Top Best Skateboard Backpack Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

///Top Best Skateboard Backpack Review – Ultimate Buying Guide
Top Best Skateboard Backpack Review – Ultimate Buying Guide

Skateboarding has become an incredibly popular mode of transportation particularly because of its compact size, ease of use, affordability and the amount of fun it delivers. Parallel to the growing popularity of this exciting mode of transportation, a new series of products have invaded the market – skateboard backpack. If you end up with the right kind of skateboard backpack, you can find a great deal of convenience. As you know, skateboard are not compatible with all the terrains; too rough and severely uneven surfaces may make you carry the skateboard instead of riding it. However, if you have the right kind of skateboard backpack with you, you will be able to carry your skateboard conveniently (no matter what its weight is) with the other stuff that is already in the bag. Apart from that, a good skateboard backpack might deliver a variety of other benefits.

When purchasing a backpack to match your skateboarding activities, it is always important to consider aspects like the quality of the materials used, the longevity of the product, what sort of capacity it offers and how much it costs. We have gathered all those information for you in this article and listed them for your reference before making the next purchase.


Top 6 Best Skateboard Backpack Review

Here are the 6 best skateboard products available in the market today. As mentioned above, we have considered all the major aspects related to these products when selecting them.


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01.Eastsport Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack 

Made with finest polyester materials to ensure a better lifespan and strength. It is considered to be a multipurpose backpack thanks to its high level of versatility. There is a large main compartment in this skateboard backpack. As a smart value addition, this backpack comes with a special compartment to store your laptop; this is a very handy addition particularly for the new generation. The top handle of this backpack is rubberized in order to assure more comfort. You can securely attach the skateboard to this backpack with the use of dual Velcro compression straps. As a measure to provide you enough hydration throughout the day, this backpack has two side mesh pockets.

Features we like

  • Spacious main compartment to store more stuff conveniently and in an organized manner

  • Specially dedicated compartment to store your laptop with added safety

  • Comfortable top handle with rubberized make

  • Secure and convenient Velcro straps that can hold your skateboard perfectly

02.Nike SB RPM Skateboarding Backpack 

If you prefer a skateboard backpack that has a plenty of space and yet features a very compact size, you may opt to this Nike SB RPM backpack. It can help you carrying your skateboard easily thanks to the buckle straps attached with. These buckle straps are perfectly secure, strong and convenient to use. The main compartment of this bag can be sealed with a zip and the amount of space it offers is pretty impressive. Although some backpacks are pretty uncomfortable to wear particularly because of the shape of their shoulder straps, Nike SB RMP backpack will not bother you in terms of comfort thanks to the curved shoulder straps. The comfortable shape of these shoulder straps is really helpful. Moreover, the externally attached zip sleeve stores can help you to hold your laptop (a 15” one) impressively. It is made to be a very durable and strong product that can assure the safety of your stuff while you are skateboarding.

Features we like

  • Strong and convenient buckle straps to hold your skateboard solidly

  • Spacious main compartment which is zipped

  • Convenient to wear because of the curved design of the shoulder straps

  • Separate compartment to hold a laptop

03.Dakine Atlas Skate Backpack 

This is a backpack with a sleek and less complicated design. This well-designed backpack ensures a superb amount of convenience for you. Because of the less complicated and decent design, this skateboard backpack is suitable even for environments such as schools too. It is made to be compatible with items like books, laptops and all the other essential stationaries without any trouble. The strong and sturdy design of the straps ensure that your skateboard is attached to the backpack perfectly; you don’t need to worry about the stability and the safety of the skateboard when it is attached to the backpack. Cleaning is easier with this backpack. More importantly, it is designed to be a washing machine friendly (you can place it inside a pillow casing before putting into the washing machine). Apart from that, it comes with many value additions including sunglasses pocket, side pockets etc.

Features we like

  • Simple and compact design that complements even the school environments

  • Machine Washable design

  • Durable and strong design

  • Compartment for laptop

  • Spacious

04.Burton Kilo Backpack

This is a highly versatile skateboard backpack design that complements all the venues including school, travel or work. As a measure to support your busy lifestyle, this backpack is manufactured with a special laptop compartment. In addition to that, it has a very specious main compartment to store your goods in a well-organized manner. The straps attached to the front side are capable of carrying your skateboard perfectly giving you a total freedom. Shoulder straps of this backpack are comfortable. The adjustable chest strap can hold the bag to your body firmly. Additionally, it comes with several other pockets to store your accessories.

Features we like

  • Lifetime warranty as an assurance of the quality of the bag

  • Spacious design

  • Durable material

  • Highly versatile

  • Solid straps to hold your skateboard

  • Large main compartment and several mini compartments

  • Adjustable chest strap to increased stability

  • Comfortable shoulder straps

05.Element Men’s Jaywalker Backpack 

This skateboard backpack is made with durable 100% polyester (600D polyester) material for a better lifespan. It has a large main compartment to let you organize your stuff without any hassle. In addition to this compartment and the padded laptop pouch, this bag comes with several other mini compartments including side drop pockets and tricot sunglass pouch. Your skateboard can be attached to your back perfectly using the compression straps. The chest strap is conveniently adjustable and that ensures it holds on to your body perfectly. It can be washed with hands (it is not compatible with washing machine though). It has a capacity of 30 liters.

Features we like

  • Beautiful and smart design that allows you to organize the stuff

  • Padded laptop compartment

  • Adjustable chest strap

  • Large main compartment

06.Vans Off The Wall Jetter Carry All Skate Backpack 

Another beautiful, handy and compactly designed skateboard backpack for almost anybody. It is made with durable polyester materials to assure a longer lifespan. The main compartment of this backpack is zipped and made to be pretty large and there are several other interior slots to make you stuff more organized. The water bottle pocket is located in the side of this backpack. Strong and durable straps in the front can hold your skateboard perfectly.

Features we like

  • Spacious main compartment

  • Nice design

  • Durable finish

  • Side water bottle pocket

  • Straps to hold skateboard

What to consider before buying skateboard backpack

Selecting the right kind of skateboard backpack can be a challenging task for you particularly because of the large number of options available in the market. However, paying extra attention on the following points might make things pretty easy for you to take the most accurate decision.

Pick a product with a strong set of straps

The straps of the backpack should be strong enough to hold your skateboard solidly and reliably to the backpack. Particularly, if you are using a longboard version, the straps should be even harder.

Capacity of the backpack

Your backpack should come with adequate space to carry your essentials (such as books, laptops, water bottles and any other relevant item). When it comes to laptop compartment, it should be padded to provide the safety.

Consider the durability of the product

You purchase a backpack to use for a long time. Therefore, the product should be made with durable materials. Some vendors offer a warranty as an assurance of the quality and the durability of the product.

Does the style of the skateboard match your purpose?

It is always good to select a skateboard backpack with a nice style. You don’t want your backpack to be ugly, too large or too fancy; so, have a good sense of taste when selecting a design.


The price of the skateboard backpack should be a decisive factor. Always compare the prices and see if the respective product is worth what you are paying for. Just because a product comes with an expensive price tag, it may not be the best product in the lot. On the other hand, don’t fall for a product just because it has the cheapest price tag in the market.


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