Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket

///Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket


Today, I’ll be introducing Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket which is an entry level badminton racket designed to give its users a well- balanced experience with the badminton racket featuring a refined mixture of control, power and accuracy. The head-heavy badminton racket with an aluminum frame makes it the perfect badminton partner for you to smash your opponent with a bullet of a shot. The aluminum frame helps it to be one of the light weighted badminton rackets around. Adidas Precision 8 is made for players who prefer good control over their shot and crave accurate shot replacement. The isometric head shape helps the player in producing greater power in each shot. It increases the surface area of the frame. The isometric head shape combined with the head heavy design of Adidas Precision 8 provides power to off-center hits as well. Usage of steel shaft helps the all-around players to play with unprecedented freedom and it benefits in the temperament of the badminton racket. The frame weight of a hundred gram (100g) with a tolerance level of four (4%) percent makes it perfect for beginner level adult players, with weight being neither too much nor too less, who find it hard to start with a heavy racket and end up often with a

Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket

very light weight racket that does not measure up to the standards of a professional badminton player. The racket length is no less than 26.2’’ (665mm) that is a perfect length for a beginner level badminton player of average height. Badminton players with above average height can use Adidas Precision 8 for even better control and optimization of power in each shot. Moreover, Adidas grip more or less makes it the complete package for a beginner level adult badminton player to start his professional game with.


Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket is head heavy designed to ensure more control, stability, and spin. These features make it easy and simple to handle for everyone both men and women. It has no complexity and is the most demanded type of badminton racket. Adidas Precision is perfect choice for those who are new to the game and comes strung with a standard string of pattern 22 x 23. Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket is constructed of aluminum and features an isometric head shape to provide a bigger sweet spot and more accuracy even on off-center hits. This feature is very important concerning all kinds of players of intermediate level who can’t middle each and every shot. This also differentiates Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket from all cheap and casual rackets. This is exactly where money spent on Adidas pays off and gives an upper hand against other rackets. The whole string strength is finely divided and provides the best optimum impact. The Precision 8 is great for all round players and has a high tempered steel shaft. The frame is quite strong and tough and is long-lasting. It is well calibrated and produces fine shots with ideal strength, easily rotatable and controlled. Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket possesses a professional grip that works well both dry and in sweat.

Having a head heavy Adidas Precision 8 can be a bit of a misfortune for modern swift championship players who cannot compromise a bit on speed because they face breathless rivals with electric responses and thus they may not prefer this kind of racket. Speed is the factor that can cross the mind of a person buying Adidas Precision 8 but let me assure you, this is Adidas we are talking about. When I say that Adidas products are well off, I do mean it because the minor relative deficiencies are always available in every product. You just have to see which product has the qualities that suit you the most.


Features of Adidas Precision 8 are discussed below:

  • Frame Weight: 100g +/- 4g (3.5oz +/- 0.14oz)
  • Balance: 295mm +/- 5mm (Head Heavy)
  • Length: 26.2” (665mm)
  • Grip: Adidas performance
  • Grip Size: 3
  • Shaft Flexibility: Medium
  • Shaft Diameter: 7.0 straight
  • Frame Construction: Aluminum
  • Shaft Composition: High Tempered Steel
  • Player Type: Adult Beginner level
  • Strung with standard string
  • String Pattern: 22 x 23
  • Recommended String Tension: 18-22lbs (8.0-10.0kg)


Let’s just talk about the brand here. Adidas is a German sportswear and fashion brand. While Adidas mainly focuses on its sportswear products with football being very high on its sponsoring list but it has ventured into the badminton rackets as well. It has announced four different categories of badminton rackets with the categories being:

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Precision
  • Smart

While the categories’ names almost completely suggesting the characteristics of the badminton rackets available for the customers to choose from.

With the Adidas badminton rackets range divided into four categories, all the categories have been divided into three different divisions based on the quality of the rackets. Each of the categories has been divided into three divisions which are named as:

  • Best
  • Better
  • Good
Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket

The Best division badminton rackets are best of the best rackets which are designed for professional players with proper expertise in the game. These badminton rackets offer the perfect mixture of power, accuracy, and control. The Better division of rackets is designed for medium to high-level professional badminton players. These badminton rackets

The ‘Stronger’ category defined by red color will be comprising of heavy rackets which will be used by the masters of the game to extract the best out of them in terms of power. Although it seems that other compartments will be compromised for power but the rackets higher in the pecking order of the category itself have been skillfully crafted to offer the perfect balance between strength, control, and accuracy.

The ‘Faster’ category, as the name suggests, will be embracing light weight rackets designed for speed and maybe the other variables will be compromised here but yet again the best rackets among the ‘Faster’ category will have overcome this hurdle as well. The color which defines this category is yellow. The ‘Best’ division comprises of the rackets provides the complete overall performance of the highest level with a slight preference for speed.

Same is the case for the ‘Precision’ category. The name already suggests a lot about the badminton rackets offered in the category. It comprises of the badminton range specially designed for precision lovers. The control freaks would absolutely love this badminton rackets range. The color that has been chosen by Adidas for this range is bronze. Although the color suggests mediocrity but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The badminton rackets offered are of the highest quality. Most of them are light weighted.

Adidas offers a comprehensive badminton rackets’ range which can offer something for almost everyone. With every category listed and available in different budgets, with quality being the variable, everyone can find a racket that is perfectly tailor made for him and that complements his abilities quite perfectly.


With so many features already discussed giving it an edge over its competitors, it’s pretty obvious why you should choose Adidas Precision 8 above its counterparts. But, the complete analysis has been summarized for your convenience here in the following:

i.Adidas Precision 8 is a light weight racket having a weight of a 100 gm with a tolerance level of 4% only. Believe me, you won’t even feel it in your hands. It literally feels like an extension of your hand rather than an alien element with an extra weight on your arm.

ii.Adidas Precision 8 has a heavy head design. The heavy head design helps in reducing the vibrations of the racket while playing powerful shots. So you can deliver back-to-back bullet-like shots and the racket would handle all the technicalities.

iii.Adidas Precision 8 has an isometric design. The isometric design helps to increase the sweet spot so you can get enough power for off-center hits as well. Helps a lot if you are not a professional yet.

Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket

iv.Adidas Precision 8 is standard badminton racket universally liked badminton racket which is unisex in nature and is effective for both genders.

v.Adidas Precision 8 is made for precision and controlled shots. The delicate touch is unmatchable.

vi.Adidas Precision 8 is easy to handle and is much fun to play with.

vii.Adidas Precision 8 has a string with long life and is repairable making it long-lasting.

viii.Adidas Precision 8 is not expensive at all and is affordable for almost everyone.

With everything in the favor of Adidas Precision 8, what exactly is stopping you? Just order the new Adidas Precision 8 Badminton Racket and get ready to outmaneuver your opponents.


If we divide the badminton players into groups, Adidas Precision 8 is well suited for almost 85% of badminton players who are beginners or intermediates. This Adidas Precision 8, however, is not recommended for a unique class of world class players who do not crave the idea of controlled shots, but they are very less in numbers and usually get their rackets with special requirements mainly power being the first of their demands, so it is categorically wonderful both quality wise and is also economic.


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