Head Tennis Racquets Review: The Star Tennis Enthusiasm

///Head Tennis Racquets Review: The Star Tennis Enthusiasm

When we talk about tennis the names that come to our mind are Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic. You want to know which their favorite racquet is. It is Head tennis racquet. It is without any doubt the best racquets on the market. Head is a renowned and high-quality brand that is famous for manufacturing top class tennis racquets. Head is the leader in the market of tennis equipment.

Head has split its tennis racquets into different ranges like Extreme, Instinct, Speed, Radical and Prestige that possess various features and optimize different playing styles of the players. Head uses the most prominent element during manufacture of their racquets known as Graphene in the frame of their racquets. Graphene promotes the durability and strength of the racquets while keeping them light in weight. No matter what your playing style is, Head racquets will help you in getting most out tennis game.

While choosing racquet for yourself always look at some important factors that are mentioned below:

  • Stiffness
  • Balance
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Head size

And last but not the least, grip size because you want to get that right kind of feeling while hitting the ball.

Strengths and Weaknesses



The strengths of Head racquets are based on the history and quality. Head manufactured the racquets with aluminum frame first time in the history. This was the benchmark for the company and the reason behind their success. Moreover, they sponsor some top athletes who give their business a real boost. This company has sponsored about 30% of the top players of the tennis in the world.

Power Play at its Best!

Head produces the bigger head size of the racquets that promote bigger sweet spot and more power. With these factor players are prone to lose the control however head racquets overcome it nicely and help to get more control and more maneuverability for the players. The racquets are heavier that grants solid feel, less vibration and more power. Although the racquets are heavier yet the frame of the racquet is designed in a way that it does not cause to slow the racquet speed and players do not get arm fatigue while playing.

Design to Enhance your Play

The racquets have an appropriate length that gives more reach and more power while giving the maximum control to athletes. The construction of the racquets is such that it does not harm the player’s physique by causing tennis elbow. The racquets are stiffer which produce the wider sweet spot, gives more power and players have to go through less swing effort. This trait does not shock your arm or motivates string breakage. The wider cross-section or beam of head racquets constitutes more power and generates less feel.


The price may be the main weakness of head racquets. As they utilize advanced technology in producing these excellent lines of racquets, the overhead cause the price to increase. Some of the racquets of Head are very lightweight that means sacrificing the power of the players.

The players start to rely on these racquets completely that makes it harder for them to improve. Moreover, the power produced by this racquet makes it necessary that you use a high-quality shock absorber.

The Awesome Features and Specs of the HEAD Racquets

Ground strokes

When we talk about the head racquets, we talk about aggressive swings. The players enjoy the great feel, great spin, and great control. These racquets would always inspire you to play swings and go for lines. You do not hit big balls, but you cannot lose the control. Players will swing faster as they will have to work harder for pace and depth that will cause more spin on the ball. The backhand slice is the specialty of Head racquets. You will be able to swing aggressively through ball and would get a lot of spins plus you will be able to hit your shot with a solid pace. Players can move the ball around the court more correctly. You will feel easier, faster and lighter to swing. Also, you will be able to accelerate it faster when trying to add some spin on the ball.


The stability and extra maneuverability on the net have made Head racquets a treat for the players. You will perform much better on the volleys. The maneuverability of this racquet is excellent, and you will be able to easily get the racquet in position in case of quick exchanges. The string pattern is dense that provides enough precision, and excellent fell on the ball. Players love the control and crisp response at the net. The control that you will gain while playing with head racquets boost the confidence, and you may direct your volleys at every corner of the court. Players can punch their volleys away have the freedom to do what they are required to do up there. You will be able to attack overheads in a simpler way and put them away nicely.


Head racquets constitute consistency and precision in initial serves. You can also generate some good pops on serves. You will find consistency and power on flat serves. Also, the kick and topspin serve come with good consistency and pace. The precision and easy power that one finds with these racquets led your confidence. Players always get a nice slice on the ball with these racquets.


These racquets have all the ingredients that a player needed to be a winner in returning. The head racquets quickly swing, and players would be rewarded while attacking serves. Returning with these racquets is always super stable. The nice plow would keep you attacking even in the incidents when first serves or big hits are kicked out of your comfort zone. The stability of these racquets helps you to stay when you are fatigued and stretched out. That firm feel will assist you in attacking serves. The huge amount of maneuverability keeps you away from swinging late.

Magnesium Bridge

This is one key innovation from the Head Company. It has been produced by utilizing an engineering procedure which is popular in the automotive industry. Great torsional stability is provided by the injection-molded bridge while the weight of the frame is kept low. You can swing faster, and the bridge prevents the racquet from twisting in the case of heightened control. Amazing design of the Head racquets allows you the freer movement that helps in creating increased power and larger sweet spot.

Graphene Touch

The perfect combination of magnesium and Graphene adds dampening and comfort to the setup of head Graphene models. The happy marriage of these advanced technologies gives high controllable power and player-friendly combo. The more weight with small head size helps in achieving more accomplishments for the players. The extended length, lower weight, and large hitting surface make the head racquets attractive to a wide range of players.

String Pattern

This trait of Head racquets affects the ball impact against racquets. Strings are either close or open pattern. The Head racquets with open string pattern deflect the ball and feel loose while producing awesome spin. These kinds of racquets need more maintenance as they are prone to breakage and are less durable. The racquets that are dense or have closed patterns give less spin yet produce greater control plus durability. Head racquets make use of this characteristic and feature it in most of its racquets. The players who hit the ball with topspin must look for Head racquets with the closed pattern as you would not have to replace strings often.

Maximum Power

An oversize head and heavy frame are what Head racquets are all about. These factors help in producing maximum power without players sacrificing their own. The open string pattern also boosts this trait while giving a rapid swing weight and ultra-light handle that player would love to have. The bigger head helps in granting wider sweet spot that easily tolerates the shots which are not hit at the center.

Although Head is the pro in manufacturing professional racquets, still some amazing racquets have been [produced by this company. These racquets grant players to get the confidence in shots in the start by hitting more in the center. The recreational players will get the power they require on court exclusive of spending lots of energy. Additionally, the light construction and splendid features which focus on power takes less effort and maximize the swing speed.

Reason to choose this Product

The Head racquets are made to create more power and maneuverable accent. These racquets are much livelier and generate lots of head speed. The faster swing and more stability in structure make this product best for had hitter. The extra spin is what all players want on the court that is produced without putting any extra effort. Every player who wants spin-friendly, powerful and fast racquet must add head racquets on their shopping lists.

The HEAD Racquets –Review Time!

Head racquets are amazing racquets that cater to the recreational. Casual and beginning player needs who are searching for a complete package. For those who are looking for rigid construction, lightweight frame, and maximum power must consider using Head racquets. They are one of the most preferred and recognizable racquets that will never let you down ever.


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