Pocket Fishing Rod Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole Review

///Pocket Fishing Rod Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole Review

Fishing is the most enjoyable and relaxing sport which people partake in for entertainment, as a hobby, or even professionally. To enjoy fishing in the best manner possible you must have an adequately long, flexible fishing rod for you to catch fish with. Furthermore, the said fishing rod should also be durable. You don’t want your fishing rod to break while reeling your catch in!

For people who are new to fishing and don’t want to carry around a way too long fishing rod with them, the Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod is a good option. Not only is this tiny fishing rod easy to carry around, but it is also durable enough to let you enjoy fishing without worrying about breakage.

You shouldn’t go ahead and pink up any fishing rod for sale that you see. Each fishing rod needs to cater to your needs as an angler and this mini fishing rod and reel by Zhijin can make for a good starting point for new anglers.

The Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod

Pocket fishing rods are an amazing and a new idea introduced in the world of fishing. These kinds of fishing rods are actually used by hikers, tourists and campers because of they are light in weight and easy to carry around while delivering quality as a product.

Pocket fishing rods are designed to be durable and efficient for reeling in fish regardless of the rod’s size. As already mentioned, not every tourist or hiker has a large space for carrying a huge rod and reel combos, so a pocket fishing rod serves an amazing replacement.

A pocket fishing rod illustrates the example that how something can be simple and functionally excellent at the same time. The Zhijin pocket fishing rod for travel has almost negligible weight, occupy ‘next to nothing’ space and can be carried easily to hiking spots or fishing ponds. However, even with it being a tiny fishing rod don’t let that keep away from trying to reel in heavier fish because the Zhijin Pocket fishing rod is durable enough to bear the stress.

The only disadvantage of this pocket fishing rod is that it doesn’t come with a reel but for such a reasonable price you can’t expect it to have one accompany it. However, a pocket fishing rod has the capacity to have a reel on it with the help of spin reels. It would be tough enough to find a fishing rod of this quality elsewhere with such a low price and amazing functional capabilities.

Pocket Fishing Rod

Features of the Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod

This easy to handle pocket fishing rod is made up of high-density carbon fiber and gives you an amazing mixture of portability and quality for bringing in a variety of fish to your collection. This pocket fishing rod is actually a retractable pole that may go to nine feet at its full length. Moreover, the fact that this Pocket Fishing Rod is retractable enables it to be used by people with short or tall heights.

Telescopic Pocket Fishing Rod contains more than 98% carbon fiber that allows it to be flexible as to prevent breakage. The flexibility of this best Pocket Fishing Rod also sets it apart from other similar tiny fishing rods that are vulnerable to breakage and don’t deliver efficient performance either.

  • You can go fishing anywhere in the world with this pocket fishing rod without worry about how you’ll be able to make space in order to carry it. The Zhijin Pocket fishing rod is perfect for hikers and tourists who can’t afford taking too much stuff with them.
  • Along with being portable, it is also very strong and tough to crack even under high stress due to its carbon fiber make.
  • It can be placed in any kind of bag, box, suitcase, or even in your pocket.
  • This pocket fishing rod can be used for fishing while sitting on a boat, standing near a dam or even on ice.
  • This fishing rod also makes for the perfect gift for people who are new to fishing as this pocket fishing rod can be elongated to suitable lengths.
  • The stainless steel ensures that this tiny fishing rod is resistant to rust.
  • Features built-in storage for rules which enables you to leave a few lure boxes behind.

Pocket Fishing Rod

Why Choose the Pocket Fishing Rod?

It makes sense as to why one should go for this product. It is easy to handle, easy to carry around for trips, occupies less space, and allows you to fish while using a fishing rod length you’re comfortable with.

Furthermore, the pocket fishing rod is extremely durable and light in weight because it has been made from carbon fiber that ensures flexibility and resistance to breakage. This tiny fishing rod happens to be the best one you can go for without having to worry about whether or not it can take the stress of the fight as you reel in your catch. Simply put it in your pocket and you’re good to go. The ergonomic design of the handle also allows you to maintain a grip without feeling uncomfortable.

You can easily use this pocket fishing rod to reel in fish that range from 9 ounces in weight to 6 pounds. You have the assurance that this investment of yours won’t wear or tear with time and you’ll be able to keep on using this pocket fishing rod for numerous fishing sessions. Also, elongating this telescopic pocket fishing rod does look cool.

The built-in lure storage is another great feature of this pocket fishing rod. Now, looking at its small size one might not think that it has storage space. However, you can definitely store lures in this fishing rod. This also means that you don’t have to worry about carrying around an extra lure box or bag while fishing.

How to Use the Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod?

Using the Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod is easy. As mentioned, it has a telescopic design, so you’ll need to elongate the rod depending on the length you want to use. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with a reel so you’ll need to attach one to fish. Make sure that you attach the reel perfectly as you don’t want it coming off while fishing.

Another thing you need to keep in mind while using this fishing rod, is how to take care of it. While it is durable and won’t break easily, you still need to ensure that you clean it after your fishing session. Salt and sand can easily ruin your fishing rod and that’s why you should keep them away through proper cleaning. Use a gentle hand and do not bend the rod while cleaning as you might end up breaking it yourself.

Also, do not store a fishing rod that is wet. Allow the fishing rod to dry out before placing it back into a bag.


  • This pocket fishing rod has a fold which makes it immensely easy to control.

  • The shoulder strap can be removed for better handling.

  • It has a case with several adjustable portions.

  • Attaching a reel is easy.

  • This rod is travel ready without any packing or having a bag for it.

  • The telescopic design allows you to open it up to a length you’re comfortable with while fishing.

  • It provides great value for the money.

  • The small size makes it perfect for tourists or hikers who don’t want to feel burdened while carrying a fishing rod around.

  • The carbon fiber content makes it flexible and able to bear a lot of weight.

  • The stainless steel component makes it resistant to rust and salt water.


  • The handle of this pocket fishing rod might be too small for some anglers.

  • Some anglers might not like the fact that this tiny fishing rod doesn’t come with a reel.

  • Some anglers might not like the overall light feel of this fishing rod and hesitate to use it for reeling in heavier fish.

Pocket Fishing Rod

Final Verdict about the Zhijin Pocket Fishing Rod

As you can see from the range of features, this fishing rod is able to deliver you can say that it’s one of the best fishing rods you can buy. There are numerous fishing rods out there, and the true challenge is finding the one that will suit your needs. Even if you aren’t into fishing you should at least but a fishing rod that is durable and won’t break after a few fishing sessions.

The best thing about the pocket fishing rod is that you can take it with you without worrying about space. Carrying a long fishing rod can be a hassle for some and you can prevent that with this product. The telescopic design allows you to shorten this rod and store it away in a bag, suitcase or even a pocket.

This fishing rod is light in weight, and this means that not only will you be able to prevent the onset of aches while fishing; you also won’t feel being weighed down while carrying it to a lake or pond. Just make sure to attach a reel to it, and you’re all set for an exciting fishing adventure.


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