Best Fish Finder Review – Ultimate Guide for Fishing Lovers

///Best Fish Finder Review – Ultimate Guide for Fishing Lovers
Best Fish finder Review – Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Fishing is a very popular activity among the outdoor enthusiasts across the globe in terms of a recreational activity. As of today, fishing has come a very long way in the context of innovative methods and modern tools used. Because of these advancements, it is very easy for a person to become a good fisherman. One of the most useful and popular gadgets used by fishermen today is a fish finder. This is an impressive device that works based on sonar technology. These devices are used to detect the presence of fish underwater nearby the host boat. These handy gadgets can give you a precise idea about the depth of the water too.

After recognizing the locations of the fish, a good fish finder can convert the gathered information into graphics. Some hi-end products you would see today come with even LCD screens and provide more accurate information about fish in deeper water. They are even capable of dedicating an animated icon to each individual fish underneath allowing the respective fisherman to do more fishing with increased accuracy.

Because of the convenience and the accuracy associated with fish finders, the demand for these devices in the market is significant. Responding to this demand, many manufacturers have introduced different products to the modern market. These products come with many different features making it really challenging for people to distinguish good products from the rest. This review emphasizes the best fish finders in the online market today for your reference. First, let’s what you should consider when shopping around for the right kind of product.

Top Six Fish Finder Review

To gain a better idea about the top quality fish finders available in the modern market, let’s take a look at the top rated products. These products are distinguished from the rest of the products considering functionality, quality, durability, brand, price etc.


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01.Lowrance 000-11785-001 HDS-7 GEN3 Insight Fishfinder

This is a superb product that comes with a sophisticated functionality. In fact, HDS Gen3 is associated with many useful features that can help you to detect more fish. The user interface of this device works like a charm it can be operated either with a full keypad or using the sophisticated multi-touch system. You can switch between these two modes depending on your personal preference. It has an HD Sonar scan system to provide you clearer, accurate and better information about the fish underwater. In fact, Lowrance Gen3 is among the fastest scanners in the modern industry. Any user will find this device very easy to install. Internal GPS antenna, pre-installed charts for US waters and fully loaded 83/200 KHz transducer makes this fish finder a prominent choice.

 02.Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/Fishfinder w/TotalScan Transom Mount Transducer

GO7 XSE is another top of the line product offered by Simrad. This device has an excellent CHIRP-enabled Broadband Sounder to make the fish locating process easier. It also has inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The stylish and innovative touchscreen offers a very user-friendly control. Panning across the charts is very easy because of this convenient screen. Large icons make information very clear for the user. Making things easier, Simrad GO7 comes as a fully customizable device. As assurance of its quality, the device comes with a 60 return policy and lifetime tech support.

 03.Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53dv with transducer

This is one of the most user-friendly fish finder products in the modern market. It is available in various display sizes (up to 9-inch widescreen). It is integrated with multiple frequency modes, enabling you to use it in both shallow and deep waters. Sophisticated CHIRP Sonar technology makes it easy to separate the targets with better accuracy. It comes with a 5 Hz GPS that reloads your position 5 times per second in order to show the most accurate locations of the waypoints.

 04.Humminbird 409800-1 Helix 7 DI Fish finder with Down Imaging Sonar

This is a fish locator that comes with an inbuilt, quick release gimbal mount. Because of this gimbal, the user can adjust the angles of the device surprisingly easier. You can remove the device whenever necessary with very less effort. The display unit of this device comes with a whopping 480X800 resolution in order to provide you a clearer and precise information. Thanks to the ultra-wide display screen of the device, you will have the ability to enjoy dual screen feature (split screen) for a smarter fishing activity.

 05.Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar GPS Navionics+ Fish finder with CPT-60 Transducer

Since this device comes with an inventive display unit that has LED backlit system, you can view the processed data even under the sunlight. The display of this unit has a 7” screen with superb 640 X 480 pixels. The dual channel sonar technology makes it possible to both produce photo-realistic graphics and target fish easier than you imagine. With the assistance of this user-friendly device, nearly anyone can become a successful fisherman. It is durable in make and elegant in design.

 06.Garmin Echo 100

If you prefer simplicity and affordability, Garmin Echo 100 can be your choice. It has a simplified operation and a black and white interface. It comes in four versions to select from; the most powerful one of the series comes with a 5” hi resolution grayscale display and it is capable of monitoring water to a maximum death of 1500 ft. Compared to the previous devices mentioned in this review, Garmin Echo 100 is a smaller device with more portability. If you use a small craft for your fishing activities, this can be a good choice to consider. It is easy to install and easy to use.

Factors to consider before buying the right fish finder

The ultimate goal of purchasing this gadget is to catch more fish with less effort without wasting your time. So, each and every feature integrated to the device should support your goal. In other terms, you should see if the device you intend to purchase has enough features to get you more fish. Here are some of the most important things you should consider when purchasing such device.

  • Have a clear idea about the functionality of the transducer
    The functionality of any fish locator depends majorly on the functionality of the transducer. This is the unit that sends and receives sonar towards the bottom of the water and pictures out the actual situation beneath the surface you see. The transducer is capable of imagining the objects underneath utilizing the sonar signals. Therefore, the entire device depends a lot on the functionality of the transducer.

    Transducers that come with a wider cone angle are capable of covering a larger area. Nevertheless, a device with larger (wider) cone angle produces relatively weaker signals. So, wider cone angles can scan shallower water compared to the transducers that have narrower cone angles. In other words, narrower cone angles can breach deep waters compared to the wider ones. If you intend to fish only deep waters, you should go for a device with a narrower transducer and do otherwise if you intend to fish in shallower water. However, some devices can offer both the cone angles (which are often known as dual frequency units) enabling you to use it in both deep and shallow waters.

  • The type of the display
    It is understandable that devices with better resolution produce pictures with better clarity. However, you cannot expect a fish detector for a cheap price if it comes with a high-resolution display unit. In fact, if you expect an acceptable view, we suggest that you should at least settle for a fish locator that has a 240 X 260 pixels display at the least. The logic is simple; devices with better display units come with relatively expensive price tags. It is simple to realize that larger displays offer better picture output allowing you to distinguish information easier. Although color display units give you more information and many other benefits, you can settle for a black and white display unit if you intend to go on a low budget. Black & white display units offer basic but essential information.

  • Choose the right amount of frequency
    It is important to pick the correct amount of frequency when shopping around for a fish detector device. In fact, the transducer is the unit that determines the frequency level. If you expect more information, you should settle for a higher frequency level. In general, fish finder products available in the modern market have different frequencies varying from 50 kHz to 200 kHz. Also, modern technology gives you the opportunity to purchase fish detector devices with multiple frequency levels.

  • The portability of the device
    Basically, fish detectors are available either as portable or fixed devices. Fixed devices are designed to be mounted on the watercraft itself and they come with more sophistications. Those who own fishing boats can consider purchasing these fixed devices while portable devices are more suitable for the ones who usually rent the boats. Portable devices are powered by an own battery supply. Those who are involved in professional level fishing activities may consider fixed fish locators (which is not compulsory though).

  • Have a good understanding of the price range
    The price of the device is a crucial aspect too. In this case, you should have a practical understanding about the prices in the market and how it may vary from a product to another. As a common practice, you should know that you cannot expect to purchase the most sophisticated fish locator for the cheapest price in the market. For instance, if you expect a device with better display resolution, a higher level of frequency and longer lifespan, you cannot purchase it for a couple of bucks; you will have to invest few hundred dollars in that case. Still, there are some devices with affordable price tags; they offer basic, yet essential features.

Frequently asked questions

1.What is the functionality of a fish finder?

Fish finder devices are more of radar units. The transducer device sends an electrical pulse towards the bottom of the water and captures the returning waves. This information is sent to the main device. Depending on the received waves, the main device pictures out the objects underneath the water.

2.Can fish finders be paired with smartphones?

Majority of the modern fish locators are compatible with smartphones. You can connect them via specific apps. Once paired, you can view and control the fish locators from your smart devices.

3.What if my finder starts to malfunction?

If the device starts to malfunction (completely frozen, no information on the screen or lagging performance), you can try restarting it. You may even try to update the firmware (by connecting to a PC). If the problem persists, you should read the manual and the warranty information and get back to the supplier.

4.What if the charger is lost or broken?

Make sure that you opt to a charger that offers the same amount of power output. Don’t use a charger if you are not sure about the output. If you have purchased an expensive device, it is better to contact the customer service of the respective manufacturer and check if you can purchase an original charger.

5.Does my fish locator suit for all the water types?

Although the same device may work for different waters, if you expect more accuracy, you should opt to dedicated fish finders on different types of environments.

6.What will it cost me to purchase a fish finder?

Well, it is difficult to pinpoint a certain amount. The amount you spend on a fish finder will depend on various facts such as how often you fish, what sort of performance you expect, the amount of budget you have in hand, the type of fishing etc.

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