Best VPN Reviews – Guide to Choose Top VPN Services

///Best VPN Reviews – Guide to Choose Top VPN Services

See the Top 5 Best VPN Services below

(Best VPN for Windows and MAC)



Speed 95%
Privacy 95%
Contries 84%
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Server Switching
  • Free VPN Trial
  • Zero Traffic Logs
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices


Speed 88%
Privacy 90%
Contries 91%
  • High Speed. Ultra Secure. Easy to Use.
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Strong Encryption
  • All Devices and Platform


Speed 85%
Privacy 92%
Contries 78%
  • Easy to Use
  • Lighting Speed
  • Automatic Kill Switch
  • Friendy Support and VPN free trial


Speed 77%
Privacy 92%
Contries 76%
  • Access Blocked Sites
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth
  • VPN Free Trial
  • Easy-to-use Apps for Every Device


Speed 81%
Privacy 90%
Contries 80%
  • Complete Streaming Freedom
  • Servers in Over 190+ Countries
  • Multiple Devices

Do you know the word VPN? Probably you’ve seen this term on your Smartphone settings and want to know what it’s all about? Or maybe you want to mug up on IT security at your Business.  Anyway, whichever condition you have, this is the place where you will learn: What is the best VPN, Technology involved in it and why it might be so useful to you.

What is VPN?

To understand, what VPN is, you must understand the TLAs (that’s three letter acronyms). So, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, it’s a network that is unlike the conventional one, it’s a logical technology created with tricky software that works over the public network such as the Internet. This technology would give you the same privacy if you are using a private network.

The Internet has given the power of infinite possibilities to anyone with a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone. It’s possible to find anything we want whenever we want it. The only problem of Internet is that it’s also very easy to smell out what’s happening on the WWW and if it happens to you, then your personal privacy is seriously compromised.

Get All the Anonymity You May Need:


So, a right VPN can give you anonymity. You’re secure with a number of things. Just choose a good VPN and you’ll not need to worry about what you’re doing on the internet and all that. Did you know that, when you type any search phrase, someone may track your activity like what’s been searched for and by whom and from where you searching for?

So, what are you thinking? Get a good VPN. A right  service can hide all of your browsing data, which is transferred from you to the server. When you use a right VPN service, Internet Service Provider (ISP) becomes a proxy then. Like a proxy vote – the server manage all of the identification on your behalf, so nobody able to track your activity on the Internet. If you REALLY want to know about IP addresses (because VPN is all about IP address) we’ll return to this topic soon. SO don’t forget to check back.

Get Access to: What You Want | When You Want | Where You Want:

vpn connection

Are you a fan of traveling like me and facing problems during accessing stuff on Internet from outside the country? You may find a notice like – “This website is blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications”. Commonly, you can’t access your PayPal account from an overseas location.
In this world of digital rights and public internet access you mostly find that whenever you’re trying to access your favorite content on the Internet, you’re getting a blocked screen saying you’re not allowed to access this in your country. In this case, a good VPN service comes handy.

A good VPN service is an excellent tool for travelers or many other internet users who want to access content they are prohibited from viewing for geographical reasons.

So, armed your digital device with VPN service and you will get the same IP address (think of it as a zip code) as your VPN service provider. In this way, you can hide your true IP address (sneaky eh?) so the content provider or website you are trying to access doesn’t know your true location. Result – you get uninterrupted access to all the contents and sites you want.

VPN for Business Security:

vpn security

In business there is a range of other benefits that comes handy when you use a right VPN. Most businesses keep much of their confidential documents, reports, and financial data on servers and make their data available to staff using an intranet – a network that is only available to employees in the office. What happens when staff needs to travel outside and still need access to that confidential data? Yep – you guessed it – apply the VPN.

Run a VPN server from your own network and your staff will be able login from almost any location, give an IP address for your network and get access to all the confidential data they need. You can avoid documents falling into the wrong hands because a VPN service secures your data by hiding it inside tunnels – more of that in a later article as well – so staff can travel, access data and update records without fear of data being compromised.

Not So Much a VPN Newbie Now:

So now you understand the base of VPN technology and the benefits it can provide you with. Think keeping your data safe, keeping your activity private and keeping your location hidden and you’ve got it with a right Virtual Private Network. So if it’s time to VPN at the next level then come back soon and read more of our informative articles on this powerful technology.


Supported Devices
Apple TV
XBOX 360
DDWRT Router
  IP Types 
Shared IP(dynamic)
Dedicated IP
   Payment Options
American Express
Master card
Bank Transfer
Diners Club
Other Credit Card
  Help & Support
Phone Support
Email Support
Live Chat
Remote desktop
 Browsing Speed          
 Ease Of Use          

Significance of a Virtual Private Network Service  in Today’s Day and Age

Have you ever heard of the statement that “Big Brother is watching?” Well the matter of the fact is no matter how much we tend to deny, it is a reality. In the modern world of technology today, maintaining privacy is easier said than done. Who’s looking over your shoulder when you access the web, make transactions, or work with sensitive data can always remain a mystery.

You may think that everything you do is just between you, but there just might be someone watching your every move. With cyber crime on the rise, there’s no trusting anybody. Be it online thefts or professional hackers, remaining secure from such individuals should be kept your highest priority. So how exactly can a normal web user expect to remain secure when almost everything we do and everywhere we go makes us accessible to the internet?

The solution to this problem can be easier than you think.  A virtual private network service is actually all you need to make those internet trips secure. What exactly is a virtual private network service and who needs one, what benefits and risks it may possess and how to choose the perfect VPN service provider will all be discussed below. Let’s explore the world of best VPN today.

A VPN or virtual private network service is the name given to a connection to the internet that is run through a VPN provider’s server. Any information or data transferred from your laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet is encrypted in the most secure way by passing through a secure tunnel, right before it heads onto the web.

How can I Benefit from the Best VPN?

Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits that can be gained from getting a VPN connection.

Absolute Privacy

Your privacy is maintained. Through a VPN, all internet activity done by a user is hidden from both your internet service provider (and government).

Overcome all Censorship Hurdles

Say goodbye to censorship.

Yes you heard that right! Any censors placed by your local school, government, workplace, internet service provider etc can all be overcome through the best VPN.

Unlimited Access

Geo spoofing of your location can now be done.

Gone are the days of being denied access due to your current geographical location. Any services denied unjustly to you can now be accessed with ease.

Online Safety at its Best

Security protection at Public Wi-Fi destinations;

This includes coffee shops, libraries, shopping malls, hotels, schools, etc. When on the go, you’re bound to need Wi-Fi from the current location you’re based in. This can pose a serious threat from hackers located nearby. With a VPN, you will worry no more as your public Wi-Fi is securely protected.

Secured P2P Downloads

Security maintained for P2P downloads.

Many P2P or peer to peer sharing downloads are the trends these days of gaining all types of media, music, movies and other files. These P2P downloads pose risks for malware and other destruction. With the use of a VPN, all P2P downloads are secure.

Voice Call Protection

Protection of your voice over internet telephoning;

Ease dropping on your internet phone calls has become easy for hackers. All data shared can easily be communicated to a third party without your conscience. Mediums such as online chatting, Lync and Skype can be secured with the use of a VPN service provider.

Secured Browsing

Avoidance of trace backs can be achieved.

With the best VPN, you no longer have to worry about being traced back as your IP address is disguised or manipulated. This is particularly useful for law enforcement officials, celebrities or other individuals who want to keep a low profile and avoid being traced.

Do Free VPN’s Have Any Drawbacks?

Free VPN’s may bring with it the following drawbacks:

  • Free VPNs are unreliable.
    Although VPNs may be offered for free from some providers, they are unreliable in terms of credibility. Hence, you’re bound to pay additional costs for a VPN service provider.

  • Your Free VPN does not provide anonymity.
    This means you will never be regarded as anonymous by your VPN provider.

  • Tracking of websites cannot be prevented.
    Various companies and analysts use different technologies to track websites. While your VPN may disguise your IP address, it can’t overcome tracking technologies.

  • Free VPN’s on mobile devices aren’t the most secure.
    This is because mobile apps have access to GPS and contact lists. This means your data can be sent directly to parent companies, without bypassing your VPN.

  • Slower internet access in some cases.
    This is because encryption uses great processing power. This can and will directly affect your internet speed.

Dangers associated with using free VPN services

Free VPN services may sound all the most tempting. However, the hidden costs that come alongside this free connection can turn out to overwhelming for users to bear. Let’s take a closer look at the dangers associated with using free VPN services.

Dangers associated with using free VPN services
  • Free VPN services are mostly run by those individuals who we associate cyber crime with.
    Yes you heard that right. Professional hackers and other ill intentioned people waiting for your next move are usually the ones behind free VPN services and they’re waiting to lure you into their trap. Such people are known to make thousands by utilizing the misfortune of others. These individuals run their own proxy servers. When customers get attracted by the free usage package for VPN provided by hackers, they are ever willing to hand over sensitive data or personal information that can cost them hard in the long run.

  • Many Free VPN services are known to come and go.
    You may wonder why that is so. The hidden truth is actually scary. They are run by individuals on a short term basis that uses stolen credit cards to start up the business. After working for some period, they may be discovered as illegal and hence are shut down, however, by that time, they have gathered enough personal details and data from customers, which can be used at any given time. In these circumstances, the customer is absolutely helpless. From bank account details, credit card numbers, log in passwords and account access information is all available to them. Such sensitive information in the hands of ill intentioned unreliable sources has great value sadly.

  • Free VPN service providers don’t stop there.
    They intend to make money from third party sources. These advertisers make money through the user’s proxy server. This means every time you click on the advert or see the advert, you generate money for them. Not only can adverts be a source of nuisance for the customer, it means the main interest of the VPN service provider is making extra cash and not providing the best and most effective user connection.

  • Unstable connectivity is common.
    With free VPN service, comes an unstable internet connection. This can be alarming because if you’re getting poor connectivity, your IP address is available for the public to view. This comes with the fact that your internet traffic is also exposed. The biggest worry of all, however is, that you will not get to know that anything is wrong unless you check your IP address. The main reason for poor connectivity is that free service providers can’t serve thousands of customers all at the same time. Glitches are bound to be present.

  • Poor connection speed is a norm.
    As mentioned earlier, serving the masses all at once and that too for free will bring hardships no matter what. Users are forced to avoid peak hours, which can be thoroughly disappointing to accept.

Then How to Choose the Right Paid VPN Service Provider?

Making the right decision of choosing the best VPN provider can turn out to be a tough one. When there’s a lot of service providers available, you need to know what key factors matter and what you should be aware of. Let’s look at some pointers that can help you choose the right VPN provider.

Steer clear of fake VPN providers.

Believe it or not, there are many out there claiming to provide you with the best VPN services at undeniable costs. The source of credibility of your VPN provider should be judged, don’t just believe what others may say.

Free VPN service providers may do you more harm than good.

All that glitters is not gold. Although getting free VPN service may be a tempting option, it’s not always the best one. Free VPN providers can turn out to be super unreliable, not to mention security risks.

Use VPN providers with capacity.

When you’ve sent out to begin a new business venture, the last thing on your mind would be to use up all your data. Hence, be smart and sure that the provider you’ve chosen has enough capacity.

Ensure that your provider has secure communication protocols.

This means you’re protected with the best out there. Look for those offering Open VPN and L2TP/IPsec. The best VPN providers out there will definitely offer you both.

Search for VPN providers offering the best in terms of protection.

This included providers with servers operating in various countries, minimal or no traffic logs and a super tight privacy policy. After all, the whole purpose of the best VPN is a more secure connection.

Actually there are lots of free trial vpn providers on the market. You can try the service for free for some period of time and then decide if you are going to subscribe the plan.

Basic features of VPN Services that Every Buyer should consider

Achieving perfection is any walk of life is near to possible. Everything has their pros and cons. Achieving a balance between the two is what you should look out for when selecting best VPN service. Let’s take a closer look at those features.

Basic features of VPN Services that Every Buyer should consider
  • Cost of service
    Look out for great packages on offer. You can get lifetime subscription that comes with great discounts.

  • Lightning Internet speed
    Data encryption for protection from VPN is bound to curtail your internet speed. After all, no pain, no gain!

  • Clean Track Record
    VPN provider that guarantees privacy should be thoroughly checked for a clean record and consumer feedback.

  • 24 Hours Customer Support
    For any web user out there, customer support and care is crucial. Users should assess the timeframe taken to answer customers as well as the quality of advice given.

  • VPN Free Trial Chance and Money Return Policy
    In order to judge whether or not this VPN service is fit for you, check out VPN’s offering free trials. Look out for those who provide money back guarantee. These are ideal ways of getting to know what the VPN service is all about before you make a purchase. In case you do, those offering incentives of money return are also more liable to offer better service.

  • Simultaneous Connections on Offer
    Most VPN services give you the option of connecting simultaneously to your laptop, PC, mobile phones, etc. However, many out there just prefer the user to connect via the PC.

    The best VPN provider also offers additional extensions to their most demanding users. They ensure higher security for your online activities and provide personal IP and personal server and even set your VPN on your WiFi router.

  • Multiple Servers
    As a user, gaining access to multiple servers is ideal. This way, you’re not bound to rely on only one. After all, the more the servers, the better!

  • Multiple platform support
    The purpose of a good VPN service is making use of it on any device and at any time. From Windows, Android, and iOS, your VPN should adjust accordingly and even on apps relating to these devices.

the most essential tool for your Online Security

Virtual private network services are essential and versatile tools in today’s modern era of technology. Users need to look after their security and privacy when using internet sources, especially public Wi-Fi. After all, getting hacked is an option intended by no one. A best VPN can help a lot in terms of a safe and secure connection. With benefits such as ease of access, low budget costs, well protected connection, access to restricted sites and improved connectivity, the advantages provided by a VPN are numerous.

However, knowing which trusted and proven service provider to deal with is also essential. This way you’ll get the service you intended for and not the opposite. VPN’s are engaging and leading tools in both the corporate and home sectors of society. Their popularity is unmatched and relates to the ease they bring in a world full of challenges. All it takes is a bit of research on free trial VPN to figure out which VPN service is perfect for you.



  1. xiamanistic July 12, 2017 at 12:36 pm - Reply

    in terms of devic compatibility, it looks from your list express has the lead though if you can configure it over the router, than most of the vpns in your list as well as those not included like ivacy and pure, can offer support for all these devices, including blackberry, consoles like ps3 and ps4 and xbox and other gadgets. configuring through router is also a hack to bypass the multi-login restriction and all the devices connected through the router will be able to connect through the vpn.

    • cloudy wu July 13, 2017 at 2:46 am - Reply

      Hi xiamanistic,

      Thanks for the information. During our testing, we mainly focused on the VPN’s stability and the ease of connection.I agree that router is actually a good solution to multi-device compatibility. We will consider add that information to our reviews.
      I have to say, all the VPN Services listed here were carefully tested by us and scored the best out of the current market. And we will take more time on testing other VPNs including ivacy and purevpn you’ve mentioned above.

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    Such a good review! I have been using easy-hide-ip and it is so good! It is cheap and it provides great security options!

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