A perfect guide to VPN protocol

///A perfect guide to VPN protocol

When you are looking forward to investing in the VPN there are many options to select from. It might confuse you because there are several technological features and protocols that you can consider. However, the real problem arises when you are unable to select the one that will meet all your requirements.

So to help you out here we have the complete guideline for the VPN protocol.


It can be regarded as the point-to-point tunneling protocol. This protocol has been created by Microsoft that supports all the window users. This is the reason it can be considered as the most commonly utilized VPN protocol. It is the standard virtual private network that can be adjusted according to the platform. It is easy to understand and set up. The best thing about the PPTP  protocol is that it utilizes the least amount of the computational implementation to overhead the procedure. This quality makes PPTP the fastest security provider.

However, as the world of technology is advancing it can be regarded as the old version of the VPN because it was developed on the 128-bit encryption keys. As the modern ones are based on the 256-bit encryption keys so you might have to face some of the vulnerabilities in this system.


It is called the layer 2 tunneling protocol that works on the basis of PPP and this is the reason it would not provide you with encryption.

  • However, L2TP will provide you with the integrity and confidentiality about the protection of your files and data.

  • It has been developed by the collaboration of Cisco and Microsoft as the foundation of L2F and PPTP.

  • Developed with the modern codes and algorithms you can set it easily on any of your modern devices.

  • The NAT firewalls can block the VPN because it uses the UDP port 500.

  • It might compromise the speed because your data will be encapsulated twice but with the multi threading technology, it will not waste your time by providing faster results.

3-Open VPN

It has been developed with the latest technology and you can easily configure it with your latest gadgets. The best thing about this is that it can easily bypass all the protection and firewalls. It can easily handle the larger files because of the availability of 128-bit block size.

It often requires the support of the third party software for the VPN connection. This is the reason that it is often hard to set up and Open VPN might irritate you.


It is the second version of the internet Key exchange. It is the tunneling protocol that has been based on the IPSec system and Cisco and Microsoft developed it. In case that you have suddenly lost your internet connect the software will quickly re-establish the VPN. It is supportive for all the mobile software and faster than all other  protocols.

Now select the virtual private network protocol that will be favorable for your organization. We have been providing the best services around the world so make sure to have a look at our services.

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