Best VPN for Netflix – How to Unblock Netflix – Safest Netflix VPN

///Best VPN for Netflix – How to Unblock Netflix – Safest Netflix VPN

Having access to a service like Netflix is a wonderful thing in terms of entertainment. However, Netflix has certain restrictions if you intend to use it outside the US. If you wonder how to unblock Netflix you should start looking for a good Netflix VPN. Unfortunately, most of the Netflix unblock VPNs available today crash due to many reasons. However, as assistance for those who want to unblock Netflix, we have listed the most reliable Netflix VPN services.

Top 3 Best VPNs for Netflix


    • High Speed. Ultra Secure. Easy to Use.
    • Unlimited Server Switches
    • Strong Encryption
    • All Devices and Platform
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Server Switching
    • Zero Traffic Logs
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections on Multiple Devices
    • Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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    • Easy to Use for Porn Sites
    • Lighting Speed
    • Automatic Kill Switch
    • Friendy Support
    • 100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
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IPVanish VPN is a powerful VPN Netflix that come with excellent security features to protect your privacy. Being a network that allows P2P traffic, IPVanish VPN ensures a better usability over the most of the other VPN services. As a measure of providing more security, IPVanish provides you with an automatic IP address cycling feature. However, IPVanish Netflix VPN comes with a slightly higher price. Also, there is some space for the user interface to improve. Still, the functionality and the security it offers while working as one of the best VPN that works with Netflix perfectly. As a measure of providing a reliable, speedier and constant connection to unblock Netflix, IPVanish has a large network of servers around the globe; this network is a huge plus for them. Also, as an added security measure, they offer an automatic IP cycling; it makes things even difficult for intruders.

Best features of IPVanish we like

  • Hundreds of servers across the globe to provide better connection including VPN for Netflix HD

  • Allows P2P traffic

  • Excellent security features to secure the privacy of the users

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NordVPN (72% off Today!)

NordVPN offers a superb Netflix proxy service with attractive features. One of the greatest strengths they have is the numerous Netflix servers established in many countries across the globe; this network of servers offer faster, reliable and steady connection in order to provide a better service. Because of the faster connection speed, you can stream HD video content on Netflix. Thanks to the better speed and the stability of the connection, you can use this VPN to establish five connections simultaneously. In addition to the admirable speed, NordVPN guarantees top-of-the-line security features to protect your privacy. Their encryption method is too complex for any intruder to manipulate. As the company claim, NordVPN offers a ‘military grade encryption’. When it comes to the user-friendliness of the Netflix unblock VPNs, NordVPN stays ahead of many other competitors; it comes with a very easy-to-use interface. On top of all these positive features, NordVPN gives you a 30-day money back guarantee as assurance of their standards.

When it comes to the cost factor, NordVPN is a fairly-priced, affordable service. More importantly, at present, they offer a whopping 72% off discount for those who register today.

Best features of NordVPN we like

  • It offers you a variety of security features

  • Faster connection to facilitate multiple connections simultaneously

  • Stronger encryption method

  • Large number of servers spread across 50 more than

  • Affordable rate

  • 72% off discount presently

  • Money back guarantee

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ExpressVPN (Hot Choice)

ExpressVPN is another competitive, fully featured Netflix proxy that has servers located in 94 countries. Some of these servers are in the US and therefore ExpressVPN can play the role of a good VPN that works with Netflix perfectly. Their connection speeds are impressively faster than you think. It is quite a benefit that they offer dedicated IP addresses; they offer you a range of IPs to select (that can unblock Netflix and give you access to a variety of video contents). ExpressVPN also boasts about their military-grade security features and that gives you great peace of mind when accessing contents. Thanks to the stronger encryption they offer, you can be sure that your privacy is not exposed to any threats no matter whether you log from home or use a public WiFi. Their service is compatible with all the platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. They offer you the opportunity to connect 3 devices simultaneously. 30-day money back guarantee is another aspect we like as assurance of their standard. Just like you expect, ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any usage logs. An uninterrupted connection can be expected with this VPN for Netflix.

Best features of ExpressVPN we like

  • Can easily perform Netflix unblock (both the US and American Samoa)

  • Netflix proxy with excellent speed that facilitates HD streaming

  • Highly secured connection with strong encryption

  • Offers dedicated IPs for better consistency

  • Impressive customer support 24X7

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Why we need a VPN for Netflix

The problem:

Under practical circumstances (and for the disappointment of millions of movie fans across the globe), Netflix grants full access only to the users in the US. In other words, if you are a user who lives outside the USA, you cannot access all the contents available in the Netflix. These restrictions are applied based on an IP filtration system. If you are using an IP address that represents a country outside the US and tries to access Netflix, you will be restricted to some contents only.

The solution:

The most practical way for a regular internet user to gain full access to Netflix is to change the existing (original) IP address into a one in the US. This can be achieved using a Netflix proxy; all you have to do is to use a Netflix VPN and unblock Netflix. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and as the name depicts, it gives you a virtual IP address (that represent a country of your choice). In this case, i.e. getting full access and unblock Netflix, you should select an IP from the US and create VPN Netflix (which is not hard at all). As a result of using a Netflix VPN, they (the system of the Netflix) counts you as a user from the US and grants you full access to their contents no matter from which part of the world you are.

Why an IP from the USA?

Statistically, those who access Netflix from the US can gain access to over 7,000 video contents including different types of movies, a variety of TV series etc. Meanwhile, users from other countries can access to a significantly low number of contents. The reason behind this restriction is nothing but the outdated copyright laws. As per the existing copyright laws, the TV shows and movies must be broadcasted only within the country there are produced. However, if a respective country wants to broadcast a movie or a TV show that was produced in a different country, they CAN do so by paying a significantly higher amount of money to the legal owners (or creators) of the said content. In the USA, as we know, a large number of movies and TV shows are produced thanks to the world-renowned studios.

This is exactly why you need to know how to unblock Netflix using a VPN Netflix. Once you are through with a reliable Netflix VPN, you can access the US video contents even if you are from the furthest distance.

How to Unblock Netflix

If you are outside the US, the surefire way to unblock Netflix is by disguising your original IP address and pretend that you are from the US. A Netflix VPN is the obvious choice you have in this case. Let’s try to get a glimpse of the functionality of a VPN. In fact, a VPN is a large collection of interconnected computers. This collection works as a network and it is connected to the World Wide Web. When you use VPN service, your computer will be connected to this network instead of directly establishing a connection with internet. Now that the connection established through an in-between party, the data you sent will be first acquired by the VPN and sent out from their IP. In this case, the external parties will recognize as if the signals originated from the IP of the VPN.

For instance, if you live in an Asian country and still want to gain access to contents in the US, it is mandatory that you should connect to a VPN located within the US. When you access Netflix (send data to establish a connection with Netflix’s Server in the US), your data will be first acquired by the VPN in the US and send the request to the Netflix’s US server. As a result of this, Netflix will count the IP of the VPN to be the origin of the data and grant full access. So, you exist virtually in the US at the time of accessing Netflix.

Establishing a connection with VPN Netflix

Most of the Netflix VPN services offer a very simple method to establish a connection. However, finding a reliable and solid VPN is a more difficult than not particularly because of the massive competition out there in the market. Assuming that you have selected the best VPN for Netflix (using our list of options as a guideline), establishing a connection should be a breeze. Once you have ended up with a VPN and you need to access the US’s library, you should select a server located within the US itself.

Those who already have a server based in the US can connect to the respective server directly and access contents. They can use their computer (be it a Mac OS or Windows operated one) and configure a VPN with the built-in features. However, the process can be somewhat complex for an ordinary computer user. Those who don’t have access to a network or a computer located in the country you prefer (in this case it is the US), will have to consider using a VPN as their primary option; it is easy despite the amount of money you have to pay in return. As of now, there are plenty of vendors to offer VPN services under a predetermined subscription fee (for instance, NordVPN, Express VPN, IPVANISH VPN). In general, these service providers initially demand you to download a lightweight software tool and install it following the given instructions. Downloading and installation of such program is generally easy particularly with the programs we have mentioned above.

It is always better to go for a service that offers you the opportunity of getting a dedicated IP. Such approach is going to be beneficial particularly when you need to achieve geo-blocking. Usually, Netflix implements many strategies to block the VPN connections that are suspicious (which are changing all the consistently). However, when you have a dedicated IP address, the chances of getting blocked are negligible. However, if you intend to use your VPN connection for other purposes instead of considering it solely as a Netflix VPN, you should probably go for a dynamic IP that changes every time you log in. Such approach helps you to protect your anonymity than you would otherwise do with a dedicated IP. So, the logic is simple; dedicated IP if you need to unblock Netflix and a dynamic IP to if your prime intention is to protect your anonymity.

Note: Tor browser should not be your option in this case.

There is a small tool called Tor to help you penetrate the geo-blocks. However, when it comes to accessing Netflix or other geo-blocked streaming contents, Tor cannot be considered as the best option. Practically, Tor has a number of encryption levels and the data you enter will have to go through all these nodes before reaching the target server (Netflix). The obvious end result of this encryption strategy is a slowed down connection speed that is significantly ineffective to access HD live streaming broadcasted on Netflix. So, it is always better to go for a special Netflix unblock VPN instead of relying on a service like Tor.

Best VPN for Netflix – How to Unblock Netflix – Safest Netflix VPN

How to choose a good VPN for Netflix

Now that you have a glimpse of the functionality of VPN Netflix, let’s see how to choose a good one out of the rest. Of all the VPN services, only few will be able to practically match the specific requirements of Netflix and deliver exactly what you expect. It is true that using a VPN to watch Netflix streaming may cause slight issues in terms of speed. Longer ping time and slower connection speed are obvious end results of a VPN connection when you use it as a VPN Netflix. Despite the compromised speed, using a VPN to watch Netflix streaming will deliver several benefits to any online user.

The most common reason for a Netflix fan to use a VPN is nothing but gaining unrestricted access to geo-restricted video contents. With such approach, you might be able to access streaming servers that are allowed only in some of the regions. In other words, you can watch any Netflix content broadcasted within any country no matter from where you are.

In addition to that, you can expect maximum protection in terms of security. When you use a VPN, you are capable of masking your original IP address and pretend that you access the respective server using an IP based in the same country. Such strategy also ensures that you prevent yourself from various cyber-attacks. This is a good protective measure when you use contents in foreign countries.

Although it can be a slight disturbance to watch Netflix video contents with a reduced speed many users across the globe prefer to use VPNs to access Netflix due to many other benefits.

Let’s take a look at the ways you can select the best VPNs for Netflix.

  • The amount of bandwidth they offer
    Some of the VPN services limit their bandwidth allocation while others offer unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth allocation sounds pretty good and yet their prices can be relatively higher than the limited ones. Therefore, you should be smart enough to check if it is worth going for an unlimited package. If you go for a monthly bandwidth quota, you must know the amount they offer.

  • Their pricing
    Some offer monthly price plans while other offer annual pricing schemes. You should compare both of those options and clarify the best option for the budget you are willing to allocate.

  • A guarantee of the standard of the service
    It is always good to go for a service that offers a trial period. It gives you an idea about the speed, reliability and other features of the respective service. However, there are some services to offer a money back guarantee for a limited period (for the first 30 days). Both of these options are effective when you shop around for a good VPN.

  • A number of connections you can establish simultaneously
    If you have more than one device (most of us do) to connect to a VPN service, you should go for a service that complements multiple connections. It is a great way to save some money other than going for multiple subscriptions.

  • The platforms they support
    Some VPN software support one operating system only. It will be a problem if you have devices that operate on different platforms. So, you should make sure that the service you select is compatible with all the leading platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

  • The amount of speed they offer
    When you use a VPN, it is obvious to experience reduced speed because of the encryption they implement. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use an annoyingly lagging connection. Some connections are speedier than the others due to various reasons. Therefore, it is obviously better to do a speed comparison before you opt for a certain VPN.

Questions you might want to ask

01.What are the potential consequences of using a Netflix VPN?

The most significant consequence associated with using VPN Netflix (if Netflix finds out that you are accessing a restricted catalog) is the termination of the respective account. However, as of now, no one’s account is been cut off. Other than that, no further action is taken against the respective users. In fact, termination of the accounts is a loss for the company (Netflix) and therefore, they focus on blocking all the VPN connections instead of running after users. As a result of this, Netflix has blocked a considerable number of VPNs so far.

02.What is a legal position of using VPN Netflix?

Accessing unlicensed contents without prior authorization is considered to be piracy. However, you access such contents using Netflix and you pay for their service. Also, when you use the best VPN for Netflix, your online actions become invisible for parties like authorities and even for ISPs. Therefore, the chances of getting penalized for using a Netflix VPN and accessing geo-restricted contents are absolutely minimal.

03.Is it OK to use a dedicated IP?

When accessing Netflix, it is always better to go for a service that offers a dedicated IP address. Regularly changing IP addresses are suspicious to the monitoring systems of the Netflix. If your account accesses content from different IP addresses regularly, there is a higher potential of getting banned. Therefore, it is better to go for a dedicated IP.

04.Does bandwidth matter?

In one word, YES! If your VPN Netflix offers you a monthly bandwidth quota, you must ensure that it is good enough to serve your purpose. If you go for a Netflix VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth, you are likely to end up with a relatively higher price. Therefore, you should assess both the price you have to pay and the amount of bandwidth you need when selecting the best VPN for Netflix.

05.Is it OK to use a Free Netflix VPN service?

There is no shortage of free VPN Netflix services. However, only some of these Netflix VPN services can deliver a satisfactory user experience. A large number of free VPNs are not secure at all. Some of these VPNs actually collect your personal data and put your privacy at serious risks. They don’t offer dependable connections too. Your chances of getting banned from Netflix are more when you use a Free Netflix VPN. Also, connections errors and annoying user experience are common instances associated with these free services.

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