Wilson Racquets Review

///Wilson Racquets Review

The Tennis Racquet for Power Players!

Wilson is a reputable and well-known name in sports equipment manufacturing. When it comes to tennis racquets, they have a history of producing world class professional racquets, and multiple grand slam winners have used these excellent products during their triumphant journeys. Despite the quality on offer, the prices of these racquets are quite competitive, making them the best choice for tennis enthusiasts. With a rich history of over a century in the sports equipment market, Wilson has a proven pedigree and unprecedented market presence with renowned ranges such as Blade, Steam, and BLX. This makes the company one of the best manufacturers of the top of the line tennis racquets in the world.

Such a lengthy dominance of a brand in the world of tennis and other sports equipment is mainly due to the ever improving technological upgrades and their effective incorporation into the end product. This is the reason why tennis legends like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Pete Sampras preferred Wilson over many other competitors.

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A good quality tennis racquet is a delight for both player and the spectators, as it enhances the quality and raises the standard of the game. You often must have heard international tennis stars talking about their favorite tennis racquet brand and the reason behind it. It often melts down to the fact that a certain brand suits the style of play of the player preferring it. Similarly, in order to get the best experience out of your game, you must choose a quality brand like Wilson.

Strengths and Weaknesses of The Wilson Racquet

The Brand

The biggest strength of Wilson is its huge brand name; when the legends like Roger Federer is endorsing and using the tennis racquets of your company, you cannot ask for better. This obliges Wilson to design and manufacture the best of the best to keep their reputation and popularity intact. That is why Wilson is the first brand name which comes to your mind when you are thinking or talking about tennis.

Quality with Affordability

Now a day, you will find it hard to get your hands on the quality sports products at economical prices. The situation becomes worse when it comes to the tennis racquets, making this sport an affair of the elite class. The brand named Wilson comprehensively addresses this problem. Most of the high-quality tennis racquets lie in the range of 100-200 Euros, including the range for professionals and beginners.

Designed to Win

Technically, Wilson tennis racquets are artistically designed and exceed the customers’ requirements with most of its models. With a larger head size, you will be able to get a bigger area for sweet spot on your racket and

Extra Perks

Most of the Wilson tennis racquets come with very attractive and aesthetically pleasing cosmetics. It is the add-on which is seldom found in such a high-end professional sports brand. So the great feeling of looking good translates into your game and gives you a wonderful experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Wilson has never invested significantly in their brand marketing; rather they were historically focused on the quality of the product and the customer’s satisfaction. So there is a lot of room for improvement regarding marketing the product which makes Wilson a potential giant in the field of sports products especially tennis racquets.


The Wilson racquets have been designed ideally for power hitters. The beginners will take some time to adjust with the design of these racquets. These racquets also promote a lack of control while playing. The players would start relying on these racquets, and these improve their game a lot. However, after some time players start relying on these racquets as they generate all the power required for them. As the Wilson racquets are light in weight and incredibly powerful, it implies a lot of shocks, so we recommend you a shock absorber.

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The Unique Features of the Wilson Racquets

Maneuverable and Light Weight

The most prominent feature of the Wilson racquets is their light weight. Weighing only 9.1 ounces, they make to a highly light in weight spectrum; you will not notice the difference until you reach the court yet light weight racquets have huge advantages such as less energy, faster swings, and maneuverability. The only weakness associated with a light racket is more shock and less control. Therefore, a high-quality shock absorber is what we recommend while playing so that it dampens the excessive vibrations.

Moreover, the Wilson racquets are 4 points head heavier where most of the weight is distributed towards the head side. The lightweight design of these racquets is combined with [K]ompact Center structure which is highly inspired by the star Roger Federer. The [K]ompact Center is the factor in which the yoke is shortened which is a triangular hole you get to find at the throat of the racket. The yokes made by Wilson Company are more equilateral as compared to other racquets. The advanced technology of [K]ompact improves feel, stability, and maneuverability.

Maximum power in Less Energy

Wilson racquets greatly stress on the power factor. Their head sizes are large which ensures a large sweet spot. It also allows forceful shots in those cases where the ball has not come to the center of the racket. It also requires less energy to generate forceful shots that are a very useful factor, and players do not tire themselves easily while playing with these racquets. These racquets benefit the players who wish to add an extra ‘oomph’ factor to make the balls cross over the net. It also helps in giving players wider sweet spot where players feel much more confident in playing improved shots.

Stability and Durability

The Wilson racquets counterbalance the insane quantity of power. It also uses advanced technology to make the racquets extremely durable. These famous technologies are named as [K]ontour Yoke and [K]arophite Black technology. The racquets manufactured with these remarkable technologies come up with improved strength and stability of racquets. Racquets are created denser and much stronger than the usual professional racquets. The material helps in improvement of stability a lot.

The extraordinary frames of Wilson racquets are much more stable by enhancing on the key stress points that improve torsional stability.


Those who like a lot of touches must go for Wilson racquets. The racquets are structured in a way that lots of weight is placed near the grip that helps in fast movement and easy grip. The racquets make your arm “best friend” by giving a comfortable feeling and players do not feel like they are holding a “dead” racket. Spin, power, and winners are the outcome of choosing Wilson racquets. These racquets are a perfect combination of power and control which makes it an all-rounder racket.


A subtle and beautiful style; Wilson Racquets are not so loud on your face yet natural and attractive looking when it comes to their design. You can see the clear-coat and weave of a beautiful frame for Wilson Racquets. The look of these racquets is made more beautiful with white paint, decals and golden stripes.

Ground strokes

You will and extra power and added depth to your shots. These racquets are a good producer of spins and give more bite to the ball. The players who want to go with a straight take-back swing would love this racket. The large heads are specifically made to prevent twisting racquets while hitting off-center.

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Reason to choose the Wilson Racquet

Wilson Racquets are appropriate and well-designed for a large range of players. Those who are seeking powers, those who like medium or compact swings at slow speed, and those who want to go for a bit more “margin of error” while hitting all would love this product. If you are used to head-light racquets for some time and do not get the depth of shots, then it may be the right choice for you. These racquets are known as the beast of court due to their extraordinary design that focuses on maneuverability and power. However, we do not recommend you to rely totally on these racquets forever to generate power for you. The recreational players would love to go with these racquets as they do not waste energy and incorporate a respectable shock absorber that reduces shocks on shoulders, arms, and wrists.

The Wilson Racquet –Review Time!

Super light weight yet full of power is the trait of the Wilson. These racquets are designed for the players who do not require swinging heavy racquets at the same time providing loads of mobility while hitting shots. The head of Wilson Racquets are impressive and produces an insane quantity of energy with a wide sweet spot that enables them to make forgiving shots that are not landed at the center. They improve the player’s game and provide lots of energy in your shots.
However, we find one thing missing in his product which is the control. As these racquets produce lots of power, we recommend it for the players who do not wish to hit the ball to the moon. Also, it is available in pre-strung, so it is all time ready for players to pick it up and start playing immediately.


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