HideMyAss VPN is offering three connections per one account do that you can connect your devices simultaneously. Most of the people who are looking for a good VPN forget this important feature however it is one of the most significant features to focus on.

At home on can simply set up a router that works with VPN and bypass simultaneous connections however it becomes an issue when you are traveling. At this time configuration can become tricky. HideMyAss VPN offers three connections simultaneously to connect with your tablet, Smartphone, and laptop. Three is a solid figure that will suit an average person.

Pricing Options

A month money-back guarantee is what HideMyAss VPN offers. This is a user-friendly offer so that clients can have the freedom to test HideMyAss VPN and get satisfied with its performance. It offers one of the lowest prices on the market. There are various payment options offered by HideMyAss VPN which makes it another user-friendly offer.

No Logs are created

Your data will never be saved in the form of logs or compliance requests. HideMyAss VPN puts everything behind the barrier as you browse online or surf the internet. It makes sure the reason due to which you are using VPN remind valid with it. Not only it keeps you anonymous but also makes everything private on the web.

Not every VPN keep clients data secure and safe as they claim. Few keep logs for some days and would provide you information if a court order is made to request. HideMyAss VPN keeps not a single log and has no information what so ever to give to any court system.

Customer Service

HideMyAss VPN provides exclusive support to its clients. Most of the customer service testimonials are anecdotal. They hardly tell you how to use any service. HideMyAss VPN solves various issues with the help of transparency. The application is loaded with useful information, Diagnostic tools and status updates which make its customer service best in the world.

Reason to Choose the “HideMyAss VPN”

Privacy Maintained

One would feel completely anonymous while use HMA VPN which is the goal of using VPN service.

Reliable Service

Always make sure the VPN service you are using is reliable as many VPN services utilize client’s information and data while providing free service. It most probably means that your information is being sold to ad-providers that imply you are not an anonymous at all. That is why HideMyAss VPN is taking the little cost of providing service by keeping your data protected.

Awesome Features

Hide My Ass VPN is loaded with tremendous features and incredible service to go with. The three simultaneous connections and DNS leak protection are all that is required in an advanced VPN technology. Furthermore, a month money-back guarantee is a cherry on top.

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Review Time!

I bought VPN for my family, and it was HideMyAss VPN. Why? Because it is simple to use and not at all tech savvy this is the requirement of every common person. All they want to see is the button which says “connect” and this is what HideMyAss VPN is providing to its clients. If you reside in a country where you are provided with censored internet, then HideMyAss VPN is one reliable VPN service to go with. It will give you foolproof security and data protection plus a money-back guarantee.

I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for a good VPN.

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