Prince Tennis Racquets review

///Prince Tennis Racquets review

–Redefining the Tennis Enthusiasm

In the world of tennis, the most extraordinary and amazing racquets belong to Prince. These racquets do what no other racquet can. They capture the wasted energy and the instant of impact more than 26% and channel the energy where it requires most. It bridges your energy to make sure your energy is not wasted. These racquets are based on one revolutionary idea that is known as patented Energy BirdgeTM. The skeletal structure makes the string bed suspended from the frame. It is organized specifically to reduce the vibration up to 50%. It is structured with added sculpted groove which provided extra stability, increases spin to more than 25% and boots control of the ball.

The Prince Tennis Racquets are manufactured with a new material known as Textreme. The frames are controlled which are not stiff or soft while providing lots of punch. The beautiful presentation of advanced technology and string pattern that provide more spin is a must for professional tennis players.
A good racquet must have the following qualities:

  1. Must provide great punch when it comes to shots and give great control
  2. It must be easy to arm and light in weight to be easily maneuvered.
  3. It should give out a solid response and feel.
  4. The vibrations of the racquet must be reduced.
  5. It must be able to produce nice spin on the ball.
  6. The racquet must be suited in volleying at the net and hitting balls at baseline.
  7. The racquet must have sturdy, strong construction and must maintain the quality.
  8. The price must be worth the value of racquet.
  9. The grip must be comfortable, and length must be good.

Strength and Weaknesses of the Product


For penetrating strokes and powerful serves get your hands on Prince Tennis Racquets. An essential trait of any racquet is the speed it provides. The more the speed, the more attractive it is for players. The spin and ball all are depended on the structure of the racquet. The speed of the ball and the spin on the ball is greatly increased by using this product. The players are more vulnerable at playing a wide variety of shots with increased precision. The speed was achievable only by the renowned player’s techniques up till now. However, you can achieve this trait by using Prince Tennis Racquets.

This racquet technology combined faster speed and amplified sweet spot which is a must for a professional tennis game. The ordinary string holes are transformed to revolutionary O-Ports that eventually increase the sweet zone up to 54% with superior performance and increased maneuverability. Prince Tennis racquets re-engineer to improve the hitting zones by utilizing Carbon Wave Matrix to expand the sweet zone. Prince Tennis racquets have become one of the principal sweet spot in tennis which is larger than the typical racquets up to 54%.


A tennis player can have few issues regarding the grip of the racquet. It happens only in few cases, but most of the time the players enjoy these racquets more than any other brand.

Features and Specs of the Prince Racquets


The Prince Tennis racquets are extremely flexible and possess the highest rating among the professional tennis racquets. It is few pounds weight than normal brands and has complete string bed of ploys to support the characteristic of flexibility. It takes the time to get used to this racquet due to flexibility feature however you enjoy playing with them after some time. The stringing experience is one of the best features with the PrinceTennis  Racquets and do not present any trouble rather solve the troubles and is all ready to take you ours on courts.

Ground Strokes

One of the most wanted specs; it provides customization without making the weight getting out of hand. The racquets of Prince are the best marriage between mass and flexibility that makes them work so well. If you want to get into a groove, lower your speed, and these racquets will become the most engaging racquets you can think of. It has a head-light balance that allows lots of whip plus open string pattern. Also, it provides easy access to firm topspin from both wings. Sometimes off-center shots are problematic to control due to awesome combo of high flexibility and light weightiness. However, you can produce a constant biting backhand slice while playing with this racquet.


The perks of low stiffness show with these racquets. You can beautifully control your volleys, drop volleys and low balls that look as if it has kissed the strings combined with a supple feeling.


You can acquire lots of movement after bounce with this low weight of the racquet. But the serves are flat to a little extent, and one has to go through the pronation way more than the stiffness and heft. If you use lead tape then only it can become a give a firm serving stick in case you prioritize spin over power at the time of serve. You will be able to coax more spin from the stock weight.

Overall Performance

The prince tennis racquets group has been enticing specs that are a highlight amongst the stiff frames and is a perfect template when it comes to customization if you want to be an advanced player searching for flexibility and light weightiness in racquets. You t are easily able to add some weight in your most favorite spots. Those players who love to use spin and venture this to the net must make us of it in volleys and strokes. If you want to go for a softer feeling, then you must definitely go for Prince Tennis Racquets.


The length of Prince Tennis Racquet is just the right one to produce powerful shots and more reach toward groundstroke. Not only it is long it is light in weight so that it is kept maneuverable.

Head size

Prince racquets have the perfect head size that provides extreme power and wider sweet spot. Less control will be over those racquets which have smaller head size. It is just the perfect size for the beginners to start their journey and the advanced players love to use the racquets in their professional career.

Racquet Weight

The weight of the racquet is perfect to impact power and give proper maneuverability and control on the racquet. The weight of the racquet plays an important role in for above-mentioned factors. For advanced players, Prince manufactures the racquets of slightly high weight, and the beginners enjoy playing with these racquets with the weight appropriately made for them.

Balance of Racquet

The balance is crucial to creating the big impact, pace, and maneuverability. Prince manufactures heavier racquets for professional players and lighter racquets which are less maneuverable while gives stability and well as power.

String Pattern

The string patterns are of two types; one is vertical, and the other is with horizontal strings. They are also known as closed string and open string patterns. Open strings are more powerful having less control while closed strings provide less spin and high power and potential. Prince Tennis Racquets are made in this way to cater the needs of players.

Stiffness of Racquet Frame

It is the most important feature that deals with the impact of the ball while giving less power to it. Prince Tennis Racquets are flexible to provide more control and transmit impact on wrist, elbow, and shoulder to aid great shots.

Grip Size

The grip of the Prince Tennis racquets is made in a way that is not extremely large as large grips effect the stress on the wrist and the elbow which is not good for the physique of players.

Why You Should Buy the Prince Tennis Racquet

A High-Quality Product

The performance, durability and standard quality racquets make the Prince and outstanding racquet that is being used by the best players in the world.

Suits all Skill Levels

The powerful yet lightweight is designed to generate 30% more spin and precision for the players having all levels of skills.

High-End Designs

The modern technology has been used that incorporates graphite in designs. The racquet is designed in a way that it is balanced perfectly that retains adequate weight in hitting zone. Those who want more powerful racquets must go for these racquets.

Review Time!

Prince is specialized is producing special racquets that cater the needs of professional players as well as beginners. Theses racquets are just the right combo of perfect balance and weight that allow splendid swings and good rip at the ball. These racquets have huge spin potential that gives better ground strokes and added mobility and spin.

Players love the overall experience and favorable access to the spin. They adore the power they get from this product which heightened their confidence and gives easier wins. Players can easily produce different paces without compromising the ability to place the ball on landing target. Within minutes the players notice the extreme and easy power.

Tennis enthusiasts like the solid feel on the slice backhands and can keep the ball on low ground and knife it through the shot. The phenomenal combination of control, spin, and speed make this racquet the most appealing one. These racquets appeal almost each playing style.


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