Street Tennis Club Racquet Review

///Street Tennis Club Racquet Review

The Best Racquet Brand for Junior Tennis Stars

Tennis is a sport played with passion and devotion by millions across the world. Not only is it a great leisure activity and work out regime, it has been looked upon as a great way to build up your mental skills while competing on the court. With the numerous benefits mentioned, the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat your component, challenge yourself and compete with your performance from yesterday. Choosing the right tennis racquet is essential and can vastly improve your tennis game. Believe it or not, the way you play is largely dependent upon your taste in racquets. Getting into the groove of tennis at a young age is a great way to encourage children to stay active from the start.

Street Tennis Club is a trusted brand when it comes to tennis racquets for the younger lot. Providing junior racquets for a number of years, this brand values its young customers, offering a wide range of tennis racquets for kids. All thanks to the modern era, kids are lucky enough to have customized racquets to play with. Let’s take an in-depth look at the racquets being presented by Street Tennis Club.

Features of Street Tennis Club racquets for kids

Street Tennis Club racquets for kids come with a set array of distinguishing features. These include the following:

  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. These include white, black and yellow.

  • Comes in a range of sizes, depending on the child’s age. These include 17 inches, 19 inches, and 21 inches.

  • Material of build and structure is Aluminum

  • Comfortable and easy grip handle.

  • Grip circumference is 4 inches

  • Strong strings made of polyester

  • Light in weight

  • Short in length

  • Easy to carry

  • Large head for ease of shots

  • Smiley face décor on head to attract kids to play

  • Prestrung and ready to play

  • Shock pads included

Strengths and weaknesses of the product

Street Club Tennis racquets are great for kids who are beginning to learn how to step into the world of tennis. Let’s take a glance at the product’s strength and weaknesses.

Strengths of the Street Tennis Club Racquet

1. Provides Junior Players With Easy Grip When Holding The Racquet

Street Tennis Club understands how important grip is when playing shots in tennis. For this reason, they have taken great thought and care to produce a grip made of synthetic material that absorbs sweat, prevents slipping and is made of the softest and most durable material.

2. Light in Weight for Junior Player’s Convenience

Being a beginner tennis player means you not only have to learn how to hold the racquet when playing, but also manage to avoid getting physically fatigued or stressed when hitting shots. Street Tennis Club has come up with tennis racquets designed from light weight materials, with no compromise on quality. These way juniors are avoided from all possible dangers of physically injuries to the wrist and shoulder as well avoiding the chance of letting go of the racquet when hitting shots.

3. Attractive In Design

Keeping the junior mindset in consideration, Street Tennis Club has managed to develop a range of junior tennis racquets in a variety of funky designs and vibrant colors. Other than that, they have managed to incorporate a huge smiley face on the string pattern of the tennis racquets head. The motive behind this is so that every time a player hits a shot, they remember to smile throughout the game.

4. Available In A Number Of Sizes

Keeping in mind a junior player’s age, weight and height, racquets from Street Tennis Club have been designed to accommodate junior players ranging from ages 8 to 12 years. The racquets come in three standard sizes which include 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches. This way, racquets have been simplified, unlike the old days where junior players had to use adult sized racquets.

5. Superb Build And Finish

The high-end finish is offered on all junior Street Tennis Club racquets. The tennis racquets speak for themselves when it comes to design, build and finishing. Each racquet has been given the attention it deserves. Only the finest quality of aluminum has been used for the main body design. This not only makes the racquet light in weight, it also adds the tag of durability to the racquet. The junior tennis racquet is also not likely to break, crack or crumble when dropped or struck on the floor. Other than that, the finishing is another element that must be praised for the junior range of racquets offered by Street Tennis Club. The gloss-finish on the racquet edges are an added visual element for the eyes as well as reduce any sort of friction that could have possibly resulted from rough contact with the tennis ball.

6. Increased Surface Area For Greater Contact With Ball

The ultimate goal as a beginner in tennis is to maximize the number of hits with the ball thrown by the opposing component. Keeping this in mind, Street Tennis Club has kept the size of the head large, with increased surface area available. With this feature, junior tennis players can increase their probability of greater tennis ball contact during play. After all, hitting the ball more often during the match grants a feeling of accomplishment in games like tennis.

7. Reduced Number Of Vibrations With The Incorporation Of Shock Pads

Vibrations from ball impact can be disturbing for many junior players out there. To combat this, shock pads have been included to add a sense of relief and comfort during play.

8. Added Stability And Element Of Power In The Racquet

Street Tennis Club has used the frame of the racquet in such a unique way to add stability during shots played as well as greater power for swings.

9. Great Value For Money

Investing in a good tennis racquet has been proven to be an essential element for better performance during tennis play. Street Tennis Club offers you a budget friendly yet superb quality tennis racquet for beginners to enjoy and get the feel for the game of tennis.


The magnitude of strengths undoubtedly overshadows any weaknesses present. With that being said, there are two slight shortfalls that could help improve the racquets on offer by Street Tennis Club for junior tennis enthusiastic individuals

  • The age range of junior tennis racquets being offered is limited. For this reason, they only have 3 sizes for ages around 10 years. When you’re providing such great tennis racquets, having more variety in sizes would be an added bonus for customers with kids older than 10 years.

  • The strings on the head of the tennis racquet came pre-adjusted and ready to play. This is undoubtedly a great hassle-free feature but in situations where the strings may need readjusting due to movement, customers may find it difficult to fix.

Reasons to choose Street Tennis Club Racquets

Street Tennis Club racquets are an excellent choice for junior beginners who wish to step into the sport of tennis. With a great tennis racquet on offer, junior tennis beginners are guaranteed a sure shot of success into the sport. Let’s review the reasons as to why you should choose Street Tennis Club racquets.

Great step forward towards the development of tennis skills

The Street Tennis Club is a Light weight and easy to carry racquet, giving its beginner level players the freedom to learn stroke mechanics with ease.

Free video game

A highly interactive video game included as an incentive to motivate young beginners to play tennis.

Perfect Size and Easy to carry

TSC racquets are small in size so as to prevent junior tennis beginners from being overwhelmed. It’s easy to swing around and wield on court

High-End Design and Quality

Large head designed to assist in the hitting center as well as off-center shots. Superior quality guaranteed at the most competitive prices

Steady grip and Balance

The Smooth grip that allows flexible use of the wrist for long distance shots –Street Tennis Club is an evenly balanced racquet with weight distributed evenly and not solely on the head is another reason to buy the Street Tennis Club Racquet. It’s highly durable string network is enough to sustain a child’s strokes.

Review Time

It can be safely concluded that a tennis racquet is an essential element of any tennis player’s performance. Learning tennis from a young age is a great way for children to remain physically active and create a healthy passion for sport and activity. Gone are the days when juniors had to use adult size racquets to play tennis. Racquets for tennis today have been customized for players who are as young as 5 years. Street Tennis Club has paved its way into gaining success as a leading provider for junior tennis enthusiastic individuals.

Racquets on offer by Street Tennis Club are light weight, durable, practical to use for young children and made from the finest of materials, not to mention they’re easily available at the most competitive prices around. Added incentives include their vibrant designs and color pattern, with a huge smiley face on the string network. Street Tennis Club is a sure pick for helping you in choosing the right racquet for your child. After all, it is this that will develop their skills at a young age and help them progress further as they grow older.


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