How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2 Lag

///How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2 Lag

Blizzard gave gamers another reason to spend more time in front of their computer screens when it released Overwatch in May of 2016. But while Overwatch provides a thrilling experience, many players have complained about Overwatch lags, delays and other issues getting in the way of what could have been a perfectly beautiful experience.

The fact that you are reading this probably means you are experiencing the same problem and are looking for a solution. You are in luck because this article will address problems such as how to fix overwatch lag, overwatch ping buffering, overwatch packet loss, Dota2 lag, LOL lag, and other issues that come in the way of a nice gaming experience.

We will start off this guide by discussing how to fix overwatch lag in details, then we move on to the other two games: LOL and Dota2.

Fixing Overwatch Lag issues

Before an issue can be fixed, it is imperative that the causes be identified first. Step-wisely, we will address many of the issues responsible for Overwatch lag and packet loss and attempt to proffer solutions to every one of them

1.Fix network connection problem

One of the most common issues leading to Overwatch lag spikes is internet connection. Therefore, make sure that your internet connection is running properly. Network stability and bandwidth are important parameters to consider if you are having input lag in Overwatch. By input lag, we are referring to a situation where you use an input device but the prompt is not executed because there is zero immediate response from your hero.

Another major problem Overwatch players face is Overwatch packet loss which can be due to the kind of internet connection the player is using. Generally, players tend to favor wireless connection because it is easy to use. This is most common with laptop users as the ease of mobility results in packet loss when playing online games. To prevent Overwatch packet loss, it is best to change internet connection.

In order to fix connection issues resulting in Overwatch lag, ensure that you do the following:

  • If you are using Wi-Fi, consider switching to a wired connection as this guarantees more consistency and stability and ensures that you don’t encounter Overwatch packet loss. A CAT6 or CAT5E cable connection will most likely take away your Overwatch lag and packet loss problems.

  • Inspect your hardware to be sure that you don’t have any overheating routers or damaged equipment as any of these may be negatively impacting your connection and cause Overwatch lag.

  • Stop background running apps as they may be putting pressure on your internet connection hence causing Overwatch lag. You should also try to terminate peer-to-peer applications, movie downloads, Windows updates, Skype services and many other bandwidth demanding services to fix Overwatch lag.

  • Change your internet password to reduce the chance of someone else connecting to your network without permission. Multiple connections result in large bandwidth demand and this can cause your Overwatch lag. Understand that Overwatch needs a lot of bandwidth, therefore, ensure that you have a fast and dependable internet connection.

How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2

2.Check the Settings of your Hardware.

By adjusting the settings of your harware, you can improve performance. Your Overwatch lag issue can also be due to your hardware. Overwatch has a high RAM demand since it stores a lot of temporary data and makes this data available for use as the game is being played. If you don’t have enough RAM on your laptop, you may have Overwatch Lag.

Ensure that you check to see if your system meets the minimum requirement for the smooth running of the game. Your system will need: Intel Core i3, advanced GPU such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 4850 or above and a minimum of 4 GB RAM so that you don’t experience Overwatch Lag. If your system does not meet this minimum requirement, then you may experience issues such as Overwatch lag, and you may need to upgrade your hardware. But if not, then you can consider doing the following:

  • Free up the RAM to ensure a higher performance, you can do this by ending any running applications. Chrome, Safari, Skype, Torrent clients, and many other applications can cause Overwatch lag. Therefore, when the game is running, ensure that you don’t have all these applications running with it too. The Task Manager app can be useful for this.

  • A running antivirus scan can also affect your RAM and cause Overwatch lag. If you don’t want to turn off your antivirus, you can put it on gaming mode. By putting it on gaming mode, the antivirus stops background scanning in order to ensure that you get better gaming experience. You can disable background scanning manually if your antivirus doesn’t have a gaming mode. Doing this will stop Overwatch lag.

  • You should change your hardware settings in another way. By making the game high on the priority setting, your computer can focus mainly on running the game so that you don’t experience Overwatch lag spikes. By adjusting affinity, you will be able to select the preferred core to run the game. By choosing a specific core, the game will run faster. But understand that in the event that you aren’t so experienced with this setting or don’t what exactly to be done, you should not tamper with the affinity so you don’t create more Overwatch lag problems for yourself.

  • To prevent Overwatch lag, you can allocate memory in the video card. Understand that this technique will yield results only if there is an external Graphics Processing Unit. If you don’t, then you may not be able to do this. When assigning memory to CPU, ensure that there is good level of memory available in order that the system processes and other programs can run effectively without crashing. You can change memory allocation by entering your system’s BIOS and making the required changes. This has been found effective for fixing Overwatch lag.

  • It will help to use VM to end your Overwatch lag. By using VM, the OS can run more smoothly by saving the information on the disk instead of the RAM, making it run much more smoothly and end Overwatch lag.

3.Check the Overwatch game settings

Although the game offers a very thrilling experience visually, it is also possible that the game settings are responsible for your problem. Make the right adjustment to ensure that Overwatch lag and delay stay out of the way. It is probably best to disable Triple Buffering to fight off Overwatch lag. Disabling Anti-Aliasing works too. Another solution will be to consider change the Frame per Second setting to thirty Frames per Second in order to avoid Overwatch Lag.

4.Disable Republic of Gamers Service (if you have it)

This is a solution for the Overwatch rubber banding effect. Although, it is mainly a server side issue, sometimes only ASUS ROG users experience.

ASUS made these laptops with the mindset of delivering the kind of huge performance that games like Overwatch needs. Nonetheless, Republic of Gamers Game First service is known to cause Overwatch Lag. But this stops as soon as this feature is turned off, all things being equal. ROG Game First can be disabled through the following steps:

  • Open Windows search bar to find the ASUS Republic of Gamers Service application

  • Open the program

  • In the lower corner of the application, you will find a switch

  • Toggle to switch to “off” and launch the game again.

How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2

Another way to turn off the service is by launching Task Manager, selecting Services, then searching for AsusGameFirstService. When the service pops up in the search result, and press right click to see Stop the service.

Make sure that this application is turned off and then restart your computer. Once this is done, then the whole Overwatch rubberbanding effect will be solved. If doing this does not solve the problem, then the problem might be due to your server and all these strategies should resolve the Overwatch lag issue.

5.Reduce Overwatch Ping by Using VPNs

You can make use of ping reduction tools out there to get good performance and reduce Overwatch lag. This is very important if you want to enjoy an FPS game such as Overwatch.

What a VPN will do is cut down ping by trying to taking your data packets along dedicated game servers ensuring that you steer off network congestion. The downside of using a VPN is that there might be a reduction in your network speed because of the encryption that is applied to ensure that your connection is secured. Nonetheless, some VPNs come highly recommended as a fix to Overwatch lag in the sense that they deliver a high performance when the game is played despite the encryption.

The following comes highly recommended:


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6.Use Ping reduction application

Several ping reduction software in the market can help create new channels for the data packet, effectively sending them through server destination and routes that are free and not congested. This helps in solving Overwatch lag.

There are dedicated gaming applications in the market whose main purpose is to reduce ping in online games and these can come in handy to fix your Overwatch lag. What they do is optimize your gaming connection through their dedicated servers that are specially designed for game data. Once the connection is established, the application uses efficient server-routing techniques that helps your packet data avoid clutter and traffic on other servers. An application like Kill Ping helps reduce Overwatch lag and is a popular choice. In the game list of Kill Ping, you can find Overwatch there. If you don’t, simply add the game using the “Add a Custom Game” option. In the Launcher option, browse and select “”. For the main module, select “Overwatch.exe” and click OK.

7.Check Your Ping

When Overwatch lag is a common occurrence for players of the game, players don’t really know how much delay, high ping they have in the game. Even though at the moment, the developers of the game have not officially built a way to check the lag and ping, there is actually one way this can be done: by directly performing a traceroute to the game server.

Therefore, in the event that you are suspecting Overwatch lag, it would be nice to check your ping times with the game server before running the game.

How can this be done?

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+R during a game and you will be shown the current ping, fps and RTT for the game.

RTT and RTT Lag

RTT means a Round Time Trip; the time taken for a packet to travel from a user to the server and back. In the case of Overwatch, if the value of this RTT is more than your average ping, then it means that the server is taking longer time than necessary. This RTT lag can lead to Overwatch lag which players will experience when they are playing the game.

Wrapping it up…

Now it sometimes happen that while playing Overwatch, even after dodging an attack from the opponent using all your abilities, you might still end up dead. If you have experienced this, then this might be due to issue of low trick rate. For those who don’t know what this means, trick rate is the rate at which your server refreshes. Your server must receive inputs from you and other gamers at the same rate. Input must be in sync and instantaneous. If this is not the case, then you will experience Overwatch lag.

A low trick rate means that the server does not receive the input at the same time a player presses a key. To make a comparison, popular FPS games like Battlefield 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have a trick rate over 6o Hz while that of Overwatch is a measly 20.8Hz. This difference in rate plays an important role in why you might have Overwatch lag and delays but not in other games. As of writing this, Blizzard has not released an update regarding this, so you my just have to put in place all that’s been discussed in this article and hope that it solves your Overwatch Lag issue.

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Fixing LOL Lag

League of Legend (LOL) lag is one serious issue that the developer, Riot games and many ISPs have been trying to resolve since the game hit the market. But sadly, as the time of writing this, LOL lag, disconnections, and other related issues still persist. Therefore, if you are facing any of the above issues, this article will attempt to walk you through solutions so that you can have the best of experience playing League of Legends on Windows and Mac.

Fixing LOL Lag on Windows

1.Update your Windows OS

If you are experiencing LOL lag on your Windows OS, then it probably means that your computer is not updated with the essential updates from Microsoft. If you are running an older version of Windows like Windows 7, then you may have this problem. A fast solution to this Windows Update. Ensure that your Windows OS is updated to the latest version and that all the drivers from your hardware manufacturer (most especially your graphics card) are all running the latest version. This is greatly going to help reduce your LOL lag on Windows.

2. Repair the Installation

If the lag still persists after the update, then what you can do next is repair the installation of the game. The LOL lag may be due to corrupted game files which the repair button in the game’s launcher can quickly fix. To carry out this operation, run the game and click on the “?” icon at the top right of the window. Select the “repair” button to start repair immediately. This might take between 4 and 15 minutes to finish.

3.Disable Aero Effects and Reduce Graphics Settings.

Another good way to fix the League of Legends Lag on Windows is to reduce your game graphics settings to the bare minimum. You can also disable windows Aero effects if you are using Windows 7. Disabling all graphical effects can make your computer have more resources to run the game. Control Panel is the place to find these settings.

4.Fix Registry

If you are still experiencing the LOL lag, then you should look at your registry. To do that:

  • Go to your Start menu

  • Search for “Run” and click on it.

  • Enter “regedit” in the input box

  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\”

  • Double click on the NetworkThrottlingIndex (DWORD) key, and change its value to FFFFFFFF(hexadecimal), then,

  • Reboot your computer.

Although, there are many ways to fix the LOL lag in Windows, this has been reported to be the most successful according to many users.

5.Check for background programs

As expected, network connection is the major problems of FPS games and LOL is no exception. If every of the above fixes have failed, then you should check your network connection again. But this time, check for programs that are connecting to the internet in the background as you are playing the game. Your OS could be downloading update, your torrent client could be downloading programs, or your neighbor could be connected to your network—all of which may place a heavy load on your laptop ensuring that that you have a LOL lag.

6.Switch to a wired connection.

Everyone knows wireless connections are the best when it comes to convenience…but not when it comes to LOL Lag. Wired connections tend to be more stable than their wireless counterparts, so if that lag is really bothering you, consider this option as well.

7.Use network improvement tools

There are many network and ping improvement applications on the internet that can help fix your LOL lag issues and even that of Overwatch lag, and Dota2 lag. Some of these programs have other function besides the improvement of your gaming network (for example Express VPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish) while some are specifically designed to help you get the gaming experience you so desire, for example Kill Ping.

How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2

Fixing LOL Lag on Mac

1.Disable graphics demanding applications

When fixing LOL lag on Mac, one thing you want to be sure of is that all video RAM intensive programs are off before you even start the game.

  • Close other games, 3D renders, Photoshop to avoid LOL lag

  • Don’t go to YouTube when the game is loading. If you do so, it will slow down the performance of your computer by including unnecessary instructions even while it is still trying to run your game.

  • Close browsers: Safari, Chrome, FireFox to avoid LOL lag.

2.Modify your system performance settings

You can set your Mac to the best performance settings so that the system can allocate more resources to the smooth running of the game.

  • Go to Application>Utilities>Activity Monitor and open it

  • Click on “All Processes”. You will find this in the upper right corner

  • Change it to “All processes, hierarchically”

  • Click on “%CPU” in the Com Info bar

This way, if there’s some background process that takes up more than 25+% of your CPU, and your Mac doesn’t need, you can turn it off by clicking “quit progress” in the upper left corner.

3. Change Graphics Settings

In the event that you have not changed your graphic setting since your started experiencing the LOL lag, you can do that by pressing ESC key, then navigating to Video and adjusting the settings to increase the frame rate.

  • If possible, avoid playing in full screen to avoid FPS lag.

  • Change the resolution of your laptop to that of your league settings, or simply turn down LOL client resolution.

  • Turn VSYNC off. Go to game settings>Video>Uncheck “wait for vertical sync”.

  • Turn off shadows. This is probably the biggest drain on your video RAM. If you don’t turn it off, it can make cause your League of Shadows game to Lag.

4.Boot in Recovery mode

Recovery mode allows your Mac to troubleshoot itself. If you boot it up in recovery mode and run disk utility, you might be able to see an error or two and fix t. if there is no error, then that means any other of the other suggestions will work. To get to Recovery mode, you need reboot the computer. While it is booting, press and hold the right option button, then select the recovery partition. This can fix your LOL lag problem.

5. Reboot Frequently

Rebooting frequently clears out your cache and helps your computer perform much better when running the game. Many users have reported this to be a quick fix to the LOL lag.

6. Disconnect external device

if you have connected your external hard drive or Thunder Bolt Cable, pulling them out can help solve the issue of LOL lag on your Mac.

In the end, to avoid having LOL lag whether on Windows or Mac, it is best to ensure that your system meets the minimum published requirements while also making sure that the game is being run on the best of internet connection.

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Fixing Dota2 Lag and Packet Loss

Anyone who has been playing FSP games for a long time will know that Dota2 lag and packet loss are not always caused by ISP or game servers. But if you don’t know this, then you are in luck as this guide will help you solve your problems.

1.Optimize Your System

You need to ensure that your system is running at optimal performance to ensure that you don’t encounter any Dota2 lag or delay. One way to do that is do a hard disk defragmentation. A simple google check will show you how this can be done. Defragmentation increases the speed of your computer system and the fact that you are using the computer for gaming makes this much more important. You should make it a habit of defragmenting your disk at least once in a month. Disk cleanup is also good as it ensures that cache and cookies that may cause dota2 lag are done away with.

2.Check your graphics hardware and setting

Dota2 lag can happen if your graphics hardware does not meet the requirement for the game. Check the minimum requirements for the game and go to your control panel to see if your graphics hardware satisfy this requirement. If it doesn’t, then you may need to upgrade. For instance, you may need to increase the RAM of the computer or buy a graphics card with a higher video memory.

Now comes the part of your Computer’s graphics. Go to your control panel and see the type of Graphic hardware that is currently installed on your computer. Low graphics hardware can cause Dota2 lag.

If you want to increase your in-game FPS, you should also avoid running the game at its highest graphic settings especially if your system has just the minimum requirements. By running Dota2 at its highest graphic settings, you will be placing more bandwidth demand on the server which can cause the game to lag if this demand is not met. What you should do instead is run the game at a resolution that is good enough to play. If you are running Windows, then try changing your theme to “Windows Classic”. Sometimes Windows Aero desktop visuals can interfere with the performance of the game especially when it is being run in full screen mode and cause Dota2 lag.

You can make the following basic changes to your graphics settings:

  • Reduce the model and texture details

  • Switch off particle quality

  • Switch off cloth physics

  • Switch off shadows


  • If possible, change the Direct X from DX9, if this is what you have to DX8. Although, you may most likely not be able to make this change if your machine is running a 64-bit OS. But with the kind of games breaking into the market lately, you might need to run the latest Direct X version eventually to avoid Dota2 lag.

  • Check to ensure that your drivers are up-to-date. New graphics driver patches can fix bugs and delays in rendering and they can improve the overall graphic performance of your system while making sure that your system is free from that Dota2 lag. You can download driver updates from the site of your computer or graphics card maker.

How to fix Overwatch lag spikes, LOL Lag and Dota2

3. Optimize the game itself.

It helps to put priority on performance when running Dota2 and you should set your graphic to work in the same manner so that you can boost your performance.

You can steer clear of the Dota2 lag right from the beginning by choosing a variety of launch options and commands. If you have had some experience playing this game, then you would by now have been using some of these commands. But if you are still a green horn, then it might help to do a quick google check of these commands.

Dota 2 also has some quite friendly controls which can either help you increase or reduce the video settings for the game. If you are still new to the game, then it is best to set the “Resolution” to “Use my monitor’s current resolution”. Doing this will make the game run at your current system resolution and settings and prevent Dota2 lag

When this is done, then go to “Rendering” and choose between basic settings and advance settings. You can change the settings to “Fastest” if you would like to play with basic settings. Dota2 will immediately adjust the graphics to ensure that faster performance is delivered while Dota2 lag and delay are being taken away.

Still on preventing Dota2 lag, you can take your genius skills up a notch by using the advance settings and selecting the aspect of the game that you want to either turn on or turn off. If your aim is to reduce lag and packet loss, then you can reduce the texture quality. You can also reduce the shadow quality. You can also switch off Anisotropic Filtering, remove additional display if you are using multiple screens and turn off anti-aliasing and Ambient Creatures if you desire a better FPS rate, faster game performance, and zero Dota2 lag.

Still under game settings, you can choose the quality of network you want the game to run on. This will allow you the game to optimize the connection for performance so that you will not get any Dota2 lag. If you have a super-fast connection that can handle a great amount of internet data, then you can let the game run on “High”. However, if you have a low internet connection, then leaving the setting on Network Quality as “Low” can help you reduce Dota2 lag even in this condition.

4. Check your connection

Now, if you have done all of the above and are still experiencing lag and packet loss when you launch your Dota2, then this probably means that your network and internet connection is the issue. For this you want to

  • Check your router to ensure that there is no fault

  • Switch from Wi-Fi service to wired connection. This cannot be mentioned enough. In fact, it is important to state that playing Dota2 through router is one of the most common factors responsible for Dota 2 packet loss and Dota2 lag problem.

  • Ensure that no one else besides you is connected to the network because even if your network is strong, the way Dota2 downloads game data from the internet makes it almost impossible to play it smoothly when other downloads are happening.

  • Turn off torrents, P2P applications and Instant Messaging software such as Skype. It also helps to turn off automatic updates of your OS and antivirus software to fix Dota2 lag.

  • Change your routing paths and redirect your game data to game server in order to reduce you ping issues when playing the Dota 2 game. For Dota 2, when it comes to high ping, the things you can do about it aren’t much but these suggestions here can greatly help. You can use applications that reduce pings so that the overall response time can be really great, and consequently the Dota2 lag time. Using an application that uses separate routing path allows zero to minimum packet loss as there is no congestion since the game data goes through a dedicated path to make a connection with the server. Some VPNs like ExpressVPN and IPVanish allow you to do this if you have them. The Kill Ping application comes highly recommended too.

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Everyone knows that nothing destroys a smooth online gaming experience as much as lag and packet loss. And that’s not even the sad part, the annoying thing is that a host of reasons could be responsible for all of these. In order to keep hitting those combos with you teammates and avoid Dota2 lag, you will find the above hacks useful should you experience any interruptions.

The truth of the matter is that whether you want to fix Overwatch lag, Dota 2 lag, or LOL lag, many of the solutions are common. So by fixing the problem in one game, you might have solved that of the other two. This article has extensively touched on all the key solutions to all the Overwatch lag, Dota2 lag, and LOL lag
Check your system requirement, see if your network is fast enough, check your game settings to optimize your game and you can fix your Overwatch lag and packet loss, Dota 2 lag, and Lol lags.


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