Watch2Gether Review & Best Alternative Products

///Watch2Gether Review & Best Alternative Products

Watch2Gether is an innovative web space that allows people to form groups regardless of their location and watch videos together. Apart from watching videos from all the renowned online sources such as YouTube, DialyMotion, etc. this beautiful platform makes it possible for the users to chat with the respective group members, comment and even shop in Amazon. This platform can be used for all the purposes including entertainment, research, study, socialize etc.

Features of Watch2Gther

Watch2Gether Review & Best Alternative Products
  • -Integration of all the renowned video sources
    The most notable feature and the biggest advantage associated with this platform is its integrations with all the renowned video-sharing websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and SoundCloud. As a result of this integration, users can access massive number of videos to match their purposes from various sources.

  • -Group Chats
    Once you have registered in this platform, you will be able to create specific groups to communicate. This is a great feature in the context of sharing ideas and opinions between the group-members related to a particular topic/niche. For instance, a group of students can form a group and communicate with each other related to what they watch. More importantly, it supports both audio chat and webcam integration.

  • -Creation of playlists
    You can organize all the content you need in an orderly manner using the playlist feature. This playlist may consist episodes of a particular show, different lessons of a subject, series of clips etc. depending on the interest of each users.

How to use Watch2Gether

Using Watch2Gether is very simple and exiting. All you have to do to access the massive resources, is to get registered; it is completely free for everybody. Once the user account is created, users can select the desired source of video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and start browsing. A user can either use it as an individual user or invite friends to group chats. You can invite any user to the group simply by sending a link.

In group chats, you can use both video and audio chats for a very effective communication system. This platform supports web cams too. It is a great tool to be used for class projects, entertainment, socialization etc. You can even shop via this platform because of the Amazon integration. All these features can be accessed with couple of clicks thanks to the beautifully arranged, fluid interface of this useful platform.

Watch2Gether Alternatives

Apart from Watch2Gether, there are several other online platforms to provide similar type of service.

  • -Rabbit
    This is a creative web-based resource you can access without a registration fee. It allows you to share your everyday video experiences, watch the exciting and entertaining shows together with the friends or colleagues no matter if they are located in the other end of the world. Rabbit allows you to share your video experiences with your teammates, students or anyone else you wish even when you are on the move. It can bring your family closer for any occasion no matter where the family members live; you can even shop together (online) regardless the location.

  • -TogetherTube
    TogetherTube, as the name suggests, an online platform that allows you to create groups and watch content from video sharing sites together as if you are in the same place. While watching the same video content from different locations, you can share your thoughts and chat with each group member when using TogetherTube. It is a free service and you can start to experience TogetherTube even without creating a user account. Perfect synchronization, facilities to DJ online, chat rooms, voting, hangout and many more features come with TogetherTube for free of charge.

  • -CyTube
    If you are looking for a good web based application that facilitates you to synchronize media, allow you to chat with friends and access a wide array of exciting features, CyTube is something you should try. You can start using this simplified platform even without creating a user account. Videos from various sources can be watched together with friends or family members using CyTube.

Platforms like Watch2Gether brings people closer in the context of entertainment, study and fun no matter what the location is. Using such free resource can bring a big difference to your regular life.


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