Best Badminton Racket on the Market

///Best Badminton Racket on the Market

We often make a common mistake that we use the same badminton racquet as utilized by our favorite player. However, we have to understand the fact that different people have different requirements regarding the sports equipment. This is the reason that they should wisely select the badminton racket.

As there are many badminton racquet brands available in the market, it might become hard for you to select the perfect one. However, if you know the key elements of the badminton racket it would be easier for you to make the right choice.

Best Badminton racket

Tips to choose badminton racket for beginner

Here we have the list of things that will help you in selecting the badminton racket for beginner:


You should select the weight of the badminton racquet according to your expertise in the game. The reason is that selecting the right weight will make it easier for you to control the badminton racket.

  • For the beginners, the weight of the badminton racquet should be between 85 grams to 90 grams
  • The badminton racket should have a lower balance point

The best thing about the lightweight badminton racquet is that it will enhance your stroking speed as well as the recovery. It will allow you to deliver quick serves as well as you can easily change the types of strokes. They are also perfect for the wrists and reduce the chances of injury.

2-Balance Point

In the case of the experienced players, they select the badminton racket that is heavy and so they have a higher balance point. It means that the head of the badminton racquet will be heavy. So you will be able to channel more power in the smashes. Such badminton racquet is not easy to control because of the extra weight. So it might not be ideal for you.

3-Tring Tension

One of the most important things that you have to consider during the selection of the badminton racquet is the string tension. In order to test it, you will press your palm on the strings of the badminton racket and notice how far the strings will go.

For most of the players, the 1 mm sunken depth of the badminton racquet string is considered ideal. In case that you want more power in your strokes then more depth of the strings is required. You have to keep in mind that the tension in the badminton racquet strings varies from region to region because of the effects of temperature on their flexibility. The strings expand in the hotter environment so that people living in tropics need the badminton racket with higher string tension.

4-Hand Grip

The type and size of the grip affect the quality of the badminton racquet that you are looking forward to selecting. There are two types of grips available

  • Towel grip
  • Synthetic grip

There are four sizes of the badminton racket grip and it depends on the tighter feel that you want to have.

Best Badminton racket

Top five badminton racquets brand

The market is filled with numerous brands of badminton racquet but we understand that you want to have the best. So in order to help you out here we have the list of 5 best badminton racket brands. So pay attention towards badminton rackets review before taking a decision.

RiteTrak Sports

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Genji Sports

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It is the complete package that you can have for your game. It consists of 2 carbon fiber badminton racquet and 3 shuttlecocks. Some of the amazing features that you will come across in the product are:

  • It has been manufactured with the high-quality material to ensure that you will get the best performance for a long duration
  • It will be your perfect upgrade from the cheap products because the fiber flash 7 badminton racquet has sturdy grip
  • The badminton racket has been designed in such a way that it will look great in your hands and help you win the game in the court
  • The badminton racquet will help you to rediscover your fun.


  • Maximum control and durability is offered by the carbon fiber shaft

  • The badminton racquet has a professional design that you can use on the court

  • It has the string tension of 22 to 24 pounds

  • The weight of the badminton racket is 90 grams per piece


  • The quality of the shuttlecocks in the package is not very fine

  • The hitting power is limited because the badminton racquet is light in weight


The Fiber Flash 7 will be worth your time and money if you want to play in the backyard.

It is a good badminton racket for intermediate players because of the quality manufacturing and the design. Genji has been providing their customers with the best badminton racquet and this is the reason that they are always preferred. Some of the qualities that you will come across in Genji Sports Tournament Player Badminton rackets are:

  • It is the graphite composite badminton racket
  • The entire product has been covered by Kevlar re-enforced composite for extra durability
  • It is reliable, rigid and powerful structure
  • Badminton racquet has the durable frame and it is available in 83 grams weight


  • It has the high-quality frame that can easily take all the beatings

  • Two different rackets are included

  • The badminton racket is light in weight

  • The pre-string badminton racquet has 22 pounds while the fiber string is 21 grams


  • You might have to buy a replacement grip because its grip in not complete

  • The badminton racquet bag is a very tight fit and the paint job on the product it properly finished


The Tournament Player Badminton rackets will be your perfect choice if you want to invest in a reliable badminton racquet. It is perfect for the advanced level players who want to perform in the courts.

Yonex is the most loved brand by all the players whether they are beginners, intermediate and advanced. The reason is that their rackets are perfect for all levels of games.  Same goes for the Yonex 70 DX Nanoray as you will come across the following features in this best badminton racket for smash and control:

  • Yonex Japan as specially developed and designed the badminton racquet to ensure that the customers will get quality
  • 4U/G4 is the weight and the grip size of the racket
  • The strings has been customized with the BG65 at the weight of 24 lb
  • It has been manufactured in the USA


  • It provides the perfect hitting power that makes it ideal for the advanced player

  • There is extra maneuverability because of the light head and the stiff frame that enhance the balance of the product

  • It is the most durable racket that you can have


  • The players who like to have heavy rackets will not like the product

  • You might have to replace the grip and the strings for extra support


It is a quality racket that will meet all your requirements perfectly in the court.

Apacs cares for the players and this is the reason that they have designed a special racket for the training session. The advanced Apacs W-140 has been developed with the following remarkable features:

  • High modulus graphite has been utilized for the manufacturing of the frame and shaft of W-140
  • The flex of the badminton racket is stiff
  • The W-140 has a weight of 140 grams and it also has other alternatives
  • 670 mm is the length of badminton racket
  • The string tension of the Apacs W-140 Training Badminton Racket is 26 lbs
  • It has the balance point of 320 mm
  • The product has been manufactured with 72 grommet holes
  • The head has been designed with the isometric technology
  • The type of the frame is power muscles


  • It will make your shots more effective, powerful and strong with the passage of time.

  • The players can even use the Apacs W-140 Training Badminton Racket in their beginning games because that is considered as the training session

  • In order to enhance the endurance and strength of the body, the badminton racket is recommended by the professionals to all the players.

  • It will help you to improve your game


  • As it is a training badminton racket so you might find it expensive

  • In the beginning, the heavy weight of the racket might lead to injuries

  • The flexibility of the Apacs has been reduced which means that you have to protect the racket from extra bending


It is the perfect for the players that want to practice to become the best players. The training racket is perfect if you want the complete set at an affordable rate.

Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket which is an entry level badminton racket designed to give its users a well- balanced experience with the badminton racket featuring a refined mixture of control, power and accuracy. The head-heavy badminton racket with an aluminum frame makes it the perfect badminton partner for you to smash your opponent with a bullet of a shot.

  • Frame Weight: 100g +/- 4g (3.5oz +/- 0.14oz)
  • Balance: 295mm +/- 5mm (Head Heavy)
  • Length: 26.2” (665mm)
  • Grip: Adidas performance
  • Grip Size: 3
  • Shaft Flexibility: Medium
  • Shaft Diameter: 7.0 straight
  • Frame Construction: Aluminum
  • Shaft Composition: High Tempered Steel
  • Player Type: Adult Beginner level


  • It has a professional look and design

  • It is the best racket for the intermediate players

  • Despite the lightweight frame it will provide you with considerable power


  • It is not ideal for the player that want high hitting power

  • As compared to the quality of the product it is expensive


Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket is the best badminton racket for smash and control. It is the decent quality racket for the beginners.

Best Badminton racket

Tips to take care of badminton racquet

Your badminton racket is your weapon on the court. Most of the people love a certain badminton racquet and so they want to make sure that it stays with them for a long duration. To make it possible you have to take extra care of your badminton racket. So here are some tips that will help you to keep your badminton racquet as good as new. way from them.

  • Keep your badminton racket away from high temperature. So do not leave it in a place, which is heated because that will de-shape the equipment.

  • Make sure that your badminton racquet is always present in a cool and dry place. A common mistake that we all make is that we leave our badminton racquet racket in the bag. So the sweat and moisture will lead to the growth of bacteria that will eventually damage the structure of the equipment.

  • In case that you have recently bought, a new badminton racquet make sure that you warm up the strings before using it. As it will enhance the durability of the badminton racket.

  • In case that you notice any break signs in the strings make sure that you change them as soon as possible

  • To enhance the string life and prolong the tension it is better that you utilize both sides of the badminton racquet during the game.

  • Do not bend the shaft of the badminton racket quite often when you are testing its flexibility

  • When you have to clean your badminton racquet make sure that you use a damp cloth. Do not wet the string because they will be damaged. Do not use the damp cloth on the leather grip as well as use a dry cloth to remove all the perspiration

Bottom line

If you want to enjoy the game, selecting the best badminton racket for smash and control is very important. In the list given above, we have the types of good badminton racket for intermediate players and serious game lovers. So we are sure that you will find the perfect one.

When buying the badminton racquet you have to make sure that you select the best retailer because they will provide you with an authentic product. There are many fake suppliers available in the market. So make sure that you stay away from them.


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