Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick – Guide to Install VPN on FireStick

///Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick – Guide to Install VPN on FireStick

The internet is unarguably one of the best inventions of all time. It has granted us the freedom to access the content of many kinds – written, audio, and video – for free or even at a small price. Out of it has also come lots of brilliant innovations to upscale its use and maximize its opportunities, one of which is the Fire Stick from Amazon. Although there are several other streaming tools and competitors to the Fire Stick, such as Google Chrome-cast or Roku, none beats it for its superior hardware and speed of connection, among other reasons. In this article, we will talk about the unlocked fire stick.

Best Four VPNs for Fire Stick

It’s okay to want to see content from other locations aside from where you are based. To do this, you would need to spoof your location. Even though this is not possible with Netflix, thankfully you can easily hack, in other words, unlock Amazon Fire TV stick content. To do this, sign into your Amazon account, locate the country settings and alter it to the country’s content you want to see. From there you will be able to stream all the movies and music content you want.

The next thing is to sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service and to save you the stress of having to run another search for ‘VPN for firestick’, we have compiled and reviewed the four best VPNs for Amazon TV Fire stick.

In this section, we will be discussing the features, pros, and cons of our top choice for VPN for firestick:


    • High Speed. Ultra Secure. Easy to Use.
    • Unlimited Server Switches
    • Strong Encryption
    • All Devices and Platform
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Easy to Use for Porn Sites
    • Lighting Speed
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Friendy Support
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Server Switching
    • Zero Traffic Logs
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days


    • Access Blocked Sites
    • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
    • Automatic Wi-Fi Security
    • Easy-to-use Apps for Every Device
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days

How to install VPN on Fire Stick

A. The Easiest Way:

Now the IPVanish app is available on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick’s default app store. If you have an IPVanish subscription and a 2nd-generation Fire TV Stick or later, here’s the detailed guide to install Fire Stick on :

  1. Go to the home screen, Apps > Categories > Utility
  2. Select IPVanish VPN from the list
  3. Click the yellow button next to Get to download and install the app
  4. Once the app is installed, click the yellow button next to Open on the same page to launch IPVanish
  5. Enter your IPVanish account username and password. This is a pain if you’re using the remote control, so be sure to check the Remember me box.
  6. Click Login
  7. At this point you can either click the Connect button to connect to the VPN right away, or select a server.

As far as we know,  IPVanish is the reputable VPN app on the Fire TV app store, so it’s definitely the easiest. If you want to know how to install another app, however, please follow the instructions below.

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B. Can you use an alternative app?

Yes. However, if you prefer to use a different app (which is not available on the app store), instead of IPVanish, you are required to take some additional steps. In this case, you should do some tweaks to your Fire TV or Fire Stick by going to “Developer options” that is listed under “System” tab of the “Settings” main menu. You should then go to Apps from unknown sources and switch it “On”. After that, you should go to System menu once again and select Network option under about menu. At this stage, you will be able to determine the address of your Fire TV (please have it written down). Next, you should adhere to one of the following options mentioned below.

  1. Direct download and install a VPN APK

If the respective VPN service allows you to download the APK (installation file of Android apps) from their official website (instead of using App Store), that would be the easiest method. Be sure that you avoid third party websites that offer APKs (such APKs might come with the risk of malware).

You should download and install the “Downloader App” (search it in the Fire TV). Then, you should copy the link of the APK you intend to download to the Downloader app. If the app doesn’t get installed automatically, you can open the downloader app and tap on the APK you just downloaded.

  1. Sideload a VPN app

To deploy this method, you should be equipped with an additional Android device. You will have to download the VPN app on the additional Android device and transfer it to your Fire TV. To transfer the app to the Fire TV, you will need to use a different app called Apps2Fire on Play store. Download the VPN app and install it on the additional device. Now, you should switch to the Apps2Fire app and configure it; tap setup (under the 3 dotted section) and go to “IP Address if Your Fire TV” option and enter the IP address of the TV correctly (you have already written down it as we mentioned above) and save it. Go to “Upload App” option and select the VPN you need to send to Fire TV.

No matter what the method you used is, you should connect your TV to VPN now. In fact, this setup process may depend on the type of the VPN app you have downloaded. However, most of the VPN apps are incredibly easy to use.

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Any other option?

Well, here’s another option if you are unable to find a good APK. With this method, you will be setting up a VPN on your Wifi router. You can try this method even if you have a First Generation Fire Stick. You can do this by;

  1. Converting your laptop into a Virtual router
  2. Configuring the Wifi router to have a VPN

Of two options mentioned above, creating a virtual router with a laptop is an easy task; however, in this case, it is mandatory for you to have a laptop. Therefore, setting up a Wifi router to use a VPN can be considered as the best option despite the complexity of initial configuration.

Basically, all the modern laptops have can be configured into a WiFi hotspot with a couple of tweaks. If you connect the laptop to a VPN network and create a hotspot, it technically broadcasts the VPN connection via wireless technology. So, whatever the devices connect to the respective hotspot will be able to use VPN.

Here’s how to convert your laptop into a VPN enabled virtual router in Windows 10

You should remember that this method is applicable only if your computer is compatible with virtual routers.

Go to command prompt and type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= key=

(You must make sure that the “NETWORK NAME” and the “PASSWORD” section should be the changed as you desire) and press Enter.

Once you are through this step, you have to type netsh wlan start hostednetwork and press enter to turn on the virtual router you just created.

If you don’t get a message saying “hosted network stated” you should probably update the network drivers and retry the process.

Go to network and settings and click on Network Connections section to see if the connection you created appears in the list. You should remember the name of your connection to proceed. Go to the properties of the TAP-Windows Adapter connection and share it. Select the option “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”

Now, you should go to the Home Network Connection and pick the network connection you created. Launch your VPN and set OpenVPN to be the protocol. You can try connecting to a server as you need. That’s basically it!

Connecting the Fire TV into a physical WiFi router with VPN

It is nearly impossible to guide you through the configuration process of VPN in the physical WiFi router you have at home. You must know that each router will differ from the other in the context of firmware. Some of them don’t even support VPN and the ones that support VPN have significant differences in terms of configuration.

The most important thing you should do before proceeding is to log in and check if your router is compatible with the VPN connection. In general, the IP address and the default login information are provided with the router itself. If you cannot find such information, you can perform a Google search using the brand and the model of your router to find the credentials to log in. If not, if the router is provided by your ISP, you can contact them and see if they can assist you with default credentials to the login page.

TIP: Most of the routers have a default IP address ( and “admin” for both user name and password.

When you are through the login page and gained access to the firmware of the router, you should navigate through the menus to find out something related to VPN configurations. In order to setup an L2TP/IPSec VPN connection you should gather information like the server address of the VPN service provider and other relevant information. Some routers are not compatible with VPN and in that case, you have to look for an alternative firmware (probably an open source firmware) and see if you have any luck. In fact, replacing the firmware of your router with an alternative is known as flashing. Some manufacturers terminate their warranty in the event of flashing and you should be aware of such consequences before you opt to such process. This is, however, is not recommendable for those who possess the very little amount of knowledge in IT. A single mistake can make your router out of order for ever; the only solution will be to go for a newer router in that case. As alternative, you can go for a router that is compatible with VPN technology.

Once you are through with any of those processes, you will be able to access geo-restricted contents on Amazon Fire TV like a breeze. However, occasional connection issues may occur when you use a VPN connection to access restricted contents. Still, such minor issues are pretty negligible compared to the freedom you enjoy.

How does firestick work?

Fire stick is simply a device that allows you to stream video content like TV shows and movies over the internet using WiFi. There are two versions of the fire stick. The second generation comes with an updated hardware and virtual assistant Alexa. The fire stick grants access to top video streaming services like Hulu, Steam, HBO Go, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Crackle, PBS Kids, Sling TV, Spotify, and much more. The unlocked fire stick does even more.

It comes looking like another USB stick, but this time with a port for your TV’s HDMI  After plugging it to your TV’s HDMI port, all you need to do is to set it up on your router, sign into or sign up your Amazon account, and you’re good to go. It is a very easy process.

The new Amazon fire stick’s hardware comes with the following features:

  • Bluetooth 4.1.

  • 720p or 1080p HD video resolution

  • And other premium features.

Apart from the fire stick, Amazon also produces and sells the Fire TV and the Smart TV, which have a more sophisticated hardware but are expensive. So depending on your budget, simply go for the one that suits you best.

You can, however, turn any TV into a Smart TV with only the fire stick, while you enjoy all your favourite TV shows, blockbuster movies, and music – all at your fingertips. You can even play your own content from your media library using an unlocked fire stick.

Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick

What does unlocked Fire stick mean?

When we say a fire stick is unlocked or jailbroken what we really mean is that it has a media server software installed on it. Usually, that software is KODI, formerly known as XBMC. In real terms, jailbreaking does not imply that you get superuser access to install certain apps or perform some ‘forbidden’ operations on your fire stick. Far from that. In actual terms, we are simply installing an app that would allow you do more with your unlocked fire stick, which as we mentioned before could be KODI, VLC, or Plex. In this article, we will be focusing on using an unlocked fire stick with KODI.

How to jailbreak fire stick

To use Kodi on your Amazon fire stick, pay attention to these instructions to the letter. They will show you how to unlock Amazon fire stick.

1.From your Fire stick home screen, access Settings—>Applications—>Turn off “Collect App Usage Data.”

2.Backtrack to the previous menu and select System—>Developer options—>Turn on “ADB Debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

3.After this step, you’ll be able to download apps from sources aside from the official Amazon app store. To do this, return to the main menu and follow this path: Apps—>Categories—>Productivity. Select the app “Downloader” and download it.

4.After downloading this app, open it and insert the URL: and press Go.

5.Now, on the KODI website, using your Fire stick remote control button, select the section that says ‘Choose your weapon’. Choose Android.

6.You will be taken to a fresh page, where you will navigate to the bottom. When you see a button that says, ‘ARMV7A (32BIT)’, click it the enter button on your Fire stick remote control.

7.KODI will begin to download. After downloading it will request for an installation. Click Install.

Congrats! You have now successfully made it through the first steps to jailbreak your Fire stick! You can now see it is pretty simple to do this from reading our guide on how to unlock Amazon fire stick. All you need to do now is to install add-ons to customize your apps and have access to loads of content!

Are unlocked fire stick illegal?

Like I earlier said, jailbreaking your Amazon fire stick means that you are giving yourself access to more content beyond what is available in the remote server or your device’s media. It is giving yourself superuser status to do and undo. It is just like when iOS users jailbreak their devices to circumvent iTunes Digital Rights Management on all the types of content available – movies, TV shows and music.

So to answer the question of whether or not is it illegal to jailbreak a fire stick, the answer is plainly no. You can jailbreak the fire stick and still be calm when the police comes knocking on your door.

What determines the legality of a jailbroken fire stick is in what you use it for. The installation of KODI is only what makes it an unlocked fire stick.

A jailbroken fire stick gives you free access to pirated content that you would normally pay for, through the use of plug-ins.

If you do this I would advise you to stick along the lines of using KODI with a VPN like ExpressVPN which keeps you anonymous and away from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We have detailed the key features of this VPN and others like it in the next section below.
KODI is a reputable and legal software/app. It is how users modify its settings and put it to use that determines whether they appear in a crimical court and it is completely up to the judge wheather steaming pirated content is legal or not.

KODI has been cracking down on people who use their software for all the wrong reasons, hence it will be safe to stay off that lane by using a VPN service. We have your best interests at heart you know.

So ensure you watch your back at all times with a solid VPN for firestick like the ones we suggested in this article.

Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick

Fire stick jailbreak channels

With an unlocked fire stick, the possibilities are almost endless. Think of any TV channel that you love, there is certainly going to be a Live TV stream on the internet to watch it. The only warning here is that you have the potential of becoming a couch potato should you get addicted to watching all the steamed content from the unlocked fire stick.

There is something for everyone on an unlocked fire stick. Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Documentaries, Live sports…you name it. Of course the only way to access all of the goody in an unlocked fire stick is through the video and audio addons which you will download and install from the fire stick’s menu.

One of the best Addons you can install on your unlocked fire stick is Exodus. You will stay up to date with the latest movies and TV shows, all at your fingertips. Although Exodus has been having issues of late, an alternative you can give a try is Specto, which does pretty much the same thing.

With these addons for an unlocked fire stick, you can watch all kinds of stuff without paying a dime.

Kodi On Firestick Addons

Since the commencement of June 2017, there have been big changes with many shutting down operations due to the law clamping down on them or the feeling of threat they encounter running pirated content. Regardless, there are still many great working KODI on firestick addons that you can install on your unlocked fire stick which you will enjoy.

Some of them are:

1.Exodus: Exodus takes the lead as one of the most popular adds for an unlocked fire stick. Although of recent there have been reports of it working for some people and not for some other people. The workaround this is to re-install Exodus with the Cazwall Repo.

2.Specto Fork: Specto is the people’s number two choice of must-have firestick addons. It works just fine and give access to a wide range of HQ and HD movies and TV shows. You’ll find blockbusters, movies in theaters, popular movies, most voted among others listed in the categorization of the movies. Also, all your favourite TV shows are available on Specto Fork.

3.Zen: Zen is also a great and superb addon. Like Specto, it is working great now and has no server issues, although word on the street has it that it would soon shutdown completely. So be safe with this one.

4.Phoenix: Sadly, it seems that Phoenix is not functional any longer. But there are many alternatives to it that still provide the same pleasure and enjoyment it did.

5.BOB Unrestricted

6.UK Turk’s Playlists

7.Players Klub Beta

And so on and so forth. In an accompanying post, we will show you how to install these addons on your unlocked fire stick.

Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick

Apps for Unlocked Fire stick

Yes! You can sideload some amazing third-party Android apps onto your firestick. These apps will help you do more easily on your streaming device and give you a better experience. This is how you install an app from our list of apps for firestick:

1.Install the app of your choice either by visiting the Google Play Store or downloading from the internet.

2.Download and install a ‘sideloader app’ such as AGK Fire (a great alternative is Apps2Fire) on your Android phone.

3.Open AGK Fire, look for the new app you just installed, and click ‘Install on XX.XX.XX.XX’.

4.Now on your Fire stick, go to Settings, then Applications, then Manage Downloaded Applications. You’ll see the app and then run it.

Here are our favourite list of apps for firestick:

  • 1.ES File Explorer: It does without saying that this is an app you should have for organizing files on your unlocked fire stick. Use the ES File Explorer with Dropbox to transfer files to your fire stick.

  • 2.Firefox for Android: Mozilla Firefox on Desktop is by far one of the best web browsers there are. So it goes without saying that the mobile browser is just as good. You’ll need it to browse the net.

  • 3.KODI: Formerly known as XBMC, KODI is the world’s number choice for streaming media, be it movies, radio, music, TV shows, etc. We have talked in details about KODI in other parts of this article.

  • 4.Settings.apk: It’s so basic yet you need it to connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to your firestick.

  • 5.HULU: Hulu is more known for streaming TV shows than movies but is a great app to have in addition to the TV addons on KODI.

  • 6.Netflix: and chill after paying the $9 bill for streaming videos and TV shows available on this app.

  • 7.Plex: Plex may not pack as many wonderful features as KODI but it is still the second-best app for streaming native and internet content. As there are Addons on KODI, Plex Channels add more brevity to its functionality but nothing close to KODI.

  • 8.YouTube: Well it is easy to tell what YouTube is – the biggest source of video content on the internet. Tutorials, hacks, movie and TV show trailers – everything is on YouTube – all for free. So I see no reason why you should not install the YouTube app on your unlocked fire stick.

  • 9.Allcast: If you have got media such as photos, music, or videos on your phone and want to stream it on your unlocked fire stick, you will need to download and install Allcast. It is the best application to get this down, even though it does not integrate and function as greatly with other apps like on the Chromecast.

  • 10.Pandora: Finally, Pandora makes our list of apps for firestick because of how much music you can stream with it. Although if you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime, you don’t need to install Pandora. Alternatives to Pandora are Spotify and iHeartRadio. Heck, you can even use all three music streaming apps for the best listening experience.

Why Use a VPN with KODI when streaming with an unlocked Amazon Fire Stick

Because we all love to enjoy a wide variety of content, which KODI gives and using it with a VPN for firestick allows all your internet traffic to be encrypted and connected to a remote server, giving you privacy and hiding your IP address. Torrent sites and geo-blocked channels will see your VPN’s IP address instead of yours, thereby protecting you.Therefore you can stream do all the streaming you want without fear. You’ll be safe as long as you use our recommended VPN for unlocked fire stick as outlined above.

Best VPNs for Unlocked Fire Stick Conclusion

In as much as content is king, the Amazon Fire stick is one device that allows users to reign with all the content they want access to. However, to bypass the geoblocking hurdles, one only has to change their country location the device’s settings and then sign up for any of our highly recommended VPN providers, and you’ll be able to stream content from anywhere in the world! Happy viewing with your unlocked fire stick!


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