Fiber Flash 7 Set of Badminton Racket

///Fiber Flash 7 Set of Badminton Racket

Fiber flash has been providing the customers with the best quality badminton rackets. In order to meet all the requirements of their customer they ensure to never comprise on the quality and this is the reason that they have been using technological ways in the development of their products.

Recently they have introduced the Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket that is the perfect set of the equipment that you will require for the game. What is included in the set are the two rackets that have the same design and manufacturing. Apart from that, there is a set of shuttlecocks and all the items have been stored in e lightweight bag. So we can say that it will be your one-time investment.

The best thing about this set is that it comes with the 100% satisfaction rate. It has been designed for the beginner and intermediate level players. However, it has been noticed that even the advanced players some time buy the rackets for the training purpose. The racket set is perfect for recreation and tournaments.

It has a string construction that increases the durability of the product. It will enhance your experience because the strings used in the badminton rackets are reliable. It will protect you from the regular trips to the market to get the replacements. The Fiber flash 7 will enhance your experience of playing the game whether you are with a friend or a professional player. It will provide you a chance to enhance your skills and strength.

It has been recommended for the beginners by several coaches because of the strength that the rackets will add in their shots and training sessions. Apart from that, they will get a chance to train for every new technique and skill with the fiber flash 7 because it is a durable racket and it will never leave your side.

Fiber Flash 7 Set of Badminton Racket

Strength and drawbacks of Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket

The racket set has a special appeal for the beginners because is a once time investment that will provide them with the performance that they want. It has 2 rackets, 3 shuttlecocks and the bag that makes it a one-time investment. It means that you will not have to visit the market repeatedly to buy different types of equipment of the badminton.

The handle of the racket is extra comfortable to make sure that you will get the perfect grip during the game. As well as your hands will not get tired because of the hard grip. It is perfect for all level of the players however, the advanced players do not prefer the quality of the shuttlecock that comes with the Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket.


Here is the list of the amazing benefits that you will come across in Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket:

  • The value of the set is great

  • It has available at affordable rate so that you will not have to worry about your budget

  • The construction of rackets in light in weight so that you will get the perfect power in the shots

  • Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket is durable, stylish and classy

  • It will help you to improve your game by learning all the required techniques.


Some of the drawbacks that you might come across in the racket set are:

  • There are have complaints against the quality of the shuttles that have been included in the set

  • The bag of the set is made from vulnerable fiber which means that it cannot handle the wear and tear

Features of Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket

The badminton racket set has been developed with the following amazing features:

Fiber Flash 7 Set of Badminton Racket
  • The weight of the badminton racket is 90 grams
  • Rackets comes in a length of 67 cm
  • The balance point of the fiber flash 7 is 295 mm
  • It has a stiff flex
  • The string tension of the badminton racket is 22 to 24 lb
  • Shuttlecock has been manufactured with the yellow fiber
  • 420D polyester has been used for the manufacturing of the bag
  • It has a great look with one piece design and the solid construction
  • They have been equipped with the T connectors
  • All the rackets have been manufactured with high-quality aluminum
  • The connection of the head with the shaft is smooth and strong
  • It will provide you with a great performance because of the sturdy grip
  • Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket is here to help you rediscover your fun.

Reasons to buy Fiber Flash 7 Badminton Racket

Fiber Flash 7 has been giving its clients the best badminton rackets. Nonetheless, the presentation of the badminton bundle is something that has not been presented by some other organization. In the event that you are as yet confused here, we have the checklist of reasons that why you ought to put resources into the Fiber Flash 7 set of badminton rackets.


The principal thing that you ought to consider about the Fiber Flash 7 set of badminton rackets is that you will have an assortment of items at a similar place. The set has been amassed with same of Fiber Flash 7 rackets and birdies. So you can utilize the racket you are most alright with.

In addition, for the situation that you discover the racket is not working for you can use the other racket accessible in the badminton set. It will enable you to give the best performance at your tournament in the court or at home with companions.


The quality of the item is the principal thing that we need to consider. This is the reason that fiber flash has guaranteed to give its clients with the dependable and great badminton rackets. They have been fabricated with aluminum that is considered as the most study materials in the field for the assembling of rackets.
The rackets have been composed by the authorities to guarantee that they will give the clients with the best services. The edge, as well as the amazing strings, have been utilized that will help you to play the correct strokes and you can apply required weight on the shuttlecock. It implies that you will not need to put resources into the new arrangement of rackets for quite a while.


A standout amongst essential things that you need to consider while purchasing the badminton rackets is its weight. As the Fiber Flash 7 Sports badminton rackets, competition set has been intended for the beginners so the heaviness of the rackets has been kept low. It has the 90 grams of weight

The weight of Fiber Flash 7 badminton racket makes them ideal for the practice session and will help you to learn new abilities. They have a lower adjust point, which implies that you should apply less weight to get the best strokes. The speed of the strokes will be improved. It implies that with the Fiber Flash 7 badminton rackets you can without much of a stretch switch between various strokes and convey fast serves.

4-String tension

The rackets have the spaces with the goal that you can add or remove the string strain according to your demands.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you are an intermediate player you can build up the string tension. The best thing about the string is that it would be minimum influenced by the temperature so you will not need to modify it with the evolving condition.

5-Hand grip

The Fiber Flash 7 Sports badminton rackets have been created with the hand grip to provide you with the ideal hold over the rackets. In addition, you will not need to stress over the accumulation of microorganisms and germs in the handgrip. It implies that substitution will not be required.
On the off chance that you are not happy with the handgrip you can replace it according to your requirements. However, most of the players are satisfied with the services that the badminton rackets are providing. Apart from that, the synthetic grip is durable and so you will easy grab it for the different strokes during the game.

Fiber Flash 7 Set of Badminton Racket


The Fiber Flash 7 Sports badminton rackets will superbly coordinate your playing capacity. It is the most appropriate bundle for the players at their beginner’s levels. The best thing about this badminton racket set is that it will enable you to rehearse with your companions regardless of the possibility that they have overlooked their set at home.

In any case, the expert players won’t lean toward it due to the light in weight head and the less string tension. With the correct adjust and power given in the strokes, you will find the opportunity to have the best understanding and execution. The racket set is flawless from the quality however you may think that it is cost effective. So consider your requirements when you are making the decision about the Fiber Flash 7.


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