ExpressVPN Review

///ExpressVPN Review

Our Top 1 VPN – ExpressVPN

Every ExpressVPN subscription comes jam-packed with  all the great features you’d expect from the world’s best VPN.

Having a secure internet connection in today’s time is mandatory for users across the globe. If that secure connection brings with it a bundle of benefits, what could be better? From features ranging from flawless encryption, high speed, easy access, ultra security and quick setup, the list is never ending.

ExpressVPN is a virtual portal network provider, based in the British Virgin Islands. Holding a great reputation for fault free, quick and secure internet access, ExpressVPN is your guide for the most professional service in the industry today.

Despite being considered a pricier option when compared to other VPN’s in the market, the impeccable quality of service and protection being provided by ExpressVPN, alongside the no quibbles, 30 day money back guarantee is worth every penny. Other than that, online streaming has never been quicker and easier. With ExpressVPN, you can utilize the unlimited bandwidth and stream favorite TV shows and movies in the highest definition. A small drawback for privacy enthusiastic individuals out there could be the limited aggregated logs. But looking at the picture as a whole, you’re security is at minimal risk with a virtual portal network provider like this.

What We Like:

  • Super fast speed 

  • Ultra secure, strong encryption

  • 145 sever locations in 94 countries

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • 24/7 live chat support

  • Simplistic in use

  • Round the clock customer service via chat or email

  • Superb encryption

  • Globally serving in 95 different countries

  • Money back guarantee, within 30 days

  • Endless server switches

What We Like Less:

  • Slightly high prices unless annual package

  • No free trial

  • Limited connectivity logs


Basic Features of ExpressVPN

The following list encompasses the features provided by ExpressVPN.

  • Fast speed
  • Endless bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switches
  • Simplistic software to be used with numerous devices such as Android, iOS, Linux, etc
  • Globally serving in up to 94 different countries
  • High strength of encryption
  • Protocols of great variability including: Open VPN, L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP
  • Uptime of an average of 99.9%
  • 24/7 customer support and service care through both emails and chat
  • Promising referral program
  • Multiple connectivity in up to 3 devices
  • Money return policy guarantee within 30 days
  • Logging of network traffic is completely eliminated

 ExpressVPN –Features that Speak for Itself!

Multiple Connectivity

ExpressVPN integrates up to 3 separate devices at a time –this multiple connectivity feature is fantastic for users on the go. Imagine having your tablet, router and smart phone is close approximate, all supported by the same VPN provider. It’s convenience at par.

High strength of encryption

In the world of today, having your data encrypted is a must as you never know whose watching. ExpressVPN has you covered with all your sensitive data being directed through encrypted tunnels. This way your identity is masked and your data is as secure as ever.

Global server

ExpressVPN has held its reputation of a reliable VPN server in over a whopping estimate of 94 different countries. Numerous servers are located around the world, keeping you protected every step of the way.

Money back Policy

Money return policy guarantee within 30 days! ExpressVPN provides consumers with the option of using their service and if they feel unsatisfied within that 30 day trial period, they can always opt out with all their money back guaranteed. That feeling of customer loyalty is sure to be gained when offers like these are put out there.

Responsive Customer Support

Top of the range customer support and service care- For any organization willing to gain good customer loyalty with no turning back, your workforce should be capable of handling pressure. This is exactly what ExpressVPN is all about. Their round the clock, 24/7 to be more precise, customer support and care service is active for all queries and issues any user may possibly be facing. The rapid response team is available through email, Facebook or chat. You’re solution to any problems being faced is just a call away.

Ultra Fast and Ultra Secure

Speed and security is what ExpressVPN is all about. As promised, no compromise is made regarding these two factors. For speed, their 256 bit encryption is made available. A speed like this is hard to find amongst the other top of range competitors. Other than that, ExpressVPN is constantly optimizing to bring out their best for their users. Now streaming has never been this quick. All your favorite movies and programs can be streamed in the highest of definition, in the shortest time span. As far as their ultra secure slogan is concerned, there’s no compromise there either. All sensitive data is encrypted and made anonymous before passing on the web. Your IP address is hidden at all times from possible attempts of cyber crime.

Automatic Server Switches

Usually, many users fear losing their sensitive data to the eyes of the public when their connectivity is lost. Well, there’s no such thing to worry about with ExpressVPN as they have you covered in this aspect like no other. Every time your connectivity is lost, you’re automatically logged out from any database or software currently being used. It’s a milestone as far as security is concerned as with this, you are given the freedom to access anywhere without fear.

Planation of how ExpressVPN works and how to set it up quickly.


Zero logging of Network Traffic

It’s a milestone as far as security is concerned as having zeroed logging of your network traffic gives you the freedom to access anywhere without fear. No matter what the circumstance, you will never be logged in. Your identity and IP address will always remain anonymous.

Variety of protocols accepted

ExpressVPN gives users the option of using several different protocols at once. From PPTP to SSTP and open VPTN, they have it all. So you can upload and download according to your desires. There’s no limit on this.

99.9% uptime

Yes you heard that right! ExpressVPN has a record breaking 99.9% of uptime being offered. It’s proven and talked about by all customers across the globe.

Awesome referral programs

This is a great feature as far as promotional basis is concerned. Through the referral program, you can get up to 30 days free service for signing up and referring your friends. Each sign up grants you 30 days of free service. So the bigger your friends circle, the more chances of free service guaranteed!

Unlimited bandwidth- this means nonstop usage of data, with no worry of interrupted connectivity. Users can utilize their respective software and get unlimited streaming of their favorite programs, TV shows and movies to gain a hassle free internet experience.

Ease of usage and setup

Virtual portal networks can be technical for many first time users, who have never experienced a VPN connection in the past. ExpressVPN has simplified connectivity every step of the way. This means no technical difficulties are present for all users. The ease of setup is another added advantage for ExpressVPN customers. You will be safely connected in minutes with no complications on the way.

Video Review

Don’t like reading? Watch the video review instead! The video will give you a clear explanation of how ExpressVPN works and how to set it up quickly.

Customer Support

While ExpressVPN guarantees 99.9% uptime and has servers that are constantly monitored to ensure they perform optimally, problems can arise from time to time. Luckily, it wins top marks for outstanding customer support.

Dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers, ExpressVPN provides 24/7 customer support. Contact their customer care specialists by filling out an online request form on their website which will be answered within a few hours, or by sending them an email. For fastest service though, contact them through their live chat to get real time assistance.


Security and Privacy

ExpressVPN takes your security and privacy very seriously.

  • Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption
    Your data is protected by advanced mathematics in AES-256, the encryption standard trusted by security experts worldwide.

  • No logs
    ExpressVPN does not and will never log traffic data, DNS queries, or anything that could be used to identify you.

  • IP address masking
    No need to reveal your true IP address and location; change your IP address through one of ExpressVPN’s secure VPN servers.

  • Anonymous browsing
    ExpressVPN lets you be anonymous online. You can even pay with Bitcoin and use Tor to browse ExpressVPN’s hidden .onion site.

  • Open VPN and other protocols
    Let ExpressVPN choose the best VPN protocol for your network, or choose manually if you’re an advanced user.

  • Zero-knowledge DNS
    ExpressVPN runs its own private, encrypted DNS on every server, making your connections both safer and faster.

More Reasons to Choose ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers very specific educational features. For example, it has topics like how to browse anonymously, delete your Google search history, and use Tor to stay private online. Besides that, one subscription of ExpressVPN covers 3 devices of any type. Or add even more devices with ExpressVPN’s app for wireless routers.

In every aspect of life, protection and security is a necessity. The cyber world is no exception. ExpressVPN has established its mark globally as a trendsetter in terms of a well renowned VPN provider.

Quality Services

The numerous features regarding customer security leaves the user with no doubt in mind of being protected. The quality of service provided speaks miles about the company in general when it comes to serving customers.

Reasonably Priced

Being relatively low in cost, when compared with other giants in the market, it’s a best buy for all willing to secure internet connectivity. ExpressVPN has always understood that using a VPN for the first time can be demanding and technical. For this reason, it’s super to setup and use for everyone out there.

Copious Features

Other than that, when you have high speed, bandwidth, and numerous servers located worldwide, what’s not there to look forward to? Giving you multiple devices that can be connected simultaneously, convenience is at peaks for those on the go. Proxies are also unlimited. It’s simple to use, even available on all your favorite applications. Be it Microsoft, Android or iOS. There’s something for everyone. When you have unlimited speed and bandwidth, you will have a happy and satisfied internet user.


ExpressVPN will cost you a bit more than other plans, but with top speeds, wide coverage, and dedicated mobile apps, they’re well worth the price. Setting it up is quick and easy. And, should you run into any problems, customer support and top-notch DIY help via the provider’s comprehensive knowledge-base are always within easy reach.
If you’re on the market for a quality VPN that takes your privacy seriously and delivers a quality, reliable service, you simply can’t go wrong with ExpressVPN.

Having a secure connectivity every step of the way is vital in today’s time. There’s no denying of the fact that a VPN is a necessity for the most secure and highest protective encryption of all. After all, you’re better safe than sorry. There is absolutely no surprise when it comes to the great consumer feedback offered by customers for ExpressVPN.

VPN connectivity has never been this easy, convenient, secure and cost effective, all at once. Every attempt is made to be one step ahead when compared to other competitors. The policies for user anonymity are tremendous and fool proof. With all the glory of ExpressVPN, there are two minor glitches that they need to ponder upon. Firstly, their cost is pricier when compared to other giants like NordVPN. Secondly, users may find it difficult to maintain their connectivity with ultimate security as they have limited connectivity logs. Other than that, two thumbs up to ExpressVPN for providing leading customer service and support for VPN providers.

I hope this review will help you to make the best choice when looking for a good VPN.

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Customer Testimonials

My wife and I stayed in India for five months. We like to watch BBC I player on occasions. In that case, we purchased ExpressVPN, which is usually recommend for most needs. I have to say it is really a good experience using this app. ExpressVPN is definitely worth a shot!

—— Dave Anderson, Wyoming . Feb 26, 2017 New York

I have been in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. A VPN is a must-have for any ex-pat in Saudi Arabia. There is absolutely no reason to look beyond ExpressVPN. It remains a top pick for me – one I can count on for anonymity, fast speeds and user-friendly software.

—— Tony Watkins,Jan 22,2017 Saudi Arabia

We are stationed in Germany and this has made watching Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and CBS possible on our computer, TV, and our son's iPad. It's perfectly user friendly and not complicated. Their helpful customer service reps are available for online chat at all hours. Wonderful service!

—— Lionel Priestley, Feb 18, 2017 Germany

Great product! One of the best VPN software products out there. I have done extensive research before I purchased. Highly recommended

—— Paula Norman, Mar 1, 2017 Florida

A perfect way to deter hackers and establish a safer connection. I have a VPN for work so decided to put it on all my computers and devices. Gives just a little more peace of mind for the user. This is a top notch provider and one that I would recommend over all the others. The cost is minimal and you can pay for it in one lump sum or monthly. One lump sum provides a discount. Again, I am very happy with it and have seen the deterence that it provides. You also have to keep your virus protection up or you will keep the door open. This, with your virus protection slams the door shut to your access unless authorized by you.

—— Michael Smith, March 3, 2017 Canada


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