FrootVPN Review: One of the Best Rated VPNs

///FrootVPN Review: One of the Best Rated VPNs

VPN can be used by individuals or organizations to get access to restricted data on the internet. Tunneling protocols are used by VPN. Some of the tunneling protocols are Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and IPsec. FrootVPN offers secure authentication and encryption on the network traffic. The service is reliable and affordable.

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Pros of Froot VPN

  • Establishes secure connection to another network

  • Your browsing action will be shielded

  • Secure tunnel is established between two or more devices

  • Reliable service to fulfill the needs of users

  • Affordable service

  • It supports multiple devices

  • Delivers best domestic speed test scores

  • It allows P2P and BitTorrent

Cons of Froot VPN

  • No desktop client

  • Should understand the setup procedure

  • OpenVPN support

FrootVPN Reviews

Why we choose Froot VPN?

If you would like to secure your web traffic from snoopers, you should go for Froot VPN. Your performance will not be compromised when browsing is done through the private network shell. Even though anti-virus software can protect your computer to some extent, the vulnerability is not ruled out completely.

  • Your PC should be protected from scammers, spies and advertisers. By subscribing to a virtual private network, you will be able to deal with various kinds of threats in a very efficient way.

  • If you subscribe to Froot VPN, you will be connected to one of its servers. There are 36 servers in various countries including Australia, Germany, UK, US and Switzerland. The servers are spread across 19 countries. However, no servers are present in Africa at the moment.

  • The supported operating systems of Froot VPN are Windows, MacOS, Linux. The OS is supported on iPhone and Android as well.

  • Most of the VPN service providers offer the service by setting up the local client. However, you will enter the information in the local VPN client or make changes to the computer settings to accomplish the task. The process is little complicated. However, if you follow the steps in a systematic way, the configuration can be done without any issues.

  • The platform support offered FrootVPN varies as per the OS. OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols are offered on iOS, OS X, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The performance of the PPTP should improve on Windows 8 or Linux.

  • It is possible to install FrootVPN software on certain kinds of routers.

  • P2P file sharing and BitTorrenting on servers is allowed by Froot VPN. However, this kind of service is banned by most of the VPNs.

  • Froot VPN should be chosen to get protection from government, hackers and anyone.

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FrootVPN Reviews

Features of FrootVPN

FrootVPN implements bargain-basement pricing. The pricing structure is straightforward. You can go for monthly, tri-monthly and annual subscription as per your convenience. It is the least expensive VPNs in the market.

When you visit a website, your identity is revealed. Advertisers can interpret about you from the sites visited by you. If you are present on an unsecured network, a hacker can intercept the information. When you switch over to the VPN, encryption tunnel will be created.

Region restricted information can be unlocked by deploying the VPN. You will be able to access CNN by being present in England.

The Froot VPN works like a security tool and it can be used on regular basis. VPNs are used by journalists and political activists where restrictive internet practices are implemented. FrootVPN offers better features than its competitors.

When you access a website with the help of the VPN service provider, your current IP address will be switched to the new one. It gives an illusion that you are located in a different country.

The VPN service will not be affected by a security flaw in which case your IP address will be revealed to the third party. The incoming traffic will not be allowed to the VPN endpoint so that highest level of security is established at all times.

FrootVPN Packages

The subscription can be renewed automatically. Major credit cards are accepted by the service provider. You can make payment in the form of PayPal, Bitcoin, Web Money and Giro Pay as per your convenience.

You will also be able to make payment through the gift card.

1 Month

$ 4.99 per month

order Total – $4.99

12 Months

$ 2.99 per month

SAVE 40%

order Total – $53.88

3 Months

$ 3.99 per month

SAVE 20%

order Total – $11.97

Surf anonymously

FrootVPN is meant to surf anonymously. As you are connected with the VPN service, the encrypted tunnel will protect you. Thus, your private information will not be traced by anyone. Anonymous surfing can be accomplished from anywhere without any issues.

You will be able to enter personal details confidently by subscribing to the service. The interception of data will be avoided in the best possible way. There will not be any identity theft or cyber-crime when the best VPN service is offered by the service provider.

Unblock content

The geographic restrictions imposed by streaming service provider can be overcome with the help of the Froot VPN service. The service and access will be restricted by some websites based on the geographic location of the user. Geo-restricted sites can be accessed at all times without any issues.

You will be able to choose the VPN security features as per your needs. The region or location that you would want to connect can be selected on the website. It is possible to hide your IP address. You can also pose like accessing the website from a different location.

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FrootVPN Reviews

Benefits of FrootVPN

You should not take risk with the private information. It should not land into third party or wrong hands without your knowledge. The current generation hackers are able to get access to any computer or website by implementing the latest strategies. To restrict unauthorized access to your content, you can subscribe to Froot VPN service.

The registration for VPN service can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds. You will start the service at a high speed and it will be well-secured.

The following benefits can be enjoyed by Froot VPN subscribers:

  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP

  • No NAT

  • All devices supported

  • Torrent and P2P Allowed

  • Surf anonymously

  • Strong encryption (2048 bits)

  • Choose region/location

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • No logging of your activity

  • Dedicated high-speed internet lanes

  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

  • 30-day Money-back guarantee

Top reasons to choose FrootVPN

There are several reasons to choose FrootVPN as your VPN service provider. Your data should not be accessible to government, hackers and anyone. In this process, the service provider, FrootVPN will not keep logs and all your data will be encrypted so that there will be 100% protection.

The highly secured VPN will ensure that there will be full privacy on all your devices when they are connected to the web through VPN. The VPN tunnel is inaccessible to anyone so that you will have absolute peace of mind.

You can maintain secure connection on Wi-Fi hotspots. When you are connected to the network through the public hotspot, the VPN service provider will encrypt your connection to 2048 bits. Hackers will not read your data and there will be immense fulfillment with the absolute protection.

The Froot VPN is available from everywhere. Various services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Gmail can be accessed without any restrictions. If you are on a private network and the access is blocked, the Froot VPN will do the unblock job very efficiently and your access to all websites will be restored. The service can be used by being present in a foreign country as well.

Your internet provider or government will not be able to spy you as FrootVPN provides 2048-bit encryption. You can access your bank account safely and various kinds of financial transactions can be done without any issues.

Your IP address, identity and location will be hidden by the FrootVPN service. It will be difficult for third parties to find out your presence. The service will protect your identity so that you will surf the web anonymously.

High speed network is secured with SSL and servers are connected to multiple 1Gbps backbone. Customers can take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth provided by the FrootVPN.

Money-back guarantee

You can take advantage of 30-day money-back guarantee offered by FrootVPN. Customers can subscribe to the advanced VPN service so that their online security is not compromised. The people will be more secure with the FrootVPN. You will be anonymous online by subscribing to the secured VPN service. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the VPN, you will get back your money completely. Thus, you can try the new service without any hassle.

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Why do you fail to access Froot VPN?

There are several reasons that block your access to FrootVPN. If you are residing in a country where PPTP VPN connection is blocked, it is not possible to access the FrootVPN service.

The time and date on your computer should be accurate. If your computer maintains inaccurate time and date, there will be issues in accessing the FrootVPN service.

Your router should support the PPTP VPN Passthrough. This can be checked by trying to connect to the internet without the router. If you plug your computer directly to the modem, it should access internet connection.

If you fail to access the Froot VPN after trying the troubleshooting steps, you can contact the Froot VPN customer service so that your issue will be resolved immediately. The technical support team will fix the connection issue.

What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a network based on the internet (in most of the cases). A public network is used to get the benefits of VPN. The VPN is used to connect to the private network in an organization. The internet will act as a transport media and number of systems will be enabled to create a network.

FrootVPN is a tunneling service which is meant to offer a safe and unidentified link to the internet. At the moment, no bandwidth limitations are exercised by the service provider so that there will be a great performance.

There are multiple servers used by FrootVPN to enhance the user experience. Multiple servers operate at 10Gbit/s so that ultra-high speed connection can be established across the globe.

FrootVPN supports IPv6 as well. Except for your username and email address, no log will be maintained by the VPN service provider.

Why should you use VPN?

You might want to know the purpose of VPN. The advantage with the VPN is that you will be able to create a secure connection to another network. It is possible to access a website restricted to a geographical location. Your browsing action will not be revealed even though you access the internet from the public Wi-FI.

The service provided by FrootVPN can be verified by visiting the IP check website,

If you have any issues, you can go through the troubleshooting steps provided by FrootVPN. The troubleshooting guide provided on the website is a great resource. You can also get additional resource from the service provider.

If you forget or lost your password, you can recover it with the instructions provided on the website. A temporary password reset command can be raised for your user ID. The information will be sent to your registered email address. Thus, the password can be reset very easily.


The information about the sites you visit should not be revealed to third parties. By using Froot VPN, you will not be detected by advertisers as real IP address is not used for web surfing. The censorship can be circumvented with the help of VPNs. Even though there are special services to clamp down the VPN, FrootVPN is able to survive by offering unique services. Froot VPN offers flexible and advanced service so that you can make the most of your investment. FrootVPN is meant to deliver the fastest, safest and most secured VPN service which is the need of the hour.

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